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Greetings in the Name of the Most High
InI thought these would mek interesting reading if nothing more fi some I who wanna know.....
 The word Bobo Shanti is derived from Bobo, which stands for Black and Ashanti, which is the fierce African tribe from Kumasi, Ghana. It is believed that most of the slaves brought to Jamaica were from the Ashanti tribe and are the ancestors of many Jamaicans. The late Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards founded the Bobo Shanti order in Jamaica in the 1950's. The new he Bobo Shanti order leader is Trevor Stewart. The Bobo Shanti use Revelations 5 to justify Prince Emmanuel as the re-incarnate of the Christ. He is regarded as the reincarnate Black Christ in a priestly state. He is called by most members of the Bobo Shanti as Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards, without Mother or Father, a Priest of Melchezidek, the Black Christ in the Flesh. He, along with his descendants and Haile Selassie are seen as Gods. Marcus Garvey is regarded as a prophet. The Bobo Shanti believe in Black supremacy and that there should be repatriation of all black people to Africa. In addition the Bobo Shanti order also believe that black people should be reimbursed monetarily for slavery.

The members of the Bobo Shanti "house" are sometimes called Bobo Dreads. Members of this order dress very differently from all the other orders. They wear long robes and very tightly wrapped turbans. They also live separate from society and the other Rastafarian orders in their current base in the Nine Miles area of Bull Bay, Jamaica. They function similarly to the Accompong Maroons, even though it is not official, like an independent nation within Jamaica with their own constitution. They do not accept the values and lifestyle of the general Jamaican society. Their lifestyle closely emulates those of the Old Testament Jewish Mosaic Law, which includes the observation of the Sabbath from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday, hygiene laws for menstruating women and special greetings amongst themselves. No work is allowed during the Sabbath and the consumption of salt and oil is avoided.

The Bobo Shanti are a self-sufficient group that make and sell straw hats and brooms to support the community and grow their own produce. The members of this order do not smoke marijuana in public as it is only reserved for worship among members.

Nyahbinghi Order/Theocratic Priesthood and Livity Order of Nyabinghi
The Nyahbinghi order is the oldest of all Rastafarian orders. The name Nyahbinghi is derived from Queen Nyahbinghi who ruled Uganda in the 19th Century. She fought against the colonialists in Uganda.

All other orders came from this sect. Members of this sect focus mainly on Emperor Haile Selassie and they proclaim that he is the incarnation of the Supreme deity.

The Nyahbinghi order pushed for their repatriation to Ethiopia, from where they believe all black people came. Ethiopia plays a major role in this sect and is represented in all their symbols including their flag.

Their flag is a little different from others as the placement of the colors is different: Green (top), the vegetation of Ethiopia, Gold (middle), mineral wealth of Ethiopia and Red (bottom), the blood of Ethiopians.

Twelve Tribes
This sect was founded in 1968 by Dr. Vernon "Prophet Gad " Carrington and is the most liberal of all the other Rastafarian orders. The members of this sect are free to worship in a church of their choosing or within the privacy of their house.

Members of Twelve Tribes sect consider themselves the direct descendants of the 12 Sons of Jacob. The 12 Sons are divided into 12 Houses which are determined by your birth month. Each House also has a color.

Tribe  Month  Color 
Napthali  January  green 
Joseph  February  white 
Benjamin  March  black 
Reuben  April  silver 
Simeon  May  gold 
Levi  June  purple 
Judah  July  brown 
Issachar  August  yellow 
Zebulon  September  pink 
Dan  October  blue 
Gad  November  red 
Asher  December  grey 

Peace and Love
Posted on: 31-12-2007, 01:56:17
Munga Honourable during his performance at the Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest 2007 'Explosion' in Montego Bay.- Claudine Housen/Staff Photographer

As the start of the Ethiopian Millennium began in a shower of red, green and gold on Tuesday September 11, so too opens a new era of unity among the Rastafarian community.

As the global Rastafarian community joined with Ethiopia and Africa to celebrate the new millennium, so too did the 13 mansions of the Rastafari community join together to form the Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council (EADUMC). According to Ras Junior Manning, the council's chairman, "the council is an executive of over 13 mansions come together to deal with Rastafarian activities. One of the main objectives is the millennium and the function for that was held at the Mandela Park".

the 13 mansions of Rastafari

At the function the 13 mansions of Rastafari - Nyahbinghi Ancient Council, 12 Tribes of Israel, School of Vision, Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church, Haile Selassie Theocracy Government, Ethiopian Orthodox Organisation, David House, International Peacemakers, Camp David, Ethiopian World Federation and Leonard Howell Foundation - all came together.

According to Manning, the aim of the council is to speak with one voice, to take Rastafari in one direction, the objective being to sensitise and educate not just Rastas, but the world on issues important to them and to build a strong unity among the mansions. Among the major objectives are reparation and repatriation, formalisation of the Ancient Council and intellectual property and economic empowerment.

In terms of intellectual property and economic empowerment, over the years businessmen, anthropologists, musicians, videographers and others have dealt informally with various groups of Rastafari for cultural and financial gain, with no benefits accruing to the members of the faith as a collective.

Manning explains that "we know the situation where people use our colours, our words. When you look in the Jamaican advertising system you see the red, gold and green, some form of Rasta. You see it when they use it at Sumfest and Sunsplash. The Rastas might perform, but the Rastas aren't really the ones benefiting. You have words such as 'irie', 'iPod' phone; is Rasta business again. We start the 'I-ness'. We have not claimed what we create. We want to protect our image, when we look and see things like a gangsta Rasta, Rasta don't promote gangsta".

In order to do this, the the council has been in touch with the World Intellectual Property Organisation. According to www.wipo.int, "the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations. It is dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property (IP) system which rewards creativity, stimulates innovation and contributes to economic development while safeguarding the public interest. WIPO's vision is that IP

(intellectual property) is an important tool for the economic, social and cultural development of all countries. This shapes its mission to promote the effective use and protection of IP worldwide".

The EADUMC hopes to set a standard for Rastafari with the help of the WIPO that everyone worldwide would have to follow.

The Millennium Ceremony at Livity Restaurant, Haining Road, New Kingston, on September 11, was the first forum designed to sensitise the nation. According to Manning, entertainers such as Sizzla Kalonji, Tony Rebel and Ini Kamoze have been

instrumental, helping to give sponsorship to the cause. Manning claimed "Sizzla Kalonji must be commended as a true solider for the cause.

However, not all entertainers have met to their approval, including Munga Honourable, the self-proclaimed 'Gangsta Ras' who they believe gives a wrong impression of Rasta. Munga, however, told The Sunday Gleaner that there is nothing wrong in his image as the gangsta ras, for gangsta is not necessarily a bad thing.

He said "I think I'm miscalculated and misjudged because I do portray the hardcore. Rasta should not be limited in vocabulary or life in general. Mi nah tek on no limitation, we can use 100 words; at the end of the day its a choice.We have our point to get across. We (Rasta artistes) perform for audiences of different genres, different beliefs and there should be no limitation in topic or words".

Singer Tarrus Riley he can see the point behind the council's cause and he stated that Rasta, Africa and Jamaica should benefit from the intellectual property rights of Rastafarianism. "The money made off these tings should be given to di people who dem tings are indigenous to, who defend di faith, but for dat to happen it would have to be strict. All of us have to organise and centralise, physically, mentally and financially," he said.

As a singer, words are his medium to bring the message across to the people. And according to Manning, there are many entertainers who have supported the Council, but those that aren't should be doing more for Rastafari, as the Millennium Council's purpose is to protect the cultural sovereignty and intellectual property for Rastafarians locally and globally.

Just thought that this was important to share with All I's, To help with overstanding.
Peace and Love

Post by: Soldier of Jah on December 31, 2007, 11:46:45 AM
Give thanks Empress AliJah! Wise words from a wise wombman!
Bless up!
Post by: Empress AliJah on December 31, 2007, 01:53:51 PM
Greetings in the Name of the Most High Jah RasTafari
Blessed and Ivine Love, Give thanks I, InI still on I journey, still learning iveryday, and still hungry fi knowledge and overstanding, but thought  that  InI should share the foundations of RasTafari fi those just starting their journey and fi those who cant get inuff Rasta literature,
Holy Emmanuel I King Selassie I Jah RasTafari
Peace and Love
Post by: rootsridge on January 01, 2008, 11:41:00 AM
the nyahbinghi flag different?

i thought the flag was mainly green (top) red (bottom)

i thought bobo ashanti were the ones who had REd (to) green (bottom)?

share some light sister

be blessed
Post by: Empress AliJah on January 01, 2008, 07:09:56 PM
It is written that the horizontal tricolour (green over yellow over red), originally took the form of three pennants. After World War II the yellow stripe was charged with a crowned Lion, supporting a cross staff bearing a bearing a green, yellow, red pennon, known as the "Lion of Judah." It should be noted that the Lion is depicted walking away from the hoist.

Among the reasons given for the adoption of the colours are:

They represent the three parts of Ethiopia: Tigre (red), Amhara (yellow) and Shoa (green).
The colours are those of the rainbow a frequent phenomenom on Ethiopia.
They represent the three Christian virtues - Faith (red), Hope (green) and Charity (yellow).
When the Emperor returned after nearly five years exile in January 1941 He hoisted the green, yellow and red standard bearing the brown Lion of Judah with the Amharic inscription "Lion of Judah, King of Kings of Ethiopia." Above the Amharic inscription which means "Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah." Within the Grand Cordon is the Lion of Judah bearing the national colours. The Seal (in gold) is also placed in each of the four corners of the flag.
Taken from Jahug Vol. 2. Edition 2. Repatriations Productions 1992 (p. 62)

Posted on: 01-01-2008, 19:07:31
Greetings sorry InI is a little over tired and hit the post button before I had finished,
 the information is on the Nyahbinghi flag,
Post by: rootsridge on January 01, 2008, 07:12:38 PM
sorry which info is on the nyahbinghi flag?? the last post

i just thought that bob shanti where the only (or few) houses to have red at the top and green at the bottom,