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Title: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: Positive_Vibration on October 11, 2005, 03:23:08 AM
Greetings and peace

I've noticed through our reasonings here this has been a question lightly brushed upon but never concretely answered or reasoned upon.

So I straightforwardly ask...King James Version philosophy, metaphorical mythology, or concrete truth --- did Jesus Christ physically exist?

One love
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: TREE-NATTY on October 11, 2005, 01:25:09 PM

Yeah this is a good question, especially the wording! Did Jesus exist! Not christ but Jesus. Well it is said that a man named Joshua did exist a little before the time of Jesus. Also its said that the character jesus was a richman in his time and exactly set-up his own cruifixion! To help build his own legend! With the help of his discipiles. Weird huh? And that's in the NT it is said that nicodemus took him off the cross and laid him in his tomb with 100 lb of aloe and something else because it was the sabbath, you can look it up. But I believe a man existed to bring faith back to the Hebrew people in the time of rome, darkness. In which romans couldn't of possiblely realizes what was going on. Until it was too late. Remember the first half of rome reign they were worshiping many gods. On the other half they found jesus christ thru the preaching of their subjects & slaves. So yeah he did exist but son of god, imaculet conception, and walking on water. Are all fabrications that came with the whole mythology. I believe there a book out called "Holy Grail" or something like that. That speaks on what I believe who jesus really is thru studying. Its funny when you study something you come up with your own opinions or outlook on the subject at hand. But when others are saying the same, that a good feeling too!

Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: Raszeb on October 13, 2005, 01:50:05 PM
interestin' post and good question. Still not sure.
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: Yeshaq on October 13, 2005, 03:15:56 PM
So there are many philosophies and ideas that certain ones and ones have that can distract you from the truth. The proverbial wolves in sheeps' clothing. Seen? I am not saying that I have all of the answers, but what I and I love about Selassie I is that he is a guiding torch, bridging ancient faith with modern times. This is of what Rastafari speak when we say "guidance"! Did Jesus exist? What say the King?

If that is not enough, look to the fiery Christians that were martyred, including those who knew him personally. Why would they do this for a myth, a legend? If Jesus was a rich man who made himself a legend, he would not have spoke as a revolutionary, condeming wealth and power. Instead he would have bigged it up.

For those that point to the soter (king-savior) myths, or to Plato's "logos" , Hellanism in general, etc. I agree with you. Perhaps they too were forerunners, paving the way for overstanding His significance.

One more quick note: there was a certain Flavius Josephus, b. 37 CE, a Jewish general who wrote a history of the Jewish people. Not a Christian. This is what he has to say (later Christian redactions removed):

[size=10]Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, for he was a doer of wonders. He drew many after him. When Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men among us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him and the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day (Antiquities 18:63-64).[/size]

There is much more information, fairly balanced and credible, at wikipedia.org (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephus_on_Jesus)

One Love to the Bredren/Sistren!

Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: african_herbsman on October 13, 2005, 04:15:07 PM

I think he existed and was i nice guy but i na tink the miracles a real
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: EmpressCarla on October 14, 2005, 03:06:46 PM

This is a subject that I will certainly have to personally research.

What are the implications of this? Does this mean that people are worshipping idols? Should the Gospels be rejected if there is no historical Jesus? The Christian dogma is that Jesus is the only way to salvation. So if there is no Jesus, is there then no salvation?

This is why it is, at the very least, problematic to worship a man. In the case of Jesus Christians, if we remove Jesus from their doctrine, what do you have? Do the teachings still stand? Whether or not a man named Jesus ever existed, it is the teachings that should stand alone. Yet if any Jesus Christian is living by the message, then it should really be of little consequence whether the man ever existed or not. The "way" should bring them home. If religion should lead ones to spirituality, and that is achieved through the teachings of "Jesus", then it would seem that the means justifies the end.

Be blessed.
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: missmissytaj on October 14, 2005, 03:42:02 PM
I believe Jesus did exsist but I just dont believe he is the way they portray him to be. I believe jesus was a black man because this is how it is told to be in the bible. There is much evidence to prove that he did exsist you just have to know where to find it. But if you believe in him than what does it really matter wether he really exsisted or not just feel his love in your heart and let his love be your guidance to the truth. [smiley=smiley.gif]
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: EmpressCarla on October 14, 2005, 03:55:55 PM

But if you believe in him than what does it really matter wether he really exsisted or not just feel his love in your heart and let his love be your guidance to the truth. [smiley=smiley.gif]

But if he didn't exist, how can you feel him?

Be blessed.
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: herbsman on October 14, 2005, 04:37:56 PM
Hotep   !!!!

seeen  .....like  Natty   says   ....not  christ.

YES ....Jesus/Joshua

one of many christman

Ankh udja Sneb

Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: DreadlessInNewJersey on May 25, 2007, 04:23:20 PM
Jesus' words are true and powerful.  They have survived DESPITE what Catholics have done in his name.  (gambling in church, torturing Jews & Muslims to believe in Jesus, Popes putting scientists in jail for saying things like the Earth revolved around the Sun, the Crusades, TV evangelists squeezing folks for money, and all the killing done in the name of Jesus)
I choose the New Testament over the Old Testament.  I choose "Turn the other cheek" over "Eye for an eye" I was forced to make this choice as there can only be one truth.  Jesus is the truth.
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: michaelvisionish on May 31, 2007, 07:45:59 AM
Peace and Love to all. . .  To know the truth one has to be in touch with the truth.  If you have Not been touched then you can not know what it is I am saying.  From only my personal experience I can tell you that there is a "presence" once you touch upon it inside of your heart.  To know that "presence" will lead you to the truth you seek.  The questions you want answers for are in a book that has been written from many people who know of this "presence" and speak from it.  We are blessed to get to read upon such writings and teachings that are STILL being wrote today.  When you face a darkness that is a seems like a bottomless pit and you can feel the evil and fear coming out of it then you know you have to find the light that fight it.  According to the Words, Jesus is this light.  When you are interfered with by life, sounds, food, distractions and thought, then you are not focusing on HIM. . .  You want to reach this path to the presence of Jesus open yourself up to the possibility that the spirituality you seek truly exists on a plane that you have to strive to reach.  Upon reaching this level you will know of the love and pain that is within HIM. . .  That presence in HIM is that of GOD in us all.  But just as with any religion that I know, one cannot just walk up to GOD and touch Him.  Or even speak without there being one who is Truly Holy enough to be able to do this for you.  In a sense, the Higher power we go to then goes to His Higher Power for us.  It is this connection that allows us to be ONE with God.  For other religions I am know that there are other names and people that those that are brought up to know along their lifetime that have beliefs other then Jesus.  SO, however you believe you make it to be within GODS presence then that is how HE wants you to be.  There are many names for GOD. . . .  My belief is that GODS SON took upon Himself with the power from His Father that we can be Holy and Recieve this gift thru the Man called Jesus.  Even though I was not around 2000 years ago does not mean my beliefs are wrong.  Once you have been touched and recieve your gift you will know the power within HIM IN YOU.  To hear the words on the wind, or feel the tingling presence, or a voice of a loved one passed on.  Spirtual attack can be good and bad.  The only power I know to fight this fight is within God in Me.  Thru the words of God in others.  God is all and everywhere.  But there is a process to get to it all just like in everything else. . . . .  God bless you all, I hope my words from HIS heart opens up yours. . . . .  :) :) :)
Title: Re: 'Did' Jesus Exist?
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on May 31, 2007, 09:10:34 AM
Thank you mi bredren,
I needed to hear that.
I have been facing one of those "spiritual attacks" or maybe its just my selfs darkside, but whatever it is, your words helped me find the light within again
Much gratitude and peace and love be with you always