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Title: Reggae is dead!
Post by: FiyahBun on March 06, 2008, 02:23:29 PM
Blessed Love,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3Au7AzeLfU (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3Au7AzeLfU)

Iyahbinghi Livity

Haile Selassie I
Amen Ra
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: NegusNegustiality on March 07, 2008, 08:33:11 PM
Ises unto the Most Haile I,
Ini must say that is a heavy vibe.  Longtime Ini know say that Prince Emmanuel VII a bun out reggae because of the mixup vibes inna it but personally Ini also know that there are roots tunes that still bring forth the knowledge of JohnMarcus, Emperor Haile Selassie I & Emmanuel.  Ini tek from dis, the message of not dealing with the "streggae" more than the roots of Iration, which is without apology Fiyahbhingi!

Holy I
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: Ras Adam on March 08, 2008, 02:41:06 PM
Iman see that it is narrow-minded that all music but Nyahbinghi is "The Devil's Music." Iman think that all music can be good. And remember - Nyahbinghi was never made by JAH or the King. JAH never teach humandkind a special style of music, and the King never taught us either. The Ible tells us that music is good for praising The Almighty I, but it never tells us that we must only use drums. In the Ible, the jews use cymbals and flutes. And I don't know, I you know, but an old jewish style of music is Klezmer. That is also JAH music. All music praising JAH is music for JAH, that is logic. I think, the place where the devil is seen in reggae & dancehall is when it get into "punany" and gunlyrics. Fyah bun all slackness (as we can hear in some Sizzla tunes and so on)
Iman just think it's important to overstand that all reggae is not the Kings music, but I personally think some of the most righteous music is reggae. (roots, steppas, rockers, dancehall - so on)

It was an interesting clip, though. But only because it is a special look into some other peoples sights. It could be great to see these people reason with Capleton or Midnite. I think that many bobos can get caught up in a mind-confusion, because it is so extreme. (I'm not saying that bobos aren't righteous...)

Raspect unto all who search for righteousness, and Let God guide an lead them the right way.
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: Ras Adam on March 09, 2008, 12:19:36 AM
Sorry for the free speech on this forum, brother, but the bobo elders is not my elders. Iman nah believe in their Emmanuel and so on.
Please speak wise and choose your words carefully, Iman know what Nyahbinghi is, don't you think Iman know anything? Don't you think that Iman celebrate coronation day and all?...
Just because Iman have other sights than the I, Iman not wrong. (and the other way around.

Raspect & Oneness.
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on March 09, 2008, 06:07:33 AM
I woMan carrnt sight nah de-visiveness in RastaFarI
If yah sight HIM yah sight Christ, as we are one wid HIM We are one in Christ
so I woMan Raspect I RastaFarI elders wicheva Mansion dem pillars spring from
as an Artist Iyah long time feel de vibes of Righteousness in bhingi Nyah I!!!!!!
seen, I track (git off we bax man) I try bring da Nyahbhingi but caant quite get it in fullness....
when birthing i last child Tosh, all I would listen to is binghi -Ras Micheal and de Sons of Negus
so now, one, as a conscious artist must Ifirm and subjugate Iself to the Guidance of On High
move deeper into Iyah love and away from satanic clutches
still, I n I say feel to wrestle da Kings music from dem that nah raspect dat
His Is the Glory and the Righteousness and I and I remain a servant of the Most High
Jah RastaFArI
your Sis Nyah I Jahlove Conscious
Posted on: March 09, 2008, 06:02:29 am
see we build we riddims offa binghi and so hafe big dat up
 in yah conscious roots vibes
but I as a woman cant play bingi? is dat true?
coz I love fe sing up truth, rights and praises unto Most High/I
Love up mi Brudda
love sistah Nyah
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: NegusNegustiality on March 09, 2008, 02:05:03 PM
The whole point of the reasoning is to get ones to sight that "FyahBinghi" is from Iration, nothing before nothing after.  Anytime dem come with a next digital vibe it nuh carry the Ites of a Binghi which is simply the singers and players of instruments. 
  Ini have been to Jesus church services, Ethiopian Tewahdo services and various other gatherings.  Ini say before the Iniverse that Iman literally a trod out upon the clouds when Ini first go ah FyahBinghi and mi nah stop say dat!  It is the most powerful force Ini ever beheld, so Ini cyan dispute what the Idem inna the video a sight because Ini experience a varify it.  If ones really waan sight Rastafari livity, I say to rungo attend Binghi and embrace the fiyah.  FyahBinghi incinerate a weakheart.

Holy I
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on March 09, 2008, 08:42:15 PM
I seen it fe true when I ago see de Wailers, Maxi Priest, UB40...and a conscious Maori group This Version.....everyone drinking and ting (not the bands but the audience).....nota conscious vibe...too commercial in I sight...not disraspect to de Wailers and yet it is sad...I won't do that....won't play live anymore....no pubs, clubs and too loud systems...no bigging up babylon dollars and Babylon booze.....keep in iIrational for I! for the Spirit worth more than dollars and fame!!!!!!
...still hafe sing up Jah Kingdom tho!
so I do it quietly, at home, with I family...
Blessed Love
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: Ras Adam on March 09, 2008, 10:07:56 PM
Iman overstand where all the I's sights come from.
But Iman think that the righteous music should come forth, to those, who would never hear the message either way. I I-self at that time, a good time ago, I saw JAH through reggae music, then how could this possibly be the music of Satan? Now Iman live up as a jew, before, Iman was just another sinner.
Iman think it is a good thing that righteousness and JAH love reaches out in those places, the pubs, the clubs, the dancehalls. People listen to the music, if they like it.
And yes, Iman know the vibe of Nyahbinghi, and know that it is pure righteous power heartbeat, Yes I. As I said before, Iman celebrate Selassie I coronation day and so on. But this doesn't mean that other music can't express love for JAH, prayer, praise and JAH message. And today, yes, I could live without reggae, but I could not live without JAH. But reggae brought me there.

I see all of them in this forum quoting Bob Marley this and that. He was a REGGAE musician. He earned many MONEY, and his music is liked amongst the most heathen people in the world..

I am not dissing anyone, saying that I am wiser or better or anything. Just speak Iman Iditation.
ITES & Raspect for all.
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on March 09, 2008, 10:23:25 PM
Rastafari is Christ sistren!!!!!! Stop confusing that with myth! That is the devisiveness that yu  carrnt sight!
I could reason pon dis topic in depth wid cha bro, from Ispective.....have not the Idance for it this moment...seen....and yet I see tings very Real...not dealing with some story I heard no.....true Spirit ting I feel...
I somewhat upset bout the Elders throwing we conscious artist pon de fire lumped in with dem slackness crew, surely dem nah call Spear, n Nasio n Bunny and all dem Rasta band like Morgan Heritage and artist like Luciano, Satan vibe......I carrnt deal wid dat......
 I could never give  I power to the opposition....so I pray fe the Righteous Nyahbinghi vibe to carry us thru, if that is Jah Will....
we get drum circles here an all, but no-one plays binghi, only one man I know claim to play it, and he is all arrayed like Ras, but definitely not living it....he IS , or was when I last sight him, caught up ina satan vibe so I am at a loss......
maybe we still in dat and yet I as awoman, seem to have little influence and too much pressure pon I....
I can only pray an ask for guidance n support from Iyah source...
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: florida rasta on March 10, 2008, 03:41:49 AM
I must say that I fully disagree wit wat them be sayin in the video. Having lived in Ghana for 5 years, Iman saw many a Boboshanti, all who showed no repect towards other ras who didn't agree 100% with what they preached. In my oppinion, if you don't agree with reggea music, don't listen to it, but there be no need to be callin it the "devils music" or any a such thing. The I must always show respect towards others, even if the I have different beliefs.

Respect always.
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: Nepsis on March 13, 2008, 03:02:27 PM
I try to stay away from the press, but I have to say, this might be the first time I've seen Prince Charles smiling  ;D
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: natty threads on March 14, 2008, 08:45:14 PM
I don't know the Nyabinghi, so I have little to contribute.
Need faster i-net to get the vid.

I had a friend in college who was a drummer.

He explained to me that reggae is so effective and has such universal appeal because it is "heartbeat" music.
It makes our own rhythms more peaceful and attuned, and this allows the message to infiltrate our selves.

I understand what Nya is saying about not playing venues, and she is right- for her.

Let others who have different strength or different demands and goals do that fellowship/outreach.

I have been SAVED by reggae and by christian rock (especially DC Talk).

I agree that it is important to get the music out there, to reach the sinners as well as the saved sinners (;)).

Looking forward to getting to wi-fi. Now I have a few vids I need to check out.

God bless.
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on March 14, 2008, 11:19:02 PM
Iyah Give thanks Sistah,
for the encouragement
I shouldn't say neva tho, for I don't want to swear, but do I faddas will so....maybe go live again,most likely at halls and festivals and street gigs tho
I went to a reggae gig at the old hall that I first saw I kingman playing at and danced to some RastaFarI reggae last night...a little freaked out, still, having taken on board what the Elders told we...so I danced or clapped or added the Nyabinghi in there and then I felt irie...It fits perfectly into basically all reggae, well especially roots maybe not all dancehall..your friend it right Natty, the heartbeat gives reggae the irieness and I feel that is why the Elders want to accentuate that and bring Rasta in full alignment...it will be interesting to see how the reggae-rasta world takes this guidance...personally I want to have a strong binghi riddim moving throu all I tunes for future...some reggae artists do not cansider demselves Ras tho, they seem to like the lifestyle of herb smoking and living health tho, more than rock artists anyway, in I experience..see that is basically the only job I have had, other than parenthood, so nearly all I social scene is reggae artists and they are a well-meaning crew, all somewhat into equal rights&justice, spiritual living, peaceful and humble living folk and yet the commercialism aspect can taint tings, but that is life right? we all gotta eat and live somewhere and wear clothes so money has to come from somewhere.
The Herb thing is strong here and someone we know is always in court or jail, so it is a continual struggle to sing and play for our rights and create herb-friendly events with a minimum of alcohol n other hard stuff consumption.
The reggae scene kinda drives a whole underground roots movement of freedom and nature lovers, some are into Jah, some are kinda more pagan, but few are worshipping the money false idol. 
Maybe that is different from other places, as our scene is so small, being Australia, we have lots of space and relatively few people to inhabit it, and yet a reggae artist joked to I the other day that, in our area, we have more reggae artists than audience members...
still, I can't help thinking a binghi based event would be so much irie-er....more relaxed, more time to talk, chant and feel in tune and heart centred, without such loud systems to deal with, no money pressure without an expensive sound-system to pay for....
it is a dream, I am going to pursue....even if I have to break trodition and play bingh Iself (being a woman, I have heard that our gender shouldn't, yet it seems the lesser of two evils)
As InI love love love this conscious movement and know the power of Jah inspired music for positive social change, and we can't stop now!!!!!!!
we have a relative paradise here, so much natural beauty and so many sweet souls living in the hills, tings are so hopeful here, despite the persecution and hardship, the tree-covered hills n water-ways keep us joyful and in Jahs sanctuary.
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: natty threads on March 15, 2008, 03:44:45 AM

I just read that the reason "they" don't want people smoking the herb is that it keeps people from "compartmentalizing" and thus leaves them impervious to mind control.

I haven't researched or considered this. I just read the article once, but I managed to find that nugget somewhere on the page.
I'm still stuck on  "Hmmm. Never occurred to me that mind-control involves compartmentalizing."

But first I had to think about "What exactly is compartmentalizing?"

Off to study.

Bless up!
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on March 15, 2008, 11:28:09 AM
Gotta say, I thought that article had snippits of reality, but wreeked of christian/puritan ill-informed racist propaganda..too many ignorant presumptions and grandiose sweeping assertions for I and I to take to heart, but the ikle bit of Herbstory was interesting....
where the ref to immunization from mind-control? sounds interesting...
I know it cures cancer, heard say it cures diabetes,it cures infections,skin dis-orders,and gives ill people quality of life....the list of applications is truly endless, as a bald head said recently "show me something it doesn't cure" and I n I know, thats about right, yah won't find much that it doesn't alleviate.....
eating it in hash oil form is the best....
but this is all OT
Herb music is some of my favourite, when it comes to reggae....
what say yoo?
Posted on: March 15, 2008, 11:07:14 am
hash oil
now Iyah talking bout "Holy anointing oil"
fe true!
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: rootsridge on March 20, 2008, 12:11:47 PM
Iman like the Charles Picture,

even though bbc news said he played in a reggae band :P

im like hang on thats not a reggae band ... nyahbinghi

bakc to the topic, i cannot see any music which uplifts spiritaulity and brings a love to everyone a "devil" music nah man, yes nyahbinghi has rooots to the drum. And of course u will get a few that are not promoting spirit and conciousness. But most, especcially in reggae are promting positivity

be blessed

Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: wiss.vibes on April 06, 2008, 05:51:55 AM
Ini think that reggae is not dead. . . . Its di music of di most high man. . I man believe reggae brings is a weapon of mass instuction.  To hell wit di man who a se reggae music is dead. . . . Let all rastas arise n seh JAH LIVE. . . ONE LUV 4 Y'ALL BREDDAS N SISTAS inna di house. .
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: yellow on April 07, 2008, 08:01:23 PM
yes I. Reggae will never die, as long as we keep it alive.  :)
Title: Re: Reggae is dead!
Post by: mirat on May 17, 2008, 01:35:25 AM
Idren I feel U all!

I man is nevah overstand bout dis,i think its the one thing thats bring our nature more colorfull
some people making reggae music as there Inspiration in there life,Other people didnt appreciate it but
dey didnt say its dead cuz there are some reggae music that they like,
some say its devil music,Iman saying to dem "and why u listen to it?u just listening by not knowing wat it is for!"
Reggae is connected to a Ras people cuz this music is there way to bring change,bring love and also to share some
thoughts to di pipol listen to it.

but i think some fanatical today say reggae is bad cuz now we can here some band that brings bad influence to it,those band who love just to smoke** we must aware about it now...

Oneness family!