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Title: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: sistahvee on May 02, 2008, 03:30:25 PM
Bless Up Family

Greetings to all the Idren, Queens, Prince's and Princesses

Today is the first day that InI have gotten access to the computer since InI arrived here in T&T.  Somethings in life we definately know.  Somethings we think we know.  Somethings we still need to know.  One of the principle tenets of Rastafari instructs us to ..."feed the hungry, care for the aged and young, clothe the naked...."   For more than 20 years as Fari, InI assumed InI knew beyond doubt what those instructions really meant.  Then through circumstances and some choice, Jah Jah enlightened InI to those directions again, and InI finally OVERSTOOD that the I that starts InI and the I that ends InI are of absolute and equal value and that to Profess InI and NOT Raspect the value of both I's is as unlearned and un-comprehending as the 'Ras" that is NOT certain of Jesus Christ nor His Identity or whether or Not H.I.M. was certain of the words He spoke in His speeches.

Why is this NOW of Importance to InI?  Well, as many of the I's are aware, InI have been in a political tug of war in completing InI's mission in Trinidad and Tobago.  Matters got so Grave in fact that InI's forum, inthehousewithsistahvee, has been temporarily shut down in order to prevent loss of life and limb.  When push came to shove InI remained the 'last man' standing in the battlefield.  It basically came down to damn if one do and damn if one don't. 

It truly is so easy to give up and/or give in when the rest of the soldiers on your team turn and run.  Whether this is desertion or intentional, it still leaves one alone.

InI have made the decision to 'fight and run away to live to fight another day.."  InI Ilieve that right now in this point in time, it will take a heck of a lot more than Martin Luther King's 'Dreams'  to get humankind out of the mess and chaos we've created for our children's inheritance.  With InI's current daily experiences in trying to paralyze the horrendous amount of child sex slavery and abuse in Trinidad and Tobago, it is InI's Ilief that these Dreams MUST be transulated into ACTION and this ACTION MUST have the intention of CHANGE with as MUCH FORCE AND BATTLE, Iritually as well as Physically for any Vision of CHANGE to be Manifested into Reality.   

Most Importantly, at this point in Istory, any man or wombman choosing to profess the title Rastafari MUST be willing to DO, practice what Rastafari teaches, even at the cost of their own lives, muchless their finances.  This lesson InI can Repeat as it is one learned through Trial and Error and first hand experience.

InI will NOT Lie and Report to the I's that all is well as it certainly is NOT.  However InI can shout that all is well with InI's soul and InI have never been more strong Iritually.  Sorry InI have no access to internet currently so InI am unable to give the I's regular updates.  However, here's Trinidad in a nutshell.  Everyday there are at least 2 violent deaths of youth 14-25.  Guns are in the youth hands the way Nike was on their feet a few years back.  Crime is the new fashion and everyone seems to want to wear it.  To survive a gun shot wound is to be an instant HERO.  Fathers are killing wives and children regularly now.  The PNM Gov't has now fully become a ditictorship.  All who goes againt them, including InI, are being Forceably silenced.  People are showing up DEAD after speaking out and making complaints.  Child sex slavery and abuse is the special of the day for any who wishes to buy.  Authority figures are turning a blind eye as even some of them fear the reality of speaking out.

With that said, people are just about starving with the cost of food.  The cost of completing this mission has fallen on InI's shoulders and it is no way near cheap.  Yet, look how many of us 'RASTAS" still find it easier to buy daily lunches, junk foods, movie tickets and herb, and yet find it TOO HARD of a commitment to STAND UP, Stand for something, give a little and FORCE CHANGE to BECOMING REALITY. 

So, how far are we as Rastafari expected to go to 'feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care for the children and elderly?  Until JahJah says ENOUGH...  If we are NOT prepared to DO just that, then Rastafari is indeed a hairstyle and a DREAM that will NEVER see fruitation in one's Valueless Existence  one calls a LIFE.

Nuff Love

Sistah Vee
Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: surfmon_I on May 02, 2008, 08:26:58 PM
BlessedLove Sistah Vee, and Wellcome back to us.
  Much Raspect for All the I has tried, and HAS accomplished in this fight for Righteousness in the name of the Children.
Dreams are not just dreams, they are the seeds of One possible Reality.  Where many more than just a One can Overcome the difficulties that surround  I and I.  One must never think it is only up to them, for we can only do so much.  Jah must fullfill HIM plan, and as much struggle as we feel and see, it is not un seen by HIM.
  It is True that we can see the lack of movement, for in todays world there is much to view and things move much faster.  As a world, we must try to reach out in each our own way to the ones we come in contact with and reach the inner mind of where they see us as a planet and a people going.  If we touch on the Idea we are one, and Yes we can, there is a natural lag in time for this seed to grow.
  If the time has come to cut and run, because to Itinue the fight, one must live smart, so be it.  The seeds are planted, and the work done for now, we may not force the change we so desperately want for Jah Children, the growth and security of Loveful Oneness.  Do Not give up Sistren, Let us each check ourselves to see how we have added to this community Garden as Jah Children and worked together for the change to come.
  Reflections of one in another,
Power to the People.
Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: sistahvee on May 03, 2008, 12:05:14 AM
Blessed Love Bredren Surfmon

Iyah it is always such a delight to share in a Reasoning session with the Iyah.  Yes Iyah...Dreams are indeed the seeds of a possible Reality.  Still, so many of us forget that it takes thoughts/Dreams to be spoken aloud firstly, and eventually Action for that Reality to indeed become a Reality. 

In the case of CHANGE, it is InI's opinion that ACTION and FORCE are main ingredients that make DREAMS develop into Reality.  When it comes to the suffering of Humanity, until we STOP simply Dreaming and start Reasoning, Talking and Creating Action, NO CHANGE IS EVEN POSSIBLE.  Not only are things moving much faster, but children are dying by the thousands daily, Crime and Violence are on the rise and Rastafari are still wondering about 'brown and blue eyes'...   At some time we MUST stop trying and just get around to DOING and stop,  stop the damned talking and arguing.

Though situations may force InI to stop fighting that is but for a timing.  InI Itinue to participate physically in the fight, though InI have to take corners and turn some bends.  Quitting is still NOT an option for InI.  It is more than just Doing the Right Thing...  It is as Jah have decreed it.  The I is correct that we NEED, NEED, NEED to start coming together to create the Realities out of what appears are simple Dreams.  InI look forward to Itinuing this discussion with the Iyah.

Nuff Love and Raspect

Sistah Vee
Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: surfmon_I on May 03, 2008, 01:35:22 AM
Dear Sistren,  Let us now watch to see how many look upon this thing and pass on by.  Posting their thoughts on what Rastafari is about.  There is another world set apart from this world of webs and nets.  It IS a reality that is too much to bear, for the thought of ACTING is far too exposed a place for the Ones who pass in Cloaked persona.
  Many come to set up camp, and taste the fruit of power.  Some are drunk of themselves, yet there are those SEEDS, and the actions which are taken to the next step by Jah.  It is I mans Longing for the Rasta community here at nicks to show they are able to come together and collectively act as One.
  We shall see who are the Ones to take this task to heart.  It is plain to see the I has suffered great tribulation, and are in need of the soothing balm of Family, Loved ones to Get up and Stand up for to render a strength . 
  What is it that can be done to sooth this Need?, for I man wonder if The Brethren and Sistren here are up to this task.
As with ALL things, I man pose this to Iself as well as others .
We Shall See.
Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: sistahvee on May 03, 2008, 03:33:30 PM
Bless Up Bredren Surfmon

Yes Iyah...  We shall indeed see won't we...

Many indeed will pass on by.  However that is their Choice as it is our Choices that bring us either closer to or further away from Jah RasTaFari.  Certainly for MOST that pass on through a forum such as the one our Beloved Rasta Nick has provided here, a lot are simply TESTING whether Rasta is truly for them.  They are testing the Re-Action they receive, testing whether they are truly willing to abide by the UNIQUE LOVE AND OVER-STANDING that ONLY a true RasTafari can attain, and testing the Rasponse they receive in smoking the Herb. 

The 'Fruit of Power' the I has pointed out is indeed a poison to MANY.  Indeed that Power they so seek belongs to none other than Jah RasTaFari and those HE decides to Bless with its ESSENCE.  Bredren, there are enough seeds scattered around, left unattended, without water, that regardless of whom decides to claim the title Ras, some of the seeds already planted WILL Germinate and eventually Bring forth the Fruit of Advancement and Change. 

We speak of UNITY and ONE LOVE, but InI have met some of the 'Rastas' who are quick to defend their title and Rights as they assume they have automatically earned by saying InI am Rasta and InI wear Dreadlocks.  However, we both know that there are Rastas who wear Locks as an outward sign of their committment to JahJah and then there are those that crave the ATTENTION they get when they wear the ice, gold and green with Locks.

The 'soothing balm' the I has so quickly seen the need of is as simple or as complicated as we Rastas 'collectively' decide to make it.  InI and the Victims InI will Itinue to fight for is in DESPERATE need of PRAYERS and Fasting.  More than finances, more than physical assistance, InI am Requesting that those of us that truly serve Jah and Jah's own, make a few moments a few times a week for a short span of timing and PRAY for JahJah's STRENGTH, PATIENCE, WISDOM and Intervention for InI personally, the children that is depending on InI and ALL the other soldiers that have committed themselves to ACTIVELY participate in Jah's work. 

Indeed Many will skim pass these words and pretend that this matters not to them personally, however, if only a few dedicated RastaFari takes a few minutes a week and PRAY for the above noted, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for any type of failure in this mission as well as the many other works Rastas worldwide are currently involved in.

Both of us Idren will see just how Many here is willing to get up and get real.  As for InI's personal sufferation in completing this Mission....  InI suffer and have suffered only that which is to be expected when fighting for this type of CHANGE as mere Mortal as Humankind has developed Many weaknesses over time.  In fact, InI am Totally and Absolutely Blessed to have been chosen by JahJah to lay the groundwork for such an Important task.  InI feel Honoured to be so Trusted and Loved by Jah Rastafari.

Nuff Love Bredren

Sistah Vee
Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: jah_2_love on May 03, 2008, 03:48:11 PM
Greetings Blessed Sistah Vee

It is only by chance that I felt directed to check out the forum as it is quite difficult for me to see and hear the same fights and useless arguements over and again.  Sice the I left in December to Itinue the I's work I have dilegently kept the I in PRAYERS every Sat morn at 7am.  The I has been a tremendous Inspiration for me and it is through the I's Wisdom and Teachings that I made the decision to Itinue my schooling which I will be completing shortly and I plan to dedicate myself to DOing my part as Rasta as the I have cautioned time and again. 

Sistren, is there any way that I can send the I monthly funds in order to asist in this particular mission.  I have most of the information printed up as I visited the I's forum regularly for updates and I am now in a position to do something finally.  I Ilieve that this is Jah's wish for me at this time.  Sistren I apologize for those Wombmen/Sistren who made committments to support the I and have disappeared.  I know that this deed will be repaid by Jah whether negative or positive.  Please count me in and let us know, those of us that is truly wanting to DO our part, just HOW we can get funds, clothing for the children and other items such as books and the likes to the I ASAP.

Jah's Itinued Blessings and Itection Blessed Sistren

Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: surfmon_I on May 04, 2008, 10:49:13 AM
As I wait for the appointed time for our chat room meeting to personally share thoughts IN REAL TIME, I am thinking of what the I has asked; "InI am Requesting that those of us that truly serve Jah and Jah's own, make a few moments a few times a week for a short span of timing and PRAY ".  As I think of how very much this reminds I of the thread started last year, 'Rasta OneLove Chant" , there was not a large rasponse, yet the ones who chose to join are remembered.  It was a 12 minute Iditation on a subject like water that bridges us.  Thoughts of traversing these waters to let our Iritual selves mingle was set at a time very much like this, 6:00 a.m, trans~figured across time zones so that we are each in the chat room at the same time.
  IandI knows that we each have our own lives, for whatever time we have.  To make this a positive world, Rastaneed to step up, and up, and UP.  We come here for diffrent reasons, at different time in our trod, but IandI knows that there is Love in the heart of hearts of each.  It is just the way we are made.  One may say at this point , that we are surrounded by the very worst we may be and it is sure the I has seen this first hand.  One need no look too far into our each own lives, and the speedy information that we are seek, to be informed of some Gross injustice and This is the place to take this Seed of Hope, This Power of Love, and inject it straight into our routines.  To find a moment of Reflection, and cast the inner light out of ourselves and together this light might show Jah that we are Uniting.  Uniting in a way only Shaman do traveling on a different typ of plane, in a different type of dimension.  The way ones with a Iyah vision that want to overPower this weakness of Soul.
  Praying and Fasting;  I man do not Pray much.  It is more of a co~mmunion , trying to elevate the soul while calming the mind.  I never felt I wanted to "ask the Lord to grant..."  always seeking to do what is expected of the Most I.  Not that it is a bad thing, just something I felt we ALL know, but live our lives selfishly, secretly, locked away in the privacy of our own mind and moving through the world as if only the self matters.  IandI Knows that it is not the self that matters.  On this Note, Fasting is something that is not thought of usually, but I know it is good to go without sometimes.  It causes recognition for what we do have and i actually good for a body.  We are guided to do what we do and many things come before us, but it is OUR CHOICES that we are ultimately Judged on by Jah.

  I shall have not only the I at the forefront of thoughts of Peace and resolution, but all the Brethren and Sistren on Tues, and Thurs in the evening Yoga Class I practice in.  It will be the time, as it usually is, that I reach DEEP withIn Iself and open the Inner pathways.  It is a time of Pain and pleasure, for no muscle grows without tearing it just a little bit.  In final Shivasinah (sp?) the Iditation is not of the self, but of all the pathways and peace that has been touched upon.  Here is where IandI come Together on the plane between Heaven and Hell.  It is a plane , I feel, Rasta travel easy if only we look at our ticket and Know the ride is FREE.

Jah Bless ~~~

Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: Brudda B on May 07, 2008, 07:53:43 PM
Dear Sistah Vee,

The I is truly a pillar of strength,your determination,drive and enthusiasm are characteristics that many wished they possessed,Iself included. IandI salute you Sistah for your inspiration and 'can do attitude',what can be done by us? Is there a system where formal letters can be written to people in positions of power e.g the amnesty international letter writing scheme,something that we as a community here can participate in to bring international awareness to this terrible situation you are fighting?

Bless you Sistah,
stay strong,

Title: Re: WHEN A DREAM IS JUST A DREAM: A Reality Check
Post by: rootsridge on May 08, 2008, 08:05:29 PM
Ah the mighty pillar of that of sitah vee :D

gives I a tremendous warmth in i heart, to read the text of one of the most extraordinary people i have ever met..

I as a youth man, have set my foot on the ground of the beautiful island of Tobago quiet often,, however i havent set foot in Trini since i was a very very young boy.

May i ask, is the child abuse and situation with FOLItrics in Trinidad much more severe than that in Tobago?

My absolute love and respect are with u

Idren Rootsridge