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Title: Unity.
Post by: I ELIJAH I on January 04, 2008, 01:14:00 AM
This is just an observation. I see alot of arguing and opinions coming from all sides. But it seems like the moment just two Rasta's and especially three get together about anything all the trife opinions scatter. That's whats so powerfull about the divide and conquer tactic. Lots of people who are not Rasta or Not already Rasta come and put themselves in the middle of Rasta business sometimes under the guise of learning but then act too proud, insult their "teachers", And keep Rasta from building anything, Sometime saying things like No One can teach Rasta. Or No One can say what Rasta is, So that everything is in total chaos.  Alot of times people take things too personally too.
Posted on: January 03, 2008, 11:02:46 pm
Anyways I was just thinking that if Rasta stuck together then maybe the board would be more productive.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: The Fruitarian One on January 04, 2008, 01:53:56 AM
I know I said I was going but I had to speak on this and I'm going to speak from my heart and if it offends anyone then so be it...

As I see it "MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN" these words spring to mind when I think of this forum, it also seems that few  "elders" rastas actually use forums and to me this is a major reason why there is so much confusion here because there is no leadership and not enough "elders" to monitor the comings and goings here/on forums, now the thing is if I was to go to a rasta house out in the street with what I saw from here, I'd get corrected harshly, there's no doubt about that....there needs to be leadership and set guidelines here in order to mute these petty arguments and for people to learn what is right, as I've said before everybody here has one thing in common, a love for God/Jah, so any beef after that is just character assasination or hatred for certain individuals....this needs to stop because it's embarrassing to the board, it ain't just from one person it's from many people and to say y'all are rasta when so much bitterness is on display for the cyber world to see is just embarrassing and gives a wrong impression of the rasta movement.

And no this post isn't about placing blame on Elijah I because I actually agree with him in principle although I feel that his message has been lost in translation and he is now simply giving the people he opposes ammunition to attack him with and it's these attacks that are bringing this board down to gutter level....this board is the most popular rasta forum I've found so far...why?...because it's pure argument....and the sad part is that it's all about religion....not one argument is about nutrition or Ital livity, now does that mean that nobody is practising Ital livity?...who knows but that section is barely used.

There I said it, now it's off ma chess!

peace I'm out, honest!

Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: I ELIJAH I on January 04, 2008, 01:59:38 AM
It may be too late, The Rasta "nic" make have struck!!! :)
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Leon on January 04, 2008, 02:11:26 AM
Good with love!!!! please make it stay!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Soldier of Jah on January 04, 2008, 12:49:01 PM
This forum cant go down. We need to build it up again as it once was. Yes it will be difficult but its the thing we should do. Three months ago this forum wasnt like this at all. I love this forum, this is mainly why im on the internet, and many people feel they found a second home here at the forum... So lets try to keep that roof over our heads! Dont give up, Rasta nicks shall stand strong, and stand strong it shall! Blessed love & guidance ! RASTAFARI
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: MaoriLion on January 04, 2008, 01:49:30 PM
Well when did this place start going downhill anyway? Suddenly everybody is calling for Unity and wondering why were all arguing.. What was the catalyst?
Posted on: January 04, 2008, 01:44:17 pm
Well when did this place start going downhill anyway? Suddenly everybody is calling for Unity and wondering why were all arguing.. What was the catalyst?
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Soldier of Jah on January 04, 2008, 02:08:59 PM
We started to see what we didnt have in common, more then what we have in common. That way we started argue. Bless.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: MaoriLion on January 04, 2008, 02:12:16 PM
Sad that.. Personally I think that maybe some people on this forum think they're wiser than they are.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Soldier of Jah on January 04, 2008, 02:16:32 PM
Yes I, true. Many of us... And mainly because we have this strong fiyah burning for the beliefs we have.. And we want to share it with everyone. And when someone dont want to share that belief with us, then we say they are ignorant and no real Rasta. Alot of that happened here. Anyway, lets not think so much about how we got in this mess, but how we can get out if it! Bless
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: I ELIJAH I on January 04, 2008, 02:28:49 PM
Well Ive always had issues with the way this place is kept, So when It "started" to go downhill for me might be never, because Ive never really seen it go up a hill. There's alot of good vibes and people spreading kind words on the surface, but to me its all shallow talk, when the real Life and Death/spiritual/ time to make a STAND issues come up, people just want to avoid it. Thats not Rasta to me at all. Rasta to me is people who grab life my the throat. And dont back down, Rasta is people who say exactly whats on their mind without going around the bush. Rasta is people who not afriad to stand out in a crowd, or all alone if they have to. And Rasta is a people who diligently work for progress and leave no stone unturned, Not just mull over the same mundane blase talk over the interent upping dem karma points.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Soldier of Jah on January 04, 2008, 02:32:58 PM
True Elijah, that be true. This forum had alot of deepness and compassion before. Though i think we shouldnt be talking to much about why the forum is so bad.. Instead we could try to uplift it again and go up hill. Because this forum made me and many others go up hill, that way the forum does to. So we need to start climbing again, because we're not that lazy to just let it pass us downhill. Push it upwards to the top, i know we can do that. Bless.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: MaoriLion on January 04, 2008, 02:39:50 PM
Actually I think the I is right ELIJAH, it never really has been uphill. Although this forum has been nice for meeting other Ras and hearing their opinions, everything I've learned about RasTafarI and H.I.M teachings have been from sources outside the forum.. Guess I just never really thought about it before. It's been really good reading long bits of information and watching others reason but being somewhat, well, unintelligent with words lets say, i haven't really been able to get across what I want to say or really add to anything.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: I ELIJAH I on January 04, 2008, 02:46:36 PM
Maybe, but you repping the Maori, Nuff Maori Ras!!! Thanks cool too. I see no unity, Maybe His Majesty keeps us from having a center so we not vulnerable? Everytime I see people make Rasta into a organized ting there ends up being corruption. But still we could do a better job representing the King to the world online, if we would build off the foundation instead of brush things that make conversation uncomfortable under the rug which is was I sight
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: MaoriLion on January 04, 2008, 03:08:48 PM
Yes exactly, people here are brushing whatever makes them feel uncomfortable i.e not what they agree with, under the rug. Where not confronting any issues wisely just ignoring them or answering them with something like "Your an asshole Elijah". I wonder what the King would think of this foolishness..
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: ke on January 04, 2008, 08:23:20 PM
yes very true I have noticed a lot lately that there is a lot of arguing and  it really needs to stop..but the thing I think is the reason for it is no one likes to be wrong you know?so people will argue to proof things and no reasoning gets done, I know that has been said alot but that's how I feel. seen?
bless up people.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: I ELIJAH I on January 04, 2008, 08:38:34 PM
They don't have to like it.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: ke on January 04, 2008, 09:26:27 PM
true true brotha.
RASpect bro.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Oskar on January 08, 2008, 04:34:17 AM
I think this is THE topic.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Nepsis on January 08, 2008, 05:39:47 AM
from Psalm 80:
14 Return, we beseech thee, O God of hosts: look down from heaven, and behold, and visit this vine;
15 And the vineyard which thy right hand hath planted, and the branch that thou madest strong for thyself.

Ras Tafari is the proof.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: surfmon_I on January 08, 2008, 01:28:35 PM
Greetings in the name of Goodness and all that is Good withIn us
Unity. Oneness In Jah, withIn ourselves.
It is one thing to have peace within ones self, a sense of oneness with Jah.  It is another to grab life by the throat and stand to tell people what is and what is not.
To view the world as it has been recorded, with it's ever victorious writing the history, rather than where and how Jah , the Light of Lights, gives us the chance to live our lives.
Every day a Blessing, yet we find things to hold over others.

To listen to a Ras such as Mutabaruka, and have direct reasoning with seniors such as on this site, we see that even in the world of Rastafari we have different visions of what it is to be a rasta.  some look back to template our lives forward.  Others look forward and try to see what is means to live ones life in what has yet to be revealed.  To BeCome a New Race.

We cannot do this by looking back.  For, in looking back we see the ineffectual way we have come to this point.  Destroying ourselves and our world.

It seems it has become  a matter of personal growth.  Individual, and that is what makes I sad.  That among Rastafari, we seek to validate by looking backwards instead of treasuring this Light which has been granted, and hold it up to Bun others.

Nuff suff has happened recently within I life, but in the traveling from here and there, I looked to the dreads in the cities I traveled to. Looked in their eyes, and the lack of unity was seen even in a dread world.  I man love first, and then pass the ball to the other.  It is their choice if them wish to play.  No use in arguing, but if one is not able to open up to family, then the choice is to keep silent.  Something I have never been good at.  It is the Importance of these things which brings it ever on I mind, I only wish there was some way for the growth to occur without Grabbing the throat of life .  We must deal with what Jah provide, and perhaps by forcing this growth we are going against what Jah require.

On some level, I want to reach out to so many, but in these days of opinions and force, I and I give all guidance unto Jah, and Trust in the fact that Love will find a way. The Love of Jah, Rastafari.
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: moses on January 08, 2008, 06:03:01 PM
Blessed Light...

And this bedrin Surmon; reminds InI of these words:


Sympathy has been looked upon as a very valuable attribute. It means you become unhappy and show your sorrow on seeing some one else unhappy. It also means 'to experience', that is to experience along with another.

But the person who experiences unhappiness when the other is unhappy does never experience happiness when the other is happy. You show your feelings of sorrow and unhappiness if anybody's house catches fire, but you do not show happiness if some one else builds a big building. It is very important to understand this matter. What does this mean?

This means sympathy is a kind of deception. That sympathy is genuine when you experience unhappiness in the miseries of others and experience joy and happiness in the happiness of others. But we are able to experience or show unhappiness in another's unhappiness, though many a time we are unable to experience happiness in another's happiness. That is why, it will not be correct to say we are able to show sorrow when another is unhappy'. If we are able to be happy in the happiness of others, then and then only, would it be proper to show our sorrow in their unhappiness. On the contrary, we derive some pleasure in the unhappiness of others. We take some pleasure in another's difficulties. We become fully delighted in others' miseries. So when you go to show your sorrow in others' miseries, try to examine within you whether you derive some pleasure or not at that time.

In such a situation. one interesting thing is that you feel you are the person showing sympathy and the other is in a position to receive it. When that another person comes into the position of receiving sympathy he becomes a beggar and you become the donor effortlessly.

When That person comes into the state of receiving your sympathy, you come into a patronising position and he becomes an humble or low person. And if you check up within your heart, you will find the presence of a kind of pleasure in showing your sorrow for his condition. You are sure to get it. And if you don't get it, you will be the person who can be completely happy in another's happiness. We become jealous of another's happiness, we are resentful. So, the other aspect of this matter tells us that we are unable to be unhappy in another's unhappiness, but we have been naming it 'sympathy'. I have been talking of this Kind of feeling which is generally known as sympathy. So I thought it proper to select another word empathy.

'Sympathy' is a false thing, it is deception And if we understand fully that if the sympathy of someone is genuine, that is, he experiences unhappiness in another's unhappiness and experiences happiness in another's happiness, even then it remains as violence, it cannot be nonviolence because as long as there is another, it cannot fulfil the conditions of nonviolence. Nonviolence is an experience of non-duality. It is the experience that apart from the other there is also I. It will certainly be violence if your experience of feeling unhappy on seeing another unhappy is false. And even if the feeling be true, I remain I and the other remains the other.

The bridge between the two is not broken and there is no possibility of nonviolence. To know the other as the other is also violence. Why? Because I am living in ignorance as long as I consider the other as the other. In fact the other is not the other.

Empathy does not mean knowing that the other is becoming unhappy but it means I myself have become miserable. It is not knowing that the other has become happy, but it means I myself have become happy. It is not like this, that the moon is shining in the sky; but it is I too have been shining. It is not that the sun is rising but that I have risen. It is not that flowers have blossomed but it is I who have blossomed. Empathy means nonduality. Empathy means oneness. Nonviolence is oneness.

So, there are three states: one is false sympathy, which is violence, pure and simple; two, genuine sympathy which is a very subtle form of violence, and three, empathy which is nonviolence. It may be violence or a subtle form of violence; it may be genuine sympathy or false sympathy -- all these are happenings at the mental level. Empathy is a spiritual happening.

lt is never possible for us to be one on the mental level with someone else. My mind has a separate entity, your mind has a separate entity. My body has a distinct entity, your body has a distinct entity. It is not possible to have unity or oneness on a physical and mental level.

Unity or oneness is possible only on the spiritual level, because we are already on the spiritual level. Just as the water in a pitcher sunk in water is the same as the water outside the pitcher, there is only an earthen wall of the pitcher between them. If that wall is broken, the two waters would become one.

There is a wall of mind and body which prevents us from meeting the other, which stops us from becoming one with another. We all are like earthen pitchers in the ocean of consciousness. Pitcher will be distinct and separate but that which is in it is not separate. One who experiences nonviolence, knows the Self, knows also that even though pitchers may be separate, the thing within them is one and the same. That experiencing of 'one' is nonviolence. Therefore, it cannot be sympathy because the other is necessary in sympathy. The other is not eliminated from it.

Sympathy is that which is beyond the mind. It is not in the mind or below it, but it is above and beyond the mind. And this happening which takes place beyond the mind is spiritual. Me alone can call it spiritual who knows what is in an atom is also there in the Universe. He alone can call it spiritual who knows that a drop of water and an ocean are one. One who has known one drop perfectly well has got nothing more to know about the ocean. When a drop is known the whole ocean is known. He has known the ocean within all who has known the drop within himself.  

Then he does not die because there is nothing left. Then that ego, that 'I' has disappeared because no 'thou' is seen there. As long as there is 'thou', there is 'I'. The pair of 'thou and I' is always together. Martin Boehme's book I AND THOU IS a very valuable book. According to Martin Boehme's idea, all the relationships of life are the relationships of 'I and thou'. But there is yet another world which is beyond 'I and thou'. There is another world of real life which is not of relationships but is of life-energy, of God, where there are no I and thou.

Empathy is the highest peak of spirituality, and sympathy is our temporary worldly practice. This sympathy is generally 99 per cent false. We do not simply deceive others but deceive ourselves also. And even if it is one per cent genuine, 'I' and 'thou' still remain Pitchers do remain there. And perhaps we peep from one pitcher into another also. And even then we do not have any idea that there is that 'One' between the two pitchers, that 'one is flowing between the two'.

I call that element empathy where there remains 'One' only, where there is not other. You may call it nonduality, or Brahma, or God, you can call it what you like. You can call it existence also. Life attains its highest peaks, its peak experiences where there is 'One' only. When 'thou and I' have fallen off, one realises that relationship of 'thou and I' is surely violence.

Life is a continuous flow, it is an unbroken stream, it is one, but we are unable to experience that oneness, because we have bu;lt ramparts around us, we have built our own walls, we have surrounded us from all sides, we have created boundaries, in fact they are not there. They are made by us and they are temporary. These boundaries exist nowhere. If we ask a man of spiritual eminence he would say the same thing. The spiritual person would say so because he has experienced the expansion of the soul, and the scientist would say so because he tried to Find out all boundaries, but could not see them anywhere.

lf you ask a scientist 'where does your body end?' he would reply 'it is difficult to answer the question. Does it end at bones? No, it does not end in bones, because there is flesh on the bones. Does it end in flesh? It does not end there because there is the covering of skin on it. Does it end at the layer of the skin? It does not end there because the layer of atmosphere is necessary outside it. If that is not there, there would be no bones, and no flesh. Does it end at the atmosphere layer? No, the atmosphere layer ends at two hundred miles above the earth. And if this atmosphere layer does not get the sun s rays, it would be no more there. The sun is one hundred million miles away from the earth. So does my body end at the skin? One hundred million miles away? Even our sun would be cold if it does not continuously get rays of light from great sunS.  

Then the question is, where does my body end?

The scientist says, we have investigated all the so-called boundaries, but we did not find them. The spiritualist says, when we looked within, we saw the limitless. The scientist talks in negative language; he says, there are no boundaries. The spiritualist talks in positive language; he says it is limitless. Both the statements mean the same thing. Today, religion and science stand very near each other. All their pronouncements stand very near one another. The scientist cannot say where our body ends. This body ends there where the Universe might be over.

I call this experience Empathy, when the stars are not far off, but when they begin moving within me, when I am not far off from them and I begin to dance on their rays. And when the waves of the ocean are not far from me, they become my waves; and when I am not far from them, I become a part of them. And when the flowers of trees become my flowers, the dried leaves fallen on the ground become my leaves, then I am not aloof from all these things. There is no greater delusion than the feeling of aloofness. To have the feeling of separateness is the greatest illusion, but we go on entertaining it.
To entertain such a feeling is useful, as there would be difficulty if it is not entertained. I cannot call it my wealth which is yours. Taking away your clothes, I cannot convert them into my clothes.

Following worldly behaviour, your shop is not my shop, your building is not my building, though you would say 'everything is yours' when I am a guest in your house, but the statement is not to be taken seriously. So our purpose is served. But life is beyond such temporary arrangements. Such arrangements make certain indications and the worldly intercourse goes on. But one who considers such arrangements, such worldly intercourse as life, remains outside the great mysteries of life. Doors of the great palace of life do not open for him, there is no music of life-flute for him, the voice of God is not heard by him. In his pursuit of utility, he misses the life which is nondual, boundless and endless. One has to seek that nonduality beyond utility. It is to be investigated beyond my suggestions. It is to be sought after till it is achieved. Its achievement is called empathy by me. It is the nonviolence, it is the love, it is the nonduality, it is the liberation. "

Let InI reflect

Jah Love

Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on January 09, 2008, 02:02:18 AM
So True!
I and I give thanks to that God-Man Osho and this Jah-Man Moses for the elequent and refreshing words of truth.....
Oneness IS!!!!!!!
I life as an expression of RastaFarI is certainly not running smoothly at present with pubescent Youthmen and woman to raise and
 yet the truth will always set I free!!!!!!
Blessings and Love
Blessed Love
Sistah Nyah I
Title: Re: Unity.
Post by: Peace_Loving on January 09, 2008, 12:10:22 PM
Thank you for your wonderful words, Moses! They are truly words to reflect on and understand.

Jah Bless!