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Title: burning
Post by: mountainlife on November 16, 2003, 03:13:14 AM
burning the air InI breath, what a babylon invention that kills everyone no matter:  faith,  color, or the the being. I say that the knowledge of the day, is an accumulation of lies told to a mass of cattle led to the slaughter by a feeding hand .However more times than not I see this shadow of their hand take the food under the reflection of lies...I say live the life of the land, I say learn the language of the earth, I say learn the speach of the holy mother so somday the Mother and the father can live side by side again. The language that Babylon teaches teaches destruction to the very being who give InI love, who gives InI life. InI cannot live if the mother is killed  or the father slaughtered and the devices they use to give 'comfort' destroy the beauty of thy land...Everytime I see this destruction I lower my head in shame, for I too am part of the race of man. But, as soon as the neck folds under shame of thy fellow man, HIM lifts and speaks these words and I rise above and pray today. Jah Bless...
Title: Re: burning
Post by: jah_rastaman on November 18, 2003, 05:08:33 AM
YOU speak de truth althought iani try my best to live of the land
it is near impossible with babylon everywere
Jah Bless
Title: Re: burning
Post by: mountainlife on November 18, 2003, 07:34:45 AM
the world as we know it, only seeks the repression of times lost and Babylon only seeks to blind the hearts and  minds of men....InI am concerned with the way the natural efforts of the land are being taken from the sights of our wise and obliterated from the eyes of youth. Youth only now knows the world of dust and ash and the land as wise men once knew, is gone. I feel everytime an elder looks upon this Earth with the clearity of a pure heart. My soul cries and Jah lets I know about the evil intentions of Babylon. When will InI rise to protect, not only those which are oppressed but the Mother who nurchers every last one of us, with the suckling of natures breast....When? Jah Bless and I wish you  Nick and Jah Rastaman great and long lasting health....