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Title: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: Nicro on August 23, 2007, 02:42:33 AM
The Grand Keys of Ras Tafari by Baba

~ To see Haile Selassie the First as a Guru, an example, a Enlightened being and NOT a Sky God is a Grand Key of Ras Tafari.

~ To know that no Body, His Most August Majesty included can "save" another being, but the Self is the Savior is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that many Masters have and continue to walk this Earth Mother in the vehicles, the bodies of many bodies is a Grand key to Ras tafari.

~ To overstand that "One cannot be save without the Guru, yet the Guru can save not a single one," is a Highly and mystikal paradox is a Grand Key of Ras tafari.

~To know that Haile Selassie the First studied and overstood many occultic writings and teachings, the bless-ed science of Yoga included, is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that His Majesty HIM Self practiced the mystikal science of Yoga in His daily Livity, as did Yahsua, the Buddha et al, is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To know that the First Trumpet Blower, Guru Howell aka Leonard Gong Howell practiced taught, and studied the occultic mysteries of Yoga, Obeah et al is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To overstand that our Sister India greatly influenced the First mystics of Ras Tafari in Jamaica, WI is a Grand Key of Ras Tafari.

~ To know the importance of sitting quietly, observing the mind, becoming the Witness (Jah-oviah Witness is the I) is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To overstand the true and rightful use of Ganjah, Kali, herb is to raise the mystic fiyah, known also as Kundali is a Grand and secret Key to Ras tafari.

~ To open One Self up to all the Paths to the Pathless ie, Yoga, meditation, Voudou (The Mother of Nyabinghi), Buddha, Sadhu Baba, Coptic, Kemetic, Astrology, Numerology etc. etc. is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To know that the goal of any Path is to find the Self, naked and freed from all doctrine, dogma, ritual, debate, opinion and the rest is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

~ To know that Absolute Freedom is the crowning glory of all our studies and religious fervor is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To see the ALL in the One and the One in the ALL, beyond color, class, religion is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To Raspect the the Bles-ed Mother, the Glorious Womb of man (woman) to the Highest degree; to honor Her as the Goddess, the First Cause, the Mary, the Kalima, the Yemaya, the Yansa, the Eve giver of Life is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To put the Temple/Body through rigorous training through fasting, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and even, if one chooses to bear the Locks, allowing them grow in natural manner, free from style (Locks are a form of austerity as well.) are verily Grand Keys to Ras Tafari.

~ To overstand that even if one meditates upon a rock, a stick or an image, if the meditation is pure and well focused, the I will be known dwelling therein. To know that such objects are but tools to come to the Realization of the I consciousness with in is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari. One must also know that the worship of another body is also the said tool for one to find the Self, the Formless of Forms.

~ To overstand fully that the notions of Zion or Babylon are but states of the mind, the Higher and Lower mind respectively; To know that one must overcome the Lower mind cravings of Lust, greed, hunger, power, and the rest; to know that the Universal I dwells in the Seventh (7th) region above and transcedent of "this" or "that" are Grand Keys to Ras Tafari. To eventually gain a clearer picture, it is wise and prudent that the eyes study the mystic teachings of Cakra.

~ To truly overstand the concept of Melchezadek is to overs that He represents the God-Man. The One who hath no lineage, and is born from no where. Such a One is a Christ, a being who hath become re-born in the Enlightenment, the Rapture, also known as Nirvan, Samhadi. One whose own family denies Him, and He is not known to even them. He without Father, Mother, yet Father, Mother. To know that such a One is born while still in the flesh is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that all Masters work diligently to unveil the Truth of I; to know that His August Majesty too studied and practiced until the moment of Completion are Grand Keys to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that the Crucifixtion is metaphysical symbolism for one to sacrifice the Material Temple/Body upon the Cross(roads) in order for Ascension to commence is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.

~ To know that you are your own Jah, your own Way, your own Light, your own Guru is of the Grandest Keys to Ras Tafari.

~To know that Repatriation begins first in the mind; to know that when the mind turns inward toward the Self, which is Home, is a Grand Key of Ras Tafari.

~ To know that the I AM is the grandest of Keys to Ras Tafari.

~ To know no thing is the Key to Ras Tafari.

so Be Bless-ed and open up your Self. S/he who has ears let them hear, has eyes let them see the I in the I.

Baba Kali

Posted on: August 22, 2007, 08:41:38 pm
The Rastafari and the Hindu Yogi By Baba

~ The first announcer of Ras tafari to the land of Jamaica was named Leonard Howell who was heavily influenced by his Hindu comrades; so much so he eventually changed his name to Ganguru MahaRaja, which loosely translates to "Kings of Kings" (maha=great, raja=king). He seen HIM HSI as a Divine incarnate just as the hindu sees certain ones as Avatars, incarnations of Krisna shiva etc. in this respect HIM was not originally worshiped as a Sky God, but as a incarnation of the infinite One Divine.

~Ras tafarians were influenced not only from Africa to grow the locks, but also the Sadhu Yogi who lived in Jamaica having been brought there by the British as slaves, or indentured servents as they were called in the 18th cent. The locks are called Jatah to the Yogi and are worn as a symbol of renunciation from wordly concerns and desires. Yes, the Africans worked in the cane fields alongside their Indian brothers and sisters from early times and easily exchanged their ideas and customs due to the similarities in voudou and hindu practice.

~The Ras tafarian smokes "Kali," or "ganjah" which are Hindi names for Cannabis. Kali is the feminine aspect of the Divine and is the dispeller of ego. Ganjah is the name for the sacred river, Ganga in India. Canabis is smoked from the "Cutchie," or "chalawah" (Chala is from Jala meanings water, hence water-pipe). The Ras tafarian will say "Jah!" when smoking whilst the Hindi may say "Jai!" both sound meansing praises to the divine.

~Both the Ras Tafarian and the Yogi seek to renounce the ways of the world (Babylon). The ras tafarian began in the "Bush", in the hills away from shit-ciety. Both schools know the truth of re-incarnation, re-birth, the cycles of Life. Both schools eat Ital, or naturally, many if not most are vegan, or vegetarians.

~ Both schools (at least originally) taught and teach that "god is man, man is god" and here again I remind them that HIM HSI was never orignally seen as some sky god that would jump out and save them. Both teach that heaven and hell are states of the higher and lower mind respectively, and that Zion (Bliss, heaven) is here now on earth. Both shcools see each and every being as a part of the Divinity known by infinite names.

~ In the Yogi mind, word sound power too is the Trinity from which the whole of creation began. A U M is the trinity and is known to be the cosmik vibration that both creates and destroys the phenomenal illusionary world. A U M is the Heart Beat, the first sound ever heard when I was in Her bless-ed Womb. Likewise, the Ras tafarian beats three drums, kette funde, bass, and keeps the heart beat as "time", creating a mystikal, hypnotizing, trance-like atmosphere where the I in the I is seen with the One Eye, the Third Eye. Ras Tafarians call the Third eye the "Far I" and is the focus of meditaion and contemplation.

These are the substratum from which we may easily draw parallels between the two paths to the Self, which is the goal of all paths.



Baba Kali Ma
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: moses on August 23, 2007, 08:51:48 PM
Maximum Raspect RasNicro...

Give Thanks For Elegant Maxims On Rasta Iriginality...

~ To know that the goal of any Path is to find the Self, naked and freed from all doctrine, dogma, ritual, debate, opinion and the rest is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.

Realization of this implies that ALL RACE mumbling is a VEXATION of the Spirit.

Is to get lost in BABYLON thinking, only switching sides. White Supremecy Or Black Supremacy is the same shit. Two sides of the same coin. Even talking about Revolution is doesnt mean to counter react to the situation that provoked the scenario... There is the old maxim: While the Fool Reacts, The Wise Acts ! Action is spontenity of consciousness. Reaction is foolishness of not comprehending the game of entrapment.

~ To know that Absolute Freedom is the crowning glory of all our studies and religious fervor is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.  

Freedom is transdence of limitations... As long the I have a self opinion on something; then the I is still in a form of conceptual bondage/captivity. As,

~ To see the ALL in the One and the One in the ALL, beyond color, class, religion is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.  


~ To Raspect the the Bles-ed Mother, the Glorious Womb of man (woman) to the Highest degree; to honor Her as the Goddess, the First Cause, the Mary, the Kalima, the Yemaya, the Yansa, the Eve giver of Life is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari.  

As Rasta's way is the religiousness of the future/today... A return of feminine energies of Irations. In the past, mankind had looked upon divinity in a masculine ways. In this emerging new Age, I an I come closer an closer of feminine ways of connecting to WHOLENESS. In ways of the past where aggressive and ego vicing. The methods of Today/tomorrow is of ease going, natural, non denying, accepting, synthesising, integrating and of quality of deep TRUST. SO moving in that direction, I an I commence our new religiousness by embracing the Irit of Thanks Giving Attitude. And the most close reality to be thanked is our Mother Earth... Thru overstanding that the Earth is the living body; as no non living form can give life to a living form... Only fire can bring fire; the earth sacrifice part of its life to give I an I sense of live. And to this I an I should give Thanks. When thankfulness becomes I in I everyday consciousness, then GRATITUDE will reveal to Us the secrets of LIVING IN THE STATE OF GRACE. Such way of living complete the mystical figure 8 flow of balance between Heavenly (Upward principle, Dimension Of Power) and Earthly(Downward principle, Dimension Of Necessity) which will result in Harmonising Growth Patterns of Life elements which will begin to outpicture perfection of higher spiritual thoughts that are original seeds of our local creational matrix. So this goes in hand with PRAISING the Most HIGH for the ABUNDANCE which is meant to be I an I way of Life. NOTHING is born to SUFFER in this JAH creation... Ignorance and Originality Forgotten is the source of life dissonances. Hence FREEDOM begin by MAN KNOWING THYSELF...

~ To put the Temple/Body through rigorous training through fasting, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and even, if one chooses to bear the Locks, allowing them grow in natural manner, free from style (Locks are a form of austerity as well.) are verily Grand Keys to Ras Tafari.

The Methods of fasting can be dangerous and better be done by guidence of the one who overstanding it well. If sufficient details are not available, it is better not to practice them. As fasting is subtle form of body rejection which technicly WRONG if practiced without right conscience. There is no glory in pain and self torture. This is contrary to thanksfullness to the gift of the physical body. However the body in the miniture universy by itself. It can be skillful used to attune to the cosmic music hence openning the door to the divine. Yoga is the science of Psychosomatics. The way Mind and Body are interconnected can be a means to master their states of functioning. Mind influences the Body... Vice vesa can be true, u can learn some POSTURES to in order to alter mind activities. And Yoga is the way of perfecting the 'Thinking Instrument'= MIND. Hatha yoga leads to the state of Intergration beyong polarization. And level is the I AM beingness. There are other practices that opens to the grand reality above I AM self. The Sun Self. And a Command center of self individualisation and Expression. Beyond it is ISNESS and beyond ISNESS is NO SELF, Buddhahood. The Unborn Chaos beyond all causation. And the world of formless may mean a quantum soup of next OCTAVE of existence, with this reality being a unit form within the infinity world, of infinite mysteries, of ONE infinite CREATOR.

And Meditation is preparation for the final extinct... The silence of the Beyond Form. The Nirvana. A quantum leap from a form/self into Non form/no self. From JAH IS to NOTHINGNESS. Word to wordless.

~ To overstand that even if one meditates upon a rock, a stick or an image, if the meditation is pure and well focused, the I will be known dwelling therein. To know that such objects are but tools to come to the Realization of the I consciousness with in is a Grand Key to Ras Tafari. One must also know that the worship of another body is also the said tool for one to find the Self, the Formless of Forms.

All things are made of ONE energy... By things it implies all that have form. The seen and the subtle. The basic difference is in QUANTIZATION and QUALITY. Speaking of quantization is speaking of quantity or amount. And quality is the DYNAMIC aspect of the FORM. Changing the quantinty goes parallel with change of quality and that is the Basis of PHYSICS and Chemistry... Quantization is MASCULINE attribute of existence while Quality is FEMININE attribute of it. A unit form of matter is nothing but a certain formation made of specific quantity and quality (Atom). Changing its constintuency fundamental particles by adding or reducing energy in a certain way can lead change of the whole quality of that Atom. This is basicly the same into all forms, they a typical standing waves. Creating an illusion of form. And in the deeper sense, they are waves, a kind of sound. Isnt it that wherever the is sound, there is bound to be soundlessness? Thats the PARADOX of existence. And can be Mystically Realised. And thats how ZEN people have trying to figure... Hearing the sound of one hand clapping...

~ To overstand fully that the notions of Zion or Babylon are but states of the mind, the Higher and Lower mind respectively; To know that one must overcome the Lower mind cravings of Lust, greed, hunger, power, and the rest; to know that the Universal I dwells in the Seventh (7th) region above and transcedent of "this" or "that" are Grand Keys to Ras Tafari. To eventually gain a clearer picture, it is wise and prudent that the eyes study the mystic teachings of Cakra.

Yes I... What we see is the reflection of I an I own consciousness as well. hell and heaven too two sides of the same coin. If the I want to get rid of Hell, better get rid of heaven as well ! They are all rooted with the mind. The higher and lower too subscribe to the same paradox. When I an I live beyond mind, then Hell and Earth disappears. Thats Nirvana... Lust, greed, hunger, power etc appears to be so as we live in the world of dreaming... We are asleep, and in I in I sleep IanI r experiencing nightmares! Thats why Buddha would say Awake! Not only Buddha; many have said so... If the world we live is VEHICLE of EXPRESSION of the supreme reality and I in I is situated within it, then stucking into believing the projection is to dream within a dream. U cant know god within god's dream... u likely to hallucinate ! Thats why all debates about god r simply vexation of spirit. No word is enough tell the whole beisde the whole itself become incarnate. The only way to know god is to live god ! That is Enlightment, thats the last salvation from the SAMSARA. To reach that state of Enlightment is to comprehend the supreme.

Mind is Babylon, No Mind is ZION.

Blessed Love Up to here,

RastafarI Live !

Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: Nepsis on August 23, 2007, 11:55:22 PM
Glory to Jah

Giving thanks for this thread.  Very practical and helps I resolve some inner tensions.  Can you tell me more about the person of Baba?  I recall other posts with quotes by him to be very beneficial to I.  Thanks and ups

Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: Nicro on August 24, 2007, 03:18:47 AM
Baba just means father. It is often a term given to Sadhus and yogis as a form of Respect.


Sound of one hand clapping? CLAPPING! when the hands meet they become one. I personally practice Zazen and Asanas
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: Nepsis on August 24, 2007, 08:31:38 PM
Baba just means father. It is often a term given to Sadhus and yogis as a form of Respect.


Sound of one hand clapping? CLAPPING! when the hands meet they become one. I personally practice Zazen and Asanas

Thanks, yes I should have recognized it: Abba, Papa,  Bao Bao, Baba, Pop and so on and on zion
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: prophet777 on August 25, 2007, 12:20:23 AM
Baba is also an African word in most African cultures that means exactly what is being said i.e., Father. Seeing that the beginnings is Africa I would say it is indeed an African word that has eventually spread/stuck through all cultures.

Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: sistahvee on August 25, 2007, 01:33:26 AM
Bless Up

Here is a few more accepted definitions for Baba

1. Japanese: from a word meaning ‘horse-riding ground’, ‘race track’; a common place name. The surname is found mostly in west central Japan. One Baba family in Kai (now Yamanashi prefecture) were samurai, vassals of the Takeda family.
2. Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Hungarian: from the Slavic word baba ‘old woman’, ‘grandmother’, ‘witch’, hence an unflattering nickname for a man thought to resemble an old woman. In Czech baba can also mean ‘coward’.
3. Hungarian (Bába): habitational name from one of many places called Bába, in Abaúj, Borsod, Somogy, and Vas counties of Hungary, and Közép-Szolnok county, now in Romania.
4. Arabic (Bābā): from a diminutive of Abū ‘father’.

Across the 14 major language groups, the words for mother and father are similar. In Swahili and Mandarin they are mama and baba, in Malay they are emak and bapa, in Apalai - spoken in the Amazon - they are aya and papa, while in Bengali they are ma and baba.

Yezidis believe in the shedding of one's skin, that purity comes from pure skin. This belief also existed in the Yazdani religion, wherein those who come out of pure skins are called "Bab" or "Baba." (Baba is an Aramaic word, meaning gate. Baba is the gate where 'truth' manifests itself.) This name has survived to our day among the Yezidis; for example, Baba Sheikh, Baba Qewal, and Baba Chawish. Those unfamiliar with the meaning and origin of the word "Baba" confuse it with the word "Bav," which means father. They say Bave Sheikh, Bave Qewal, Bave Chawish. But this is incorrect. As mentioned above, when the Iranian tribes arrived in today's Kurdistan during the 7th to 9th centuries BC, their supreme deity was called Baba Esman.

Nuff Love

Sistah Vee
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: moses on August 26, 2007, 03:53:32 PM
Blessed Love,

Here is the classic video containing within it counsels upon various issues from the spiritual multidimensional perceiption...

From Ganja... Use of Psychodelics... One Love...Death and Reincarnation... Choices and Life... Integration Etc.


Bedrin RasNicro; a zen koan is a paradoxial inquiry to be 'gotten' within one's conscious 'tuning in' plus a transformed consciousness ;) thereafter. And when a master give a koan, he just know if u have got it right, and at that very time. So he is not expecting any intellectual reply so as to say. Usually the Aura of change is perceived and overstood. And the nature of the question by itself is set make u search beyond the rational...

And Zazen is a beautiful way of living... It is actually to sit and doing NOTHING in Japannese Zen Traditions. And methods of Zen are the ones of Instantenous realisation... Fire. There is Tantric touch within it as it is always in many other methological approaches; which are culminated by a tantric approach. So sit and not fighting with existence is a tantric approach. For the case of the Koan of listening; that make the who one to listen to the subtle sound beyond blowing of the wind and actually transcending hearing at all. And thats why Zen tradition has part of it, a training of how to hear (of course working with ears !) and being attentive... Just Like in The Zen, A Cup Of Tea. The art of listening...

Asanas are good for beginning into Yoga Path, but sooner or later, they may not yield any result from spiritual point of view if there is no one to guide the I of implications of Postures and their potential to lock life energies. And forcing postures may potentially be dangerous ! If for example, u feel pain as are doing a certain posture; persistence of contuning doing that will do harm to ur sensitivity capability in which somehow u will need it do develop necessary intelligence about ur body mechanisms. And Yoga has part of it which requires being acquainted with ur subtle body integrity. So the asanas needs a certain extended background overstanding on how they become to be the way they are standardized and in what stages practicing some of them is vital or not, given the associations within mind, body and subtle energy patterns is concerned.

When one overstand the role of Asanas, then one can choose... Using Asanas for Health Purposes, such as maintaing a health body and even stretching the longevity of life span. Or drop the Asanas emphasis and begin to work with Mental Aspect of Yoga. Or any other displine of Yoga. For they all need a consistency healthy body as a conerstone. And if one has a soundy body and mental background, overstanding of hatha yoga may not be necessary... And can begin to work from intellectual point of view... Such is how Zazen can begin jus with sitting and doing nothing...

Blessed Love Iyah

Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on August 26, 2007, 04:16:36 PM
Blessed Bredda's,
 I as a mother and yogini would like to take a moment to express some of I dilemmas in intergrating these aspects of self harmoniously....for instance, I have a very active mind and although life has shown I the peace and truth of no-mind, generally I mind is going full power to attempt to address deep dilemmas and explore facets of reality...due to this I find I need to sit quietly and contemplate regularly, but as a mother of 7, and active RastafarI within music, reasoning, asanas, gardening and of course the obligoratory housework and food prep as well as parenting youth from teens to toddler. I struggle with fitting everything in....so somethings are always being sacrificed for other things....to constantly move my body seems to make my mind more frantic, but sitting and doing nothing with I body does not seem compatable with my workload...it is a dilemma I have not resolved.....I am hoping to set up a space for meditation as soon as I am able as I feel that will help I feeling able to relax and give Iself permission to surrender to I disciplines and when I am able to do I asanas I truly feel so incredibly wonderful it is worth the effort of devoting some time to this...if only I could fit them in daily...oh well one day when I baby is older......
I guess motherhood has its own peacefulness, breastfeeding is truly a most sublime meditation of its own..
b.t.w I and I absolutely LOVE the keys by Baba!!!!! give thanks Bredda RasNicro for posting this !!!! I have been asking for info like this for some time now and it couldn't have coma at a betta time!!!
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: ke on August 26, 2007, 07:46:35 PM
very nice thread Ras it brings peace to my soul.
blessings and love.
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: Nicro on August 26, 2007, 10:55:31 PM
Yes moses I actually learned Zazen from monks at a Zen temple. Dang! a sticky?
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: moses on August 27, 2007, 06:33:22 PM
 ::) :)

Yes I bedrin... irie ! Then let Take II...


Question 2


Yes, there is a connection between surrender and sex, because sex is the first surrender, a biological surrender - which you can experience easily. What does surrender mean? It means to be open, unafraid, vulnerable. It means allowing the other to enter you. Biologically, naturally, sex is the basic experience where without any effort you allow someone to enter you, or someone to be so deeply close to you that you are not armored against him. You are not resisting, not holding yourself back, but you are flowing.. relaxed, not afraid, not thinking of the future, of the result, of the consequences, but just being in the moment. Even if death occurs you will accept it.

In deep love, lovers have always felt that this is the right moment to die. And if death occurs, then even death can be welcomed in this moment. They are open -- even for death they are open. If you are open for life, you will be open for death. If you are closed for life, you will be closed for death.
Those who are afraid of death are basically afraid of life. They have not lived; that is why they are so afraid of death. And the fear is natural. If you have not lived at all you are bound to be afraid of death, because death will deprive you of the opportunity to live and you have not lived yet.

So if death comes, then when will you live ?
One who has lived deeply is not afraid of death. He is fulfilled, and if death comes he can welcome it, accept it. Now whatsoever life can give, life HAS given. Whatsoever can be known in life, he has known it. Now he can move into death easily. He would like to move into death so that he can know something unknown, something new. In sex, in love, you are fearless. You are not fighting for something in the future; this very moment is paradise, this very moment is eternal.

But when I say this, I do not necessarily mean that you have experienced it through sex. If are afraid, resisting, then in sex you can have a biological release, a sexual release, but you will not attain to the ecstasy tantra talks about.

Wilhelm Reich says you have not known sex at all unless in sex you can attain a deep orgasm. It is not only a release of sex energy, your whole body must become relaxed. Then the sex experience is not localized at the sex center, but it spreads all over the body. Your every cell is bathed in it, and you have a peak - a peak in which you are not a body. If you cannot attain a peak in sex, a peak in which you are not a body, you have not known sex at all. That is why Wilhelm Reich says a very paradoxical thing: he says sex is spiritual.

This is what tantra says, and the meaning is that in deep sex you will not be a body at all; you will become just a spirit that is hovering.

Your body will be left far behind; you will have forgotten it completely. It will be no more. You will not be part of the material world, you will have become immaterial. Only then is there orgasm. That is what tantra says about SAMBHOG - intercourse.

There comes a total relaxation, a feeling that now you are fulfilled, a feeling that there is no need to desire anything. Unless this feeling happens to you in sex - this feeling of desirelessness -- you have not known sex at all. You may have produced children, but that is easy - and a different thing.
Only man can achieve this spirituality in sex; otherwise sex is just an animal instinct. But when teachers, monks condemn sex, you nod your head that they are right. When tantra says something it is difficult to believe in it because it is not your experience. That is why tantra couldn't become a universal message yet. But the future is good - because the more man will become wise and understanding, the more tantra will be felt and understood.

Only within these hundred years has psychology laid foundations for a world which will be tantric. But you nod your head with someone who is condemning sex because you also have the same experience. You know that nothing happens in it, and after sex you feel depressed. That is why there is so much condemnation. Everytime you move into it you feel depressed, later on you repent.

Tantra, Wilhelm Reich, Freud and others who know, agree absolutely that if you achieve an orgasm in sex the glow will last for hours afterwards and you will feel absolutely different - without any worries, without any tensions. Euphoria will result, they say; ecstasy will be there. And that ecstasy happens only when there is really a let-go - when you are not holding yourself back, you are not fighting; you are just moving with the life energy.

Life energy has two layers, and it will be good to understand this. I was talking about breath, and I told you that breath was something like a link between your voluntary system and your non-voluntary system. In your body the major part is non-voluntary. The blood circulates, and you are not asked to do anything. You cannot do anything, it just goes on circulating. Only during these last three hundred years could man know that blood circulates. Before that it was thought that blood just filled the body - not that it was circulating, because you cannot feel its circulation. It goes on working without you, without your knowledge. It is non-voluntary.

You eat food; then the body starts working. Beyond your mouth you are not needed. The moment food goes beyond your mouth the body takes it; the non-voluntary system goes on working on it. And it is good that it works this way. If it were left to you, you would create a mess.

It is such a great work that if you had to do it you would not be able to do anything else. If you had taken a cup of tea, it would be enough to keep you engaged the whole day - to work it out, to transform it into blood. And the work is so much.

The body works non-voluntarily, but there are a few things you can do voluntarily. I can move my hand, but I cannot move the blood that moves in the hand. I cannot do anything directly with the bone that moves in the hand. I cannot do anything with the system that works, but I can move my hand. I can move my body, but I cannot do whatsoever goes on within it, I cannot interfere. I can jump, I can run, I can sit, I can lie down, but inside I cannot do anything. Just on the surface I am allowed freedom.

Sex is a very mysterious phenomenon. You start it, but a moment comes when you are no more. Sex is started as a voluntary thing, then there is a limit. If you cross that limit you cannot come back; if you do not cross that limit you CAN come back. So sex is both voluntary and non-voluntary. There is a limit up to which your mind will be needed. But if you do not lose your mind, your head, your reason, your consciousness, your religion, your philosophy, your way of life, if you do not lose your mind, then the boundary will not be crossed and you will be experiencing sex in the voluntary realm.
This is what is happening.

Then after sex you will feel depressed, against it - and you will be thinking of renouncing life and taking a vow against sex. Of course, these vows will not go on for long. Within twenty-four hours you will be okay and ready to move again into sex. But it becomes a repetition and the whole thing seems futile. You accumulate energy, then you throw it -- and nothing results out of it. And this is a long boredom, a drab thing. That is why monks and teachers who are against sex appeal to you: they are talking about something you can understand.

But you have not known the non-voluntary sex, - the deepest biological dimension. You have not touched it, and you always come back from the limit because that limit creates fear. Beyond that limit your ego will not be; beyond that limit you will not be. The sex energy will take hold of you, it will possess you. Then you will be doing something which you cannot control.

Unless you can move to this uncontrolled phenomenon, you cannot achieve orgasm. And once you know this uncontrolled life energy, you are no more in it. You have become just a wave in a great ocean, and things are just happening. You are not forcing them to happen.

Really, you are not active -- you have become passive. In the beginning you are active, and then a moment comes when you become passive. And when you become passive, only then does orgasm happen.

If you have known it then you can understand many things. Then you can understand religious surrender also. Then you can understand the surrender of a disciple to a master. Then you can understand the surrender of someone to the existence itself. But if you do not know any surrender it is difficult even to conceive of what it means.

So it is right: sex is deeply related with surrender. If you have known deep sex you will be more capable of surrendering, because you have known a deep pleasure that follows surrender, you have known a bliss that comes as a shadow of surrender. Then you can trust.

Sex is biological surrender. SAMADHI -- cosmic consciousness -- is existential surrender. Through sex you touch life. Through samadhi, ecstasy, you touch existence, you move even deeper than life; the basic existence is touched. Through sex you move from yourself to another person; in samadhi you move from yourself to the whole, to the cosmos.

Tantra is, if you will allow me, "cosmic sex"! It is a falling in love with the whole cosmos, it is a surrender toward the whole cosmos. And you have to be passive. To a limit you have to be active, but beyond that limit you are not needed; you are a hindrance then. Then leave it to the life force, leave it to the existence.

The second thing: if you go on thinking about surrender as negative and passive, nothing is wrong in it.

It IS passive and negative, but the negativity and the passivity is nothing condemnable. In our minds, the moment we hear the word `negative' some condemnation enters, the moment we hear `passive' some condemnation enters - because for the ego both of these are deaths.
Nothing is wrong in being passive. Passivity is a way to be in deep contact with the universe. And you cannot be active with it -- that is the difference between religion and science. Science is active with the universe, religion is passive with the universe. Science is just like the male mind - active, violent, forcing; religion is a feminine mind - open, passive, receptive. Receptivity is always passive. And truth is not to be created, it is to be received.

You are not going to create the truth. The truth is already there! You have to receive it. You have to become the host and then the truth will become your guest. And a host has to be passive. You have to be like a womb to receive it, but your mind is trained for activity - to be active, to do something - and this is the realm where whatsoever you do will become a hindrance. Do not do -- just be! This is what passivity means: do not do anything. Just be, and allow that which is already there to happen to you. You are not needed creatively, actively, to do something. You are needed just to receive. Be passive; do not interfere. Nothing is wrong with passivity.

Posted on: August 27, 2007, 07:15:50 pm
Poetry happens when you are passive. Even the greatest discoveries of science have happened in passivity. But the attitude of science is active. Even the greatest things in science happen only when the scientist is passive, just waiting, not doing anything. And religion is basically passive.

What is Buddha doing when he is meditating? Our language, our terms, give a false impression. When we say Buddha is meditating, it appears, because of the terms used, that he is doing something. But meditation means not doing. If you are doing something, nothing will happen.

But all doing is just like sex: in the beginning you have to be active; then a moment comes when activity ceases and you have to be passive. When I say "Buddha is meditating," I mean Buddha is no more. He is not doing anything, he is just passive - a host waiting, just waiting. And when you are waiting for the unknown, you cannot even expect anything. You do not really know what is going to happen, because if you know then the waiting becomes impure and the desire enters. You do not know anything!

All that you had known has ceased, all the known has dropped. The mind is not functioning, it is just simply awaiting, and then everything happens to you. The whole universe falls into you; the whole universe enters from all sides into you. All the barriers are withdrawn. You are not withholding yourself.

Nothing is wrong with passivity. Rather, your activity is the problem. But we are trained for activity because we are trained for violence, struggle, conflict. And it is good as far as it goes, because in the world you cannot be passive. In the world you have to be active, fighting, forcing your way. But that which is so helpful in the world is not helpful when you move toward a deeper existence. Then you have to reverse your steps. Be active if you are moving in politics, in society, for riches or for power. Be inactive if you are moving into God, into religion, into meditation. Passivity is the way there.

And nothing is wrong about the negative either - nothing is wrong! `Negative' only means that something has to be dropped. For example, if I want to create space in this room, what am I going to do? What is the process to create space? What am I going to do? Can I bring space from outside and fill this room? I cannot bring space from outside. The space is already here -- that is why it is a room -- but it is filled with people or furniture or things, so I take the things and people out of it. Then the space is discovered, not brought. It was already here, but filled. So I do a negative process: I empty it.
Negativity means emptying yourself, not doing something positive, because that which you are trying to discover is already there. Just throw out the furniture.

Thoughts are the furniture in the mind. Just throw them out and the mind becomes a space, and when the mind is a space it becomes your soul - your atman. But when it is filled with thoughts, desires, it is mind; vacant, empty, it is not mind. Negation is a process of elimination. Eliminate things...

So do not be afraid of the words `negative' and `passive'. If you are afraid, you can never surrender. Surrender IS passive and negative. It is not something you are doing; rather, you are leaving your doings, you are leaving the very notion that you can do. You cannot do -- this is the basic feeling. Only then is there surrender. It is negative because you are moving into the unknown, the known is left.
When you surrender to a master it is one of the miracles, because you do not know what is going to happen and what this man is going to do to you. And you can never be certain whether he is real or not. You cannot know to whom you are surrendering and where he is going to lead you. You will try to make certain, but the very effort means that you are not ready for surrender.

If you are absolutely certain before you surrender that this man is going to lead you somewhere - to a paradise - and then you surrender, it is not a surrender at all. You have not surrendered. Surrender is always to the unknown. When everything is known, there is no surrender. You have already checked that this is going to happen, and that two and two are going to make four, then there is no surrender.

You cannot say "I surrender" because the four is already made certain.
In uncertainty, in insecurity, is the surrender. So it is easy to surrender to God because really, there is no one to whom you are surrendering and you remain the master. It is difficult to surrender to a living master because then you are no longer a master. With God you can go on deceiving, because no one is going to ask you...

I was reading a Jewish anecdote. One old man was praying to God, and he said, "My neighbor `A' is very poor, and last year I prayed to you but you have not done anything for him. My other neighbor `B' is crippled, and I prayed last year also, but you have not done anything." And so on and so forth, he continued. He talked about all the neighbors, and then in the end he said, "Now I will pray again this year. If you forgive me, I can also forgive you."

But he was talking alone. Every talk with the divine is a monologue; the other is not there. So it is up to you; what you are doing is up to you, and you remain the master. That is why there is so much insistence in tantra to surrender to a living master, because then your ego is shattered. And that shattering is the base. That shattering is the base, and only then something can arise out of it.
But do not ask me what you can do to surrender. You cannot do anything. Or, you can do only one thing: be aware of what you can do by doing, what you have gained by doing -- be aware! You have gained much: you have gained many miseries, anguishes, nightmares.

You have gained! That is what you have gained through your own effort, this is what ego can gain. Be aware of it - of the misery that you have created - positively, actively, without surrendering. Whatsoever you have done to your life, be aware of it. That very awareness will help you one day to throw it all and to surrender. And remember that you will be transformed not by surrender to a particular master, but by surrender itself.

So the master is irrelevant; he is not the point. People go on coming to me and they say, "I want to surrender, but to whom?" That is not the point, you are missing the point. It is not a question of to whom. Just the surrendering helps, not the person to whom you have surrendered. He may not be there or he may not be authentic or he may not be an enlightened one. He may just be a rogue; that is not the point. It is irrelevant! You have surrendered -- that helps because now you are vulnerable, open. You have become feminine. The male ego is lost, and you have become a feminine womb.

The person you have surrendered to may be bogus or he may not be. That is not the point! You have surrendered; now something can happen to you. And many times it has happened that even with a false master disciples have become enlightened. You may be surprised, even with a false master disciples have become enlightened!  

It is reported of Milarepa that he went to a master and he surrendered.

Milarepa was a very faithful man, very trusting, so when the master said, "You will have to surrender to me, only then can I help," he said, "Okay, I surrender." But many persons were jealous. The old followers of that master were jealous of Milarepa because Milarepa was such a different type of man. He was a very magnetic force. They became afraid that if this man remained there he would become the chief disciple, the next master. So they said to their master, "This man seems to be false, so first check whether his surrender is real."

The master said, "How should we examine him?" They said, "Tell him to jump from this hill" -- they were sitting on a hill. So the master said, "Milarepa, if you have really surrendered, jump from this hill." So he did not wait even to say yes, he jumped. The disciples thought he would be dead; then they went down. It took hours for them to go to the valley. He was just sitting under a tree meditating, and he was happy - as happy as he had never been.

So they gathered, and the disciples thought that it must be a coincidence. The master was also surprised... how could this happen? So he asked Milarepa privately, "What did you do? How did it happen?" He said, "When I surrendered, there was no question of MY doing. YOU have done something."
The master knew well that he had not done anything, so he tried again. One house was on fire, so he told Milarepa to go in and sit there and only to come out when the whole house had become ashes.

Milarepa went in. He stayed there for hours, then the house was just ashes. When they reached there he was just buried in the ashes - but as alive and as blissful as ever. Milarepa touched his master's feet and said, "You are doing miracles."

So the master said, "It is difficult to think that it is again a coincidence." But the followers said, "This is nothing but a coincidence. Try again. At least three trials are needed."

They were passing through a village and the master said, "Milarepa, the boat has not yet come and the ferryman has not kept his promise, so you go - walk on the water, go to the other bank and tell the ferryman to come." Milarepa walked, and then the master really thought it was a miracle. He walked and went to the other bank and brought the ferry.

The master said, "Milarepa, how are you doing it?" He said, "I just take your name and go on. It is your name, master, that helps me."

So the master thought, "If my name helps so much... " He tried to walk on the water also, but he drowned - and no one has ever heard about him again.  

 How did it happen? Surrender is the thing - not the master, not the thing to which you surrender. The statue, the temple, the tree, the stone - anything will do. If you surrender, you become vulnerable to the existence. Then the whole existence takes you into its arms.  

This story may be just a parable, but the meaning is that when you surrender, the whole existence is for you.

The fire, the hill, the river, the valley - nothing is against you because you are not against anything. The enmity is lost.

If you fall from a hill and your bones are broken, it is the bones of your ego. You were resisting; you didn't allow the valley to help you. You were helping yourself. You were thinking yourself more wise than the existence. Surrender means you come to realize that whatsoever you do will be stupid, foolish. And you have done many stupid things for many lives.

Leave it to the existence itself. YOU cannot do anything! You have to realize that you are helpless. This realization that "I am helpless" helps the surrender to happen.



        O S H O
        Commentaries on Vigtan Bhairav Tantra Vol I
        Chapter 30 : Surrendering to the Master.

Check Out The Video via the Link Above !!!!

Bless Up !
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Post by: Oskar on August 27, 2007, 06:44:52 PM
Love the Grand Keys Baba.

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Post by: NyaInIJahLove on August 28, 2007, 04:01:29 AM
Blessed Love Moses!!!!
always lovin yah reasoning and tings from Beloved Osho!
give thanks!!!!!
Sistah Nya
Posted on: August 28, 2007, 01:46:38 am
Just watched the Bashar vid, yah know, we, Radic and I saw Bashar and Darryl in Melbourne about 14 or so yrs ago, it was amazing! I actually saw a golden light descend from above and enter Darryl and then saw his facial features change and become alien like..I loved him and his words had and continue to have a profound effect on I and I.
At that stage I was an avid "channeled info" freak ~ Bashar,  Ptarh, Seth especially......
I know, I am exposing my "new Age" side, another side of Nya....
My first song "beautiful Creation" shows that influence very clearly
Anyway Moses mi Bred, Thanking to the I for bringing Bashar consciousness back into I life
Blessed Love
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Post by: Ras_Nevoe on August 28, 2007, 02:36:05 PM
Give thanks for this post Ras Nicro, I can honestly say it put all InI Iliefs in proper perspective.


Ras Nevoe
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Post by: moses on August 28, 2007, 03:08:15 PM
Irie I sistren NYA!

Give tanks...  :D ;D

It is always good to follow the I's inner pull towards the acts which brings Excitements ! For thats where the spirit have secrets to share with joy and delightfulness within I in I.

New Age or anything that goes, I as a man never discriminate; the wisdoms of the Ages is where I an I coming from. The emerging new enthusiasm to learn and live profound and exciting Life patterns is what I an I openning up for; And give thanks for all sources that helps I in I see thru.

There is a video online by Drunvalo Melchizedek on Higher self... I hope the I will love it too as it touches a certain curious aspect of new age towards healing of the self thru meeting with the 'Inner Child' within. There is link of it in the thread 'Stars in the Grass...' in Other Chat section. The I can check pon it. And there is another one by Osho of which he speaks how going deep into the roots  is necessary in order to climb the ladder of Higher States of consciousness. This is actually talking of ROOTS and CULTURE in the other context. How to live up INNOCENCE of being, and how the collective unconsciousness (which connects with mother earth and all its inherent evolution memories), and mother Earth hold the key for One to connect to the SUN, the father cosmic consciousness. Living close to nature helps I in I to ground for the Higher... And there are many secrets that as one comes close to nature begins to know them. From being in empathy with animals, the vegetable kingdoms and everything which shares the collective unconsciousness with the I. This helps very much Idren to overstand the importance of Ital and Livity. And how to live in harmony with nature.

There are many other sources of wisdom of the ages including the Originality of Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Druid Priesthood etc (which are all; offsprings of secrets of mother nature). I in I hope, JAH willing, sometimes there can be a space to include them to into I an I sight.

Bless Up !
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I just want to make something clear to the I's, cuz I dont think I did, but I did not write this.
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I  am aware that the I did not write it, but the I brought it here to share, and for that, I thank you.

Selassie Guidance
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it don't mater if the I didn't write it. it is the fact that the I shared it with use that brings me peace.
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Greetings !

This is Take III for the love of bedrin RasNicro...


Question 3


ANAHAT NADA is not a type of sound, it is soundlessness, but this soundlessness is heard. To express it is difficult because then the logical question arises of how soundlessness can be heard.

Let me explain it.... I am sitting on this chair. If I go away from this chair, will you not see my absence in the chair? It cannot be seen by one who has not seen me sitting here, he will simply see the chair. But a moment before I was here and you have seen me sitting here. If I move away and you look at the chair, you will see two things: the chair and my absence. But that absence will be seen only if you have seen me and you have not forgotten me, that I was there.

We are hearing sounds; we only know sounds. So when that soundlessness comes, anahat nada, we feel that every sound has disappeared and absence is felt. That is why it is called anahat nada. It is also called nada; 'nada' means sound. But ANAHAT changes the quality of the sound. 'Anahat' means uncreated, so it is uncreated sound.

Every sound is a created sound. Whatsoever sounds you have heard, they are all created. That which is created will die. I can clap my hands -- a sound is created. It was not there before and now it is no more; it was created and it has died. A created sound is known as AHAT NADA. Uncreated sound is known as ANAHAT NADA - the sound that is always. Which is that sound that is always? It is not really a sound. You call it a sound because the absence is heard.

If you live by a railway station and one day the railway union goes on strike, you will hear something no one can hear. You will hear the absence of the trains coming and going and moving.

I was traveling in the past for at least three weeks every month. In the beginning it was very difficult to sleep in the train, and then it became difficult to sleep at home. When I was no longer sleeping only in trains, the sound of the train was missed. Whenever I would reach home it would be difficult, because I would miss and I would feel the absence of the railway sounds.
We are accustomed to sounds.

Every moment is filled with sound. Our heads are constantly filled by sounds and sounds and sounds. When your mind goes away, moves up or down, goes beyond or below, when you are not in the world of sounds, you can hear the absence. That absence is soundlessness.

But we have call it anahat nada. Because it is heard we call it nada -- sound; and because it is not really a sound we call it anahat -- uncreated. "Uncreated sound" is contradictory. Sound is created -- "uncreated" contradicts. So all deep experiences of life have to be expressed in contradictory terms.
If you go and ask a master like Eckhart or Jacob Boehme, or Zen masters like Hui Hai or Huang Po or Bodhidharma or Nagarjuna, or Vedanta and the Upanishads, everywhere you will find two contradictory terms whenever a deeper experience is talked about. The Vedas say, "he is and He is not" -- about God.
You cannot find a more atheistic expression: "He is and he is not." he is far away and He is near. He is far away and he is also near. Why contradictory statements? The Upanishads say, "You cannot see him, but unless you see him you have not seen anything." What type of language is this?
Lao Tsu says that "Truth cannot be said" -- and he is saying it! This too is a saying. He says that "Truth cannot be said, if it is said it cannot be true," and then he writes a book and says something about the truth.

It is contradictory.
One student came to a great old sage. The student said, "If you can forgive me master, I want to relate to you something about myself. I have become an atheist; now I do not believe in God."
So the old sage asked, "For how many days have you been studying scriptures? For how many days?" So the man, the seeker, the student said, "Nearabout twenty years I have been studying the Vedas - the scriptures." So the old man sighed and said, "Just twenty years and you have the nerve to say that you have become an atheist?"

The student was puzzled. What was this old man saying? So he said, "I am puzzled. What are you saying? You make me more confused than when I came here." The old man said, "Go on studying the Vedas. In the beginning one says God is. Only in the end does one say God is not. To become an atheist you will have to travel much into theism. God is at the beginning; God is not at the end. Do not be in a hurry." The student was even more puzzled.

"God is and God is not" has been uttered by those who know. "God is" is uttered by those who do not know and "God is not" is also uttered by those who do not know. Those who know, they utter both simultaneously: God is and God is not.
"Anahat nada" is a contradictory term, but used with much consideration -- with deep consideration. It is meaningful. It says that the phenomenon is felt as a sound and it is not a sound.

It is felt as a sound because you have only felt sounds, you do not know any other language. You know only the language of sounds; that is why it is felt as sound. But it is silence, not sound.
And the question further says: EXPLAIN IN WHICH WAY THE STATE OF SOUNDFULNESS CAN BE EQUAL TO TOTAL SOUNDLESSNESS. It is always so. The zero and the absolute both mean the same!
For example, if I have a jar which is completely empty and I have another jar which is completely filled, both are complete. One is completely empty, another is completely filled. But both are complete, both are perfect. If the jar is half-filled, it is half-filled and half-empty. You can call it half-empty, you can call it half-filled. But whether it is completely empty or completely filled, one thing is common to both: completeness!

Soundlessness is complete. You cannot do anything more to make it more soundless. Understand this: it is complete, nothing can be done. You have come to a point beyond which there is no movement possible. And if a sound is total you cannot add anything to it. You have come to another limit; you cannot go beyond it. This is common and this is what is meant.

One can say it is soundlessness because no sound is heard, everything has become absent. You cannot take anything further from it; it is complete. Or you can say it is a complete sound, a full sound, absolute sound; nothing can be added to it.

But in both the cases the indication is for perfection, absoluteness, wholeness.
It depends on the mind. There are two types of minds and two types of expressions. For example, if you ask Buddha, "What will happen in deep meditation? When one achieves SAMADHI what will happen?" he will say, "There will be no DUKKHA -- there will be no pain." He will never say there will be bliss, he will simply say there will be no pain -- just painlessness. If you ask Shankara, he will never talk about pain. He will simply say, "There will be bliss -- absolute bliss."

And both are expressing the same experience. Buddha saying "no pain" refers to the world. He says, "All the pains I have known are not there. And whatsoever is there, I cannot relate it in your language."
Shankara says, "There is bliss, absolute bliss." He never talks about the world and its pain. He is not referring to your world; he is referring to the experience itself. He is positive; Buddha is negative. But their indications are toward the same moon.

Their fingers are different, but what their fingers indicate is the same.


            O S H O
            Commentaries on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Vol I
            Chapter 32: The Path Of Surrender
            29th January 1973, Woodsland Bombay.


Everything that mankind does on the earthly is a reaction!

If I sit and watch the empty sky; am I reacting? and if there is anything to substiantiate what the I implies by the word ''REACTION'' then may save the above statement to be valid. Otherwise it is plainly not valid. And what is that 'earthly'?

As long as one is in the earthly there are limitations. Knowing oneself-seeing beyond color etc. is not ignoring ones physical make up. Self defense is not a choices it is a duty. Freedom is not antonymous to limitation. One could be behind bars or be handicapped and still be free. Hence your statement "Freedom is transcendence of limitation is a self opinion on something" only proves ones own conceptual limitation.

As long as one is in the earthly there are limitations.

Then a single limitation for example is something OBSERVABLE... If that is the case, then what is the faculty of observing and what is the faculty of INTERPRETATION?

If it is mind, then overstand... mind is something which cast the boundaries. Is there anything beyond mind? Then that is the solution for limitations.

Can mind exist when the higher consciousness is lived? YES, but it remains to be a utility within a limited capability... Then Higher Consciousness is beyond duality and reveals the Truth. Mind is not everything...

Knowing oneself-seeing beyond color etc. is not ignoring ones physical make up

Sure :)

Self defense is not a choices it is a duty.

Self defense against what really !? If u cast the shadow, do the I need to fight against it? Duty !? Such an uggly word... If I n I psyche is cleared of all subconscious dedris then aint no muddy to taint the pure light of Self Awareness. What follows is ransponding do whattever the situations required, and not reacting... Remember, man of muddiness, subconsciously uncleared psyche; reacts... Yet, man of Overstanding simply Ransponds... And Livity implies doing the right thing at the right time. Thats nuff Love.

Freedom is not antonymous to limitation. One could be behind bars or be handicapped and still be free.
 Freedom is not antonymous to limitation... Then sure it is all within the EYES of the subjected beholder.
It is a subjective phenomena, therefore this is no philosophical juggling... It has a religiousness dimension.

Hence your statement "Freedom is transcendence of limitation is a self opinion on something" only proves ones own conceptual limitation.

Yes and No !

As long as it is the applicable fact, then thats always turns the same. so true...

No as if that is taken as an opinion...

However, it depends from A mental perspective by which one enters the above statement.

One Love

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Bless Up...

The I like the word Rasponse( or as you put it Ransponse) Ones Duty/duties are ones Rasponsibilities!

I in I apology for mispelling... Rasponse is the word indeed.

That is really just semantics. For Rasponse and Reaction are synonymous

There is a distinction; But no worry... If the I is not yet perceiving a certain deep reality, the I better wait... If that is true, then just consider; there is difference between the two, and if the I is real really after gettings things right, then Trust Jah; the I will see it thru at the right time, doing the right thing.

It is the mind that made you aware of  a "Higher Consciousness"! Yet Did the Higher Consciousness make you aware that it is devoid of Mind?

It is a subjective reality that has got nothing to do with ur ( as a person ) intellectual questioning.

''Higher Consciousness'' is the term. A kind of I-didation that Iman live up is totally being an observer. This way, YES, I in I had corroded much of prejudices and fallacies that goes on during awake Mind.
All that I as a man have dispelled out of I psyche had turned to become an Overstanding of which I as a man had undergone transformation. This as well, is an ongoing process by which I man keep on evolving.

Dont take the term so literally, unless the I is after something...

Self defense is Self preservation, protection of self. When you said AGAINST the I implies Antagonism. One who defends themselves are not necessarily Rasponding out of aggression. 

is defense=preservation really? Aint it that there is some common similarities yet separate implications?

Protecting a self?

Lo ! Man, with a mind u can self reimpose a certain character then go on feeding it some reality... That is a self identity, but a separate reality from the WHOLE... Yes, this way u can even go on defending it ! Just to maintain its place, within the scheme of life. But this is creating ur own reality... Whattever u create the I will be responsible of it. This is why once u think u r somebody x, then all hankering for all else to perceive the I as x... even if the I is not really... Then x is nothing but ur own dellusion; and life allows all sorts of game. I as a man aint doin that, period !

In fact the is no need for any aggression against anybody if the I choose to ride with the river of inner nature...Anger may remain a resdue biological trait that the may need for survival tactics and not being antagonistic upon that in which the others perceive of dem selves. It really doesnt matter at all. People may love to live in dreams rather than getting real. But Jah knows, in the abundance of water, the fool is thirst... Every I got right to decide. But there is no escaping the consequence of what u bring to life, one way or the other.

Okay bedrin, the rest of inquiries, the I can find the answers somewhere...

JAH Bless

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Bredren Fyah
So lovely to see the I reasoning pon the board again! Praises unto the Most I for Jah Blessed Presence!
Here.....I and I perspectives pon de reasoning at hand.....

Reaction....can be seen in a negative light, as an unconscious "conditioned" rasponse, where one is unaware that one has a number of choices in how one responds...and then not, as reactions are a natural ting and can simply be observed, without judgement, simply feeling what arises and assessing if desired outcome or fullfillment comes about.....without expectations or attachment, simply awareness

Freedom ~ externally we can assert our right to live free, a Jah Given Right, freedom to raspond with love, freedom to accept with serenity or resist, freedom to be who we really or, or simply to seek overstanding of our true nature, freedom to cherish the small self and all other small selves, while knowing we are part of something far Greater, freedom to allow detachment to outcomes and to Trust in Jahs Eternal Plan, freedom to see patterns as something that serves we until we are ready to step into the unknown....
Freedom to use all experiences to fuel our growth and development of true wisdom....
Freedom to see that Jah allows we complete freedom, ironically, once we realize this, we are free to give the power to the most High and free ourselves from the burden of egoic responsibility and embrace the Jahful Rasponsibility of I and I....
Freedom to no longer struggle against but to flow with...in eva deepening Love and Oneness and yet individuality of Knowing Deep and complete Self.....
Freedom to put Jah first and thereby surrender to what Is, empowered by the Most High to do Right, effortlessly and with Joy and serenity and knowing the not perfect is still Jahs perfection of movement and room to grow and spiral Upward with the Universe.....
Blessings and Irational Love for All
Sistren Nya
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: Ras_Nevoe on August 31, 2007, 07:45:35 PM
I don't get the point of this "diss"-cussion between Fiyah and Moses. Now I am not the smartest person, so it may be beyond InI comprehension.

The one thing I did overstand is that the I Moses claims that to respond and to react is two different things. I disagree.

For one to respond to something, there must be some initial, speech, and/or action, which one is responding TO. This is a reaction to the initial speech, and/or action, therefore I agree that "reaction and rasponse are synanymous.

This is logical thinking, and one might argue that "higher consciousness" does not raspect any laws of logic, but there is logic to everything in the known universe. Somethings we may not overstand, but still there is some type of logic to it.

P.S. I am just stating my opinion, so please don't crucify InI.


Ras Nevoe
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on September 01, 2007, 07:00:26 AM
It is with the Utmost Love I and I say that we must look to the truth that reveals itself to we each at these different points on our trod.  Without holding another in Judgment, for this is not our Job.  Our Job is to learn from each other and take it outside to make a difference.  Each of we have a difference we can make, but first we must come to some sort of peace within our self as to who we are
Brudda surfmon says it so well........
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: moses on September 01, 2007, 08:48:49 AM
Blessed & Divine Love,

Seen Sistren!

This was a PM sent to I by Moses! I am posting it here because of this comment: I may post this in the thread as well.

Yes I man,

this is to let u know that all that i see in u is playing game and mental cunningness.

I as a man is rather not interested i filling pages with nonsensical rampanting... Therefore u better get more sensible.

It is obvious the dont do meditation; or the I may think of u are doing meditation but I as a man tell that it is highly likes the kinds of meditation that u r doing aint taking u anywhere better. Take it as an offense or not, I SEE IT ! Now dont try to play clever here saying u can see something also blah blah blah... Just keep the right focus that helps to take divisions outa this.

I respect what u have been doing in this forums for so long; but this i see is subtle play that the i as a person is trying... Now i wont waste no much effort/time on this, if the i looks whimsical.

So I again say, WATCH ur underlying motives before u interact!!!

I may post this in the thread as well.

Bless Up

I and I do not feel that any of I Rasponses to your post Idren, garnered such a Reaction!



Good bedrin Fiyah...

So this enable Iman to reasonably bring this INSIGHT for the love of YOU: Take I



Civilization is a training in how to become unreal. Tantra is the reverse process -- how to prevent yourself from becoming unreal, and if you have already become unreal, how to touch the reality which is hidden within you, how to contact it again, how to be again real. The first thing to be understood is how we go on becoming unreal, and once this process is understood many things change immediately. The very understanding becomes mutation.

Man is born undivided. He is neither a body nor a mind. He is born undivided, as one individual. He is both body and mind. Even to say that he is both is wrong. He is body-mind. Body and mind are two aspects of his being, not two divisions -- two polarities of something which we may call life, energy or anything -- X,Y,Z -- but body and mind are not two things.

The very process of civilization, education, culture, conditioning, starts with the division. Everyone is taught that he is two, not one, and then, of course, one begins to be identified with the mind and not with the body.

The very thinking process becomes your center and the thinking process is just a periphery. It is not the center because you can exist without thinking. Once you existed without thinking: thinking is not a necessity to exist. If you go deep in meditation YOU will be, and there will be no thinking. If you become unconscious YOU will be, but there will be no thinking. Moving into deep sleep YOU will be, but there will be no thinking. Thinking is just on the periphery; your being is somewhere else -- deeper than thinking. But you are being taught continuously that you are two, body and mind, and that, really, you are the mind and you possess the body. The mind becomes the master and body becomes the slave, and you go on struggling against the body. This creates a rift, a gap, and that gap is the problem. All neurosis is born out of that gap; all anxiety is born out of that gap.

Your being is rooted in your body, and your body is not just something separate from existence. It is part of it. Your body is the whole universe. It is not something limited, finite. You may not have observed it, but try to observe where your body really ends -- where! Do you think that your body ends where your skin ends?
If the sun which is so far away just goes dead, instantly you will be dead here. If the sun rays stop coming, you will be no more here. Your body cannot exist without the sun being there so far away.

The sun and you are somehow deeply related. The sun must be included in your body; otherwise you cannot exist. You are part of its rays.

In the morning you see flowers open: their opening is really the rising of the sun. In the night they will close: their closing is the setting of the sun. They are just rays that are spread out. You exist here because there, so far away, the sun exists. Your skin is not really your skin. Your skin goes on spreading; even the sun is included. You are breathing: you can breathe because the air is there, the atmosphere is there. Each moment you exhale and inhale the atmosphere in and out.

If for a single moment there were no air, you would be dead. Your breath is your life. If your breath is your life, then the whole atmosphere is part of you. You cannot exist without it. So where does your body really end? Where is the limit? There is no limit! If you observe, if you go deep, you will find there is no limit. Or, the limit of the universe is your body limit. The whole universe is involved in you, so your body is not just your body; it is your universe and you are grounded in it. Your mind too cannot exist without the body. It is part of it, a process of it.
Division is destructive, and with the division you are bound to become identified with the mind. You think, and without thinking there is no division. You think, and you become identified with your thinking.

Then you feel as if you possess the body. This is a complete reversal of the truth. You do not possess the body; neither is the body possessing you. They are not two things. Your existence is one, a deep harmony of opposite poles. But opposite poles are not divided, they are joined together. Only then can they become opposite poles. And the opposition is good. It gives challenge, it gives stamina, it creates energy. It is dialectical.

If you were really one, without opposite poles within, you would be dull and dead. These two opposite poles, body and mind, give you life. They are opposite and at the same time complementary -- and basically and ultimately one. One current of energy runs in both. But once we get identified with the thinking process, we think that we are centered in the head. If your legs are cut, you will not feel that YOU are cut. You will say, "My legs are cut." But if your head is cut, YOU are cut. You are murdered.

If you close your eyes to feel where you are, immediately you will feel you are in your head. You are not there -- because when for the first moment you entered life in your mother's womb, when the male and female atoms met, there was no head. But life was started. You were there, and there was no head. In that first meeting of two alive cells, you were created. The head came later on, but your being was there. Where is that being? It is not in your head.

Really, it is nowhere -- or everywhere in your body. It is nowhere; you cannot pinpoint where it is. And the moment you pinpoint it you miss the whole thing. It is everywhere. Your life is everywhere, it is spread out all over you. And not only all over you; if you follow it, you will have to go to the very ends of the universe. It is everywhere!
With the identification that "I am my mind," everything becomes false. You become unreal because this identity is false. This has to be broken. Tantra techniques are to break down this identity. The effort of tantra is to make you headless, uncentered, everywhere or nowhere. And why does humanity, why do human beings become false and unreal with the mind? Because mind is an epiphenomenon -- a process which is necessary, useful, but secondary; a process which consists of words, not of realities. The word `love' is not love, the word `god' is not God. But mind consists of words, of a verbal process, and then love itself becomes less significant than the word `love'. For the mind, the word is more significant. God becomes less significant than the word `God'. For the mind it is so. Words become more meaningful, significant. They become primary, and we start living in words. And the more you live in words the more shallow you become, and you will go on missing the reality which is not words. Reality is existence.
Living in the mind is as if someone is living in a mirror.

In the night, if you go to a lake and the lake is silent and there are no ripples, the lake becomes a mirror. You can look at the moon in the lake, but that moon is false -- just a reflection. The reflection comes from the real, but the reflection is not real. Mind is just a reflecting phenomenon. The reality is reflected in it, but reflections are not real. And if you get caught in reflections, you will miss reality completely. That is why, with the mind, with mind reflections, everything wavers. A slight wave, a slight wind, will disturb your mind. Reality is not disturbed, but the mind is disturbed by anything. Mind is a reflecting phenomenon, and we are living in mind.

Tantra says come down. Descend from your thrones, come down from your heads. Forget the reflections and move towards the reality. All the techniques which we are discussing are concerned with this: how to be away from the mind so that you can move into reality. Now we will discuss the techniques.

Posted on: September 01, 2007, 09:46:15 am
The first technique:
We are living, but we are not aware that we are or that we are living. There is no self-remembering. You are eating or you are taking a bath or you are taking a walk: you are not aware that you are while walking. Everything is, only you are not.

The trees, the houses, the traffic, everything is. You are aware of everything around you, but you are not aware of your own being -- that you are. You may be aware of the whole world, but if you are not aware of yourself that awareness is false. Why? Because your mind can reflect everything, but your mind cannot reflect you. If you are aware of yourself, then you have transcended the mind.

Your self-remembering cannot be reflected in your mind because you are behind the mind. It can reflect only things which are in front of it. You can just see others, but you cannot see yourself. Your eyes can see everyone, but your eyes cannot see themselves. If you want to see yourself you will need a mirror. Only in the mirror can you see yourself, but then you will have to stand in front of the mirror. If your mind is a mirror, it can reflect the whole world. It cannot reflect you because you cannot stand before it. You are always behind, hidden behind the mirror.
This technique says while doing anything -- singing, seeing, tasting -- be aware that you are and discover the ever-living, and discover within yourself the current, the energy, the life, the ever-living. But we are not aware of ourselves.

Gurdjieff used self-remembering as a basic technique in the West. The self-remembering is derived from this sutra. The whole Gurdjieffian system is based on this one sutra.

Remember yourself, whatsoever you are doing. It is very difficult. It looks very easy, but you will go on forgetting. Even for three or four seconds you cannot remember yourself. You will have a feeling that you are remembering, and suddenly you will have moved to some other thought. Even with this thought that "Okay, I am remembering myself," you will have missed, because this thought is not self-remembering. In self-remembering there will be no thought; you will be completely empty. And self-remembering is not a mental process. It is not that you say, "Yes, I am." Saying "Yes, I am," you have missed. This is a mind thing, this is a mental process: "I am."

Feel "I am," not the words "I am." Don't verbalize, just feel that you are. Don't think, FEEL! Try it. It is difficult, but if you go on insisting it happens. While walking, remember you are, and have the feeling of your being, not of any thought, not of any idea. Just feel. I touch your hand or I put my hand on your head: don't verbalize. Just feel the touch, and in that feeling feel not only the touch, but feel also the touched one. Then your consciousness becomes double-arrowed.

You are walking under trees: the trees are there, the breeze is there, the sun is rising. This is the world all around you; you are aware of it. Stand for a moment and suddenly remember that you are, but don't verbalize. Just feel that you are.

This nonverbal feeling, even if for only a single moment, will give you a glimpse -- a glimpse which no LSD can give you, a glimpse which is of the real. For a single moment you are thrown back to the center of your being. You are behind the mirror; you have transcended the world of reflections; you are existential. And you can do it at any time. It doesn't need any special place or any special time. And you cannot say, "I have no time." When eating you can do it, when taking a bath you can do it, when moving or sitting you can do it -- anytime. No matter what you are doing, you can suddenly remember yourself, and then try to continue that glimpse of your being.

It will be difficult. One moment you will feel it is there, the next moment you will have moved away. Some thought will have entered, some reflection will have come to you, and you will have become involved in the reflection. But don't be sad and don't be disappointed. This is so because for lives together we have been concerned with the reflections. This has become a robot-like mechanism. Instantly, automatically, we are thrown to the reflection. But if even for a single moment you have the glimpse, it is enough for the beginning. And why is it enough? Because you will never get two moments together. Only one moment is with you always. And if you can have the glimpse for a single moment, you can remain in it. Only effort is needed -- a continuous effort is needed.

A single moment is given to you. You cannot have two moments together, so don't worry about two moments. You will always get only one moment. And if you can be aware in one moment, you can be aware for your whole life. Now only effort is needed, and this can be done the whole day. Whenever you remember, remember yourself.

"OH LOTUS-EYED ONE, SWEET OF TOUCH, WHEN SINGING, SEEING, TASTING, BE AWARE YOU ARE, AND DISCOVER THE EVER-LIVING:" When the sutra says "Be aware you are", what will you do? Will you remember that, "My name is Ram" or "Jesus" or something else? Will you remember that you belong to such and such a family, to such and such a religion and tradition? To such and such a country and caste and creed? Will you remember that you are a communist or a Hindu or a Christian? What will you remember?

The sutra says be aware you are; it simply says "You are". No name is needed, no country is needed. Let there be simple existence: you are! So don't say to yourself who you are. Don't answer that, "I am this and that." Let there be simple existence, that you are.

But it becomes difficult because we never remember simple existence. We always remember something which is just a label, not existence itself. Whenever you think about yourself, you think about your name, religion, country, many things, but never the simple existence that you are.

You can practice this: relaxing in a chair or just sitting under a tree, forget everything and feel this "you-areness."

No Christian, no Hindu, no Buddhist, no Indian, no Englishman, no German -- simply, you are. Have the feeling of it, and then it will be easy for you to remember what this sutra says: "BE AWARE YOU ARE, AND DISCOVER THE EVER-LIVING." And the moment you are aware that you are, you are thrown into the current of the ever-living. The false is going to die; only the real will remain.

That is why we are so much afraid of death: because the unreal is going to die. The unreal cannot be forever, and we are attached to the unreal, identified with the unreal. You as a Hindu will have to die; you as Ram or Krishna will have to die; you as a communist, as an atheist, as a theist, will have to die; you as a name and form will have to die. And if you are attached to name and form, obviously the fear of death will come to you, but the real, the existential, the basic in you, is deathless. Once the forms and names are forgotten, once you have a look within to the nameless and the formless, you have moved into the eternal.

"BE AWARE YOU ARE AND DISCOVER THE EVER-LIVING": This technique is one of the most helpful, and it has been used for millennia by many teachers, masters. Buddha used it, Mahavira used it, Jesus used it, and in modern times Gurdjieff used it. Among all the techniques, this is one of the most potential. Try it. It will take time; months will pass.

When Ouspensky was learning with Gurdjieff, for three months he had to make much effort, arduous effort, in order to have a glimpse of what self-remembering is.

So continuously, for three months, Ouspensky lived in a secluded house just doing only one thing -- self-remembering. Thirty persons started that experiment, and by the end of the first week twenty-seven had escaped; only three remained. The whole day they were trying to remember -- not doing anything else, just remembering that "I am." Twenty-seven felt they were going crazy. They felt that now madness was just near, so they escaped. They never turned back; they never met Gurdjieff again.

Why? As we are, really, we are mad. Not remembering who we are, what we are, we are mad, but this madness is taken as sanity. Once you try to go back, once you try to contact the real, it will look like craziness, it will look like madness. Compared to what we are, it is just the reverse, the opposite. If you feel that this is sanity, that will look like madness.

But three persisted. One of the three was P. D. Ouspensky. For three months they persisted. Only after the first month did they start having glimpses of simply being -- of "I am." After the second month, even the "I" dropped, and they started having the glimpses of "am-ness" -- of just being, not even of "I", because "I" is also a label. The pure being is not "I" and "thou"; it just is.

And by the third month even the feeling of "am-ness" dissolved because that feeling of am-ness is still a word. Even that word dissolves.

Then you are, and then you know what you are. Before that point comes you cannot ask, "Who am I?" Or you can go on asking continuously, "Who am I?", just continuously inquiring, "Who am I ? Who am I?", and all the answers that will be provided by the mind will be found false, irrelevant. You go on asking, "Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?" and a point comes where you can no more ask the question. All the answers fall down, and then the question itself falls down and disappears. And when even the question, "Who am I?" disappears, you know who you are.

Gurdjieff tried from one corner: just try to remember you are. Raman Maharshi tried from another corner. He made it a meditation to ask, to inquire, "Who am I?" And don't believe in any answers that the mind can supply. The mind will say, "What nonsense are you asking? You are this, you are that, you are a man, you are a woman, you are educated or uneducated, rich or poor." The mind will supply answers, but go on asking. Don't accept any answer because all the answers given by the mind are false. They are from the unreal part of you. They are coming from words, they are coming from scriptures, they are coming from conditioning, they are coming from society, they are coming from others. Go on asking. Let this arrow of "Who am I?" penetrate deeper and deeper. A moment will come when no answer will come.

That is the right moment.

Now you are nearing the answer. When no answer comes, you are near the answer because mind is becoming silent -- or you have gone far away from the mind. When there will be no answer and a vacuum will be created all around you, your questioning will look absurd. Whom are you questioning? There is no one to answer you. Suddenly, even your questioning will stop. With the questioning, the last part of the mind has dissolved because this question was also of the mind. Those answers were of the mind and this question was also of the mind. Both have dissolved, so now YOU ARE.

Try this. There is every possibility, if you persist, that this technique can give you a glimpse of the real -- and the real is ever-living.

      O S H O
      Commentaries on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Vol I
      Chapter : 35:Turning inward toward the real
      24 February 1973 pm in Woodlands, Bombay


And this connects with all that has been taken place in this thread + the attitude like exhibited by bedrin Fiyah... It is not real reasoning... but a kind of MIND that the I lives. It does not real looks foward for integration, rather trying to instill doubt, where it is not necessary.

The is more to help expose the attitude, but this much... Meditate.

Bless Up

Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: Ras_Nevoe on September 01, 2007, 11:07:23 AM
Greetings bredren, Moses

I enjoyed that last post. It put many things in perspective.

I'll admit I didn't truly meditate on it yet, so i'm not sure I agree with everything, but most of it, I agree.

I can remember as a child, when all the other kids were playing with their toys, or in the park, I was sitting at the top of a tree, watching and listening to the birds. As a youth I would relax and meditate in a cave. My family couldn't overstand what makes me do things like that. Some called me crazy, and some prayed for me. But I knew from childhood, I FELT that everything is connected, I didn't overstand how or why, but I FELT IT. I still don't fully overstand, which is why I enjoyed your last post.

If there is something more in-depth on that subject, can the I share?

Be Blessed
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Post by: Ras_Nevoe on September 01, 2007, 08:30:50 PM
….Africa is not in the situation it is because of a lack of meditation! Africans been meditating on everything but their true self!

Is a Blackman Redemption, no need to get jumpy!
Bob Marley

Good Point!!

But too much "EGO Trippin'" mi bredrens. I say this with love to two a unu (both of you), put the B#!!$h*T aside and just reason with one another.

Who can tell me, in one sentence, what this discussion is exactly about?

Be Blessed!!

Ras Nevoe

Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on September 02, 2007, 06:57:02 AM
Although I grew up with the liberating radical teachings of Osho as a enlightening influence on I subculture and family......I feel he was directing the vein of wisdom he channeled to mostly middle class white people....not trying to be colourist at all, its just the "social-status" and ecomonic ease of these ones who were dealing with more spoilt brat kind of issues than the reality of finding adequate employment, and dealing with the extreme shituations that arise in a economically destitute social climate...Rasta deals with these in a way that Rajgneeshes orange people do not seem to in my observations...the ones I have observed are wonderful healers (if you can afford that sort of thing) and run health food shops and are brilliant musicians and international travelers and due to their already privileged social standing have affluent jobs and beautiful homes in gorgeous surrounds.....lovely and liberated.....
I will not deny I personally adore Osho and have heard that he was killed in the same way as Bob Marley....poisoned at the airport upon entering America...so there is definitely room for Osho in Rasta in I sight, but Rasta is so much more....and I too would like to see more personal from Bredda Moses, as, at some stage, we all must put aside the books and external teachings and stand upon our own feet and speak our own wisdom and truths.....give others the benefit of our own experiences, our pains, loves, causes, passions, insights, mystical realities and hearts longings....
Blessings and OneLove
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on September 02, 2007, 02:08:20 PM
Give thanks Bredren!!!!

The ego is a very necessary part of ones mind/consciousness. It really is ones I-dentity. The idea is not to deny ego only to keep things in a balanced perspective.

so true!!!
Sistren Nya
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: surfmon_I on September 03, 2007, 02:33:45 AM
Blessed and Divine Love Idren.
This Night I and I come to ask, Given the built up tension,  Is the Ego/self/ME a very necessary part of ones mind/consciousness?.  Ones I~dentity??
If Rasta go back to the very beginning, and embrace the Innection between we in this world, and Jah which surround I and I,  Where is there room for "me" ?.  It is the very basic root of Higher self to shed the "me", hence I and I.

Bredren Fiyah, from Jamaica.  Bredren Moses from Tanzania,  Sistren Nya in Australia, and ras Nevoe from U.S.  I man am in the mountians of Vermont.  Are we all to serve the same purpose?., Have the same view of what it is to be a Rasta?.

Or are we to come and see that ones view of Rasta has another side to this Beauty.  Another front to touch pon?. 

As SistahNya put it, the step from "talk to walk".  We each have this Love and Vision within us, and for some it is in the battle of the physicalness of this World we live in.  Yet, for others it is the Very Physicalness we sight as the "me", and something that does not belong to I and I.  In some very real ways we are part of a Collective consciousness, so I man am left wondering ,as is Ras Nevoe, what is it that has happened in this thread?.  Surely it is not a smacking back and forth.  Rather, it is a vision of Rastafari and the depths that it touch us in diffrent ways.

This is a beautiful post.  Grand Keys of Rastafari.  go back to page one and begin again, and lets see if we can find our way back to the reality of oneness.  Thatit touch we all whom come here to share in the wonder of Jah Light.  Not so much in the mind of the physical, but within the Irit that drive us each day to touch pon that name that is the cornerstone of our each and every Day~~~Rastafari!.

Many Thanks to Ras Nicro for such an In~spiaring thread
With thoughts of oneness to all who come here and those whom know not yet of this Love.
Title: Re: Grand Keys of Rastafari by Baba
Post by: moses on September 04, 2007, 05:58:09 PM
Greetings ... :)

Greetings bredren, Moses

I enjoyed that last post. It put many things in perspective.

I'll admit I didn't truly meditate on it yet, so i'm not sure I agree with everything, but most of it, I agree.

I can remember as a child, when all the other kids were playing with their toys, or in the park, I was sitting at the top of a tree, watching and listening to the birds. As a youth I would relax and meditate in a cave. My family couldn't overstand what makes me do things like that. Some called me crazy, and some prayed for me. But I knew from childhood, I FELT that everything is connected, I didn't overstand how or why, but I FELT IT. I still don't fully overstand, which is why I enjoyed your last post.

If there is something more in-depth on that subject, can the I share?

Be Blessed

Yes Iyah !

There is something more... Take II for the Love of Bredrin Ras Nevoe:


The fourth technique:

This technique can be very helpful. When you are angry, you always justify your anger, but when someone else gets angry you always criticize. Your madness is natural, but others' madness is just "perversion." Whatsoever you do is good -- or even if it was not good, it was "necessary to do." You always find some rationalization for it.
The same is done by others, but then the same rationalization is not given. If you are angry, you say it was necessary to help the other. If you were not angry, the other would have been destroyed., he would have got a wrong habit, so it was good to give him punishment.

It was just for his "good". But when someone gets angry at you, the same rationalization is not applicable. Then he is "mad," he is "evil."

We have double standards -- one standard for one oneself and another standard for everyone else. This double-standard mind is going to be in deep misery always. This mind is not just, and unless your mind is just you cannot have a glimpse of the truth. Only a just mind can leave this double standard.

Jesus says, "Don't do to others what you would not like done to you." This means a similar standard is needed. This technique is based on the idea of a single standard: "OBJECTS AND DESIRES EXIST IN ME AS IN OTHERS...." You are not exceptional, although everyone thinks he is exceptional. If you think you are exceptional, know well this is how every ordinary mind thinks. To know that one is ordinary is the most extraordinary thing in this world.
Someone asked Suzuki about his teacher: "What was exceptional in your teacher, Suzuki?" Suzuki was a Zen master, so he said, "The only thing I will never forget is this, that I have never seen a man who thought himself so ordinary. He was just ordinary, and that is the most extraordinary thing, because every ordinary mind thinks he is exceptional, extraordinary."

But no one is extraordinary, and if you know this you become extraordinary. Everyone is just like everyone else. 

The same desires that hover around you hover around everyone else. But you call your sex love; others' love you call sex. Whatsoever you do, you protect it. You say it is good. That is why you are doing it, and the same thing done by others is "not the same." And this happens not only to persons; it happens to races, nations. This is why the whole world has become a mess, because of this.

If India goes on strengthening its army it is "for defense," and if China goes on strengthening its army it is "for attack." Every government in the world calls its military organization "defense." Then who attacks? If everyone is defending, who is the aggressor? If you move into history, you cannot find anyone who is an aggressor. Of course, the defeated ones prove to be aggressors. The defeated ones always prove to be aggressors because they cannot write history. The victorious ones write history.

If Hitler could have won, then the history would have been different. Then he would have been the savior of the world, not the aggressor. Then Churchill and Roosevelt and the other allies would have been the aggressors, and it would have been good if they were destroyed. But because Hitler couldn't win he was the aggressor, and Churchill and Roosevelt and Stalin and the other allies saved humanity. Not only with persons, but with everything we do -- as nations, as races -- the same logic moves.

We are something different and the other is different.

No one is different! A religious mind knows that everyone is the same, so if you give rationalizations for yourself, please give the same rationalizations to others also. If you criticize others, then apply that same criticism to yourself. Don't create two standards. One standard will transform your being totally because with one standard you become just and for the first time you can look straight into reality, as it is. "OBJECTS AND DESIRES EXIST IN ME AS IN OTHERS. SO ACCEPTING, LET THEM BE TRANSFORMED": ACCEPT THEM AND THEY WILL BE TRANSFORMED."
What are we doing? We accept that they exist in others. Whatsoever is wrong exists in others; whatsoever is right exists in you. Then how can you be transformed? You are already transformed. You think that you are already good and everyone else is bad; the world needs a transformation, not you. That is why there are always leaders, movements, prophets. They go on crying from the rooftops to change the world, to create a revolution, and we have been making revolutions and revolutions and nothing changes.

Man remains the same and the earth remains in the same misery. Only faces and labels change, but misery continues. It is not a question of how to change the world. The world is not wrong; you are wrong. The question is how to change yourself: "How to change myself?" is the religious quest.

"How to change everyone else?" is political. But the politician thinks he is okay; really, he is the model of how the whole world should be. He is the model, he is the ideal, and it is up to him to change the whole.

Whatsoever the religious man sees in everyone else he sees in himself also. If there is violence, he immediately wonders whether the violence exists in him or not. If there is greed, if he sees greed somewhere, his first reflection is over whether the same greed is in him or not. And the more he searches the more he finds that he is the source of all evil. Then it is not a question of how to change the world; it is a question of how to change oneself. And the change starts the moment you accept one standard. Then you are already changing. 

Don't condemn others. I don't mean condemn yourself -- no! Just don't condemn others. And if you are not condemning others, you will have a deep compassion for them, because the same problems are there. If someone commits a sin, a sin in the eyes of the society, you start condemning him, never thinking that you also have the seed to commit that sin within you. If someone commits a murder you condemn him, but have you not always been thinking to kill someone, to murder? Is not the potential seed there always? The man who has committed murder was not a murderer a moment before, but the seed was there. And the seed is with you also.

A moment later, who knows? You may be a murderer. So don't condemn him. Rather, accept. Then you will feel a deep compassion for him because whatsoever he has done any man is capable of doing; you are capable of doing it.
A non-condemning mind will have compassion; a non-condemning mind will have a deep acceptance. He knows that this is how humanity is and that "this is how I am." Then the whole world will become just a reflection of your own self. It will become a mirror. Then every face becomes a mirror for you; you look at yourself in every face.
"OBJECTS AND DESIRES EXIST IN ME AS IN OTHERS. SO ACCEPTING, LET THEM BE TRANSFORMED." Acceptance becomes transformation. This is difficult to understand because we always reject, and then too we cannot transform anything. You have greed, but you reject it. No one wants to think of himself as greedy. You are sexual, but you reject it. No one wants to feel oneself as sexual. You are angry, you have anger, but you reject it. You create a facade, and you try to justify it. You never feel that you are angry or that you are anger.

But rejection never transforms anything. It simply suppresses, and that which is suppressed becomes more powerful. It moves to your roots, to your unconscious deep down within you, and it begins functioning from there. And from that darkness of the unconscious it becomes more powerful.

You cannot accept it now because you are not even conscious of it. Acceptance brings everything up. There is no need to suppress.

You know you are greedy, you know you have anger, you know you are sexual, and you accept them as natural facts without any condemnation. There is no need to suppress them. They come to the surface of the mind, and from the surface of the mind they can be thrown very easily. From the deep center they cannot be thrown. And when they are on the surface you are always aware of them, but when they are in the unconscious you become unaware. And a disease of which you are aware can be cured; a disease of which you are unaware cannot be cured.

Bring everything up to the surface. Accept your humanity, your animality. Whatsoever is there, accept it without any condemnation. It is there, and be aware of it. Greed is there; don't try to make it non-greed. You cannot. And if you try to make it non-greed, you will simply suppress it. Your non-greed will simply be another form of greed and nothing else. Don't try to change it into the other; you cannot change it. If you want to try to change greed, what will you do? And a greedy mind can be attracted only towards the ideal of non-greed if some further greed is possible through it. 

If someone says that "If you leave all your riches you will be allowed in my Kingdom of God," then you can even renounce.

A further greed becomes possible. This is a bargain. Greed has not to become non-greed; greed is to be transcended. You cannot change it.

How can a violent mind become non-violent? If you force yourself to be non-violent, this will be a violence to yourself. You cannot change one into another, you can simply be aware and accepting. Accept greed as it is. By acceptance is not meant that there is no need to transform it. By acceptance is meant only that you accept the fact, the natural fact, as it is. Then move in life knowing well that greed is there. Do whatsoever you are doing, remembering well that greed is there. This awareness will transform you. It transforms because knowingly you cannot be greedy, knowingly you cannot be angry.

For anger, for greed, for violence, unawareness is a basic requirement, just as you cannot knowingly take poison, just as knowingly you cannot put your hand into a flame. Unknowingly you can put it. If you don't know what a flame is, what fire is, you can put your hand in it. But if you know that fire burns, you cannot put your hand in it.
The more your "knowingness" grows, the more greed becomes a fire and anger becomes poison. They simply become impossible. Without any suppression, they disappear. And when greed disappears without any ideal of non-greed, it has a beauty of its own. When violence disappears without making you non-violent, it has a beauty of its own.

Otherwise a non-violent man is deeply violent. That violence is there hidden, and you can have a glimpse of it from his non-violence also. He will force his non-violence upon himself and upon others in a very violent way. That violence has become subtle.

This sutra says that acceptance is transformation, because through acceptance awareness becomes possible.


         O S H O
         Commentaries On Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Vol I
         Chapter : 37:Techniques to witness the flux-like film of life
         26 February 1973 pm in Woodlands, Bombay


And this shade some light pon what the I have asked about what is going on... ego and bullshit (?!); hahaha !
Jah will help I in I see thru if the I longs to me more truthfully unto Iself rather than buying into bullshiting of the other hahaha! Trust none but the Most I, JAH Rasta-Far-EYE. LOL !

JAH Bless

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Post by: NyaInIJahLove on September 06, 2007, 08:15:26 AM
I read this ina yoga journal
thought it appropriate
The atittude of Atmbhava connects us with the whole of humanity, it is intense feeling for the needs of others....
"For the sages who have evolved with yoga, the goal of seeing one's true nature is only the first step. The discovery and experience of seeing of this same divinity in everyone may be seen as the climax of a yogic life, a realisation of the unity of all beings. As Swami Sivananda says, "have a large and loving heart with atmbhava. Then you will be happy and peaceful. Identify yourself with all. Feel that you are one with the whole universe"
the other thing I found helpful was the book Ecclesiastes...all about what is vanty and vexation of spirit...even being too spiritual can be vanity
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Post by: ke on September 06, 2007, 08:39:16 PM

James 4:10-11

10.Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

11. Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge.


InI love that quote.
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Post by: NyaInIJahLove on September 07, 2007, 12:40:50 AM
Give thanks Bred, is so nice to share and for dat to be appreciated!
although not the purpose or reason
still niceness
I have found all the I's sharing to be so helpful and insightful for I
The I is a pillar of RastafarI to I and I!
One Love and Thanks and Praise to the I, most obviously an instrument of the Most High!
The I's guidance continues to guide I daily
Blessed Love
Sistren Nya
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Post by: The Fruitarian One on December 27, 2007, 12:48:19 AM
Love it!!!

Peace an love

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Post by: Coyote on September 26, 2009, 05:34:20 AM
What an amazing thread.  Thanks for sharing!

Mike in Vancouver
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Post by: NyaInIJahLove on January 23, 2010, 03:22:18 AM
welcome home Bredren!!!
so niceness to feel yah appriclovetion and ave another wiseminded soul who feels and knows it
fe true only those who know it can feel it
"he with ears to hear"
Ubantu; relationship of kinship with ones environment
 isa roots ispective that is at the core of Iyah faith, trod, Discipleship
would the I's agree?
this irit is one I n I feel and know
and is coming from the root
Ifreeka is the Muddaland/Faddaland from whence yogic Isiousness Iriginate
check a book "African Origins of Yoga, Mysticism, Religion and Civilisation" by Muta Ashby is one suggestion for more details of His and Herstory from antiquity
I can leave a link to Mutas site if ones are interested
or someone else could go there and share
I have not read it yet but plan to purchase
Raspect to the MuddaFaddaLand and Her/His people isa MUST pon dis trod
no matter culture, complexion, gender, origin, yes?
Bless up and live up, Iscious style
Hempress nyah inda house with love for one and all
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Jah Bless
this thread has cleared UP so many questions in I&I mind
thanks to all
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Peace to i'n'i bredren and sistren, i've got sth i wished to in my whole life and now the day ar kom! BABA, U open my dark thought, poor mind, lost consious! But fi litl me gwaan fi rite n' greater light.  I will be here for long to keep myself religiously and spiritually strong.  Jah Guide ovah i'n'i.  Jah Rastafarae and Sellasie owa King.
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Post by: timbrownxy on March 29, 2011, 05:58:49 AM
Baba is also an African word that in most African cultures that means exactly what it says is, Father.  To see that Africa is beginning, I would say is actually an African word has spread / nailed to all cultures. 
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Post by: lm123 on September 23, 2011, 03:46:37 PM
How does what he saying have anything to do with the teachings of H.I.M?