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Title: InI Rastafari
Post by: surfmon_I on November 21, 2008, 11:21:23 AM
 Greetings of Love and Oneness In the name of Rastafari
 His Imperial Majesty King Haile Selassie I, JAH Light.

   All things being what they are, time comes and goes.  Fluid in movement over duration, we mark our time with growth in I~sciousness and relationship with the Light that is Jah withIn each of us.

   I have not been one to espouse what Rastafari around the world think.  I and I look to the teachings of His Majesty.
Many differing views exsist, and ones site HIM for what we may assume is a singular reason.  I have been asked how I came to site Rastafari, and thought we may all choose to share how this Light has reflected in each of us that come here, and take it into our worlds as we travel from moment to moment throughout our each own days.

  I would site first the message sung to us by the Greatest proponent (in I life cycle); Bob Marley.  Many, many years ago,his music seeped into the main stream radio,  a few songs which were greatly "enhanced" in the studio introduced us to the message.  It had always been there, just not put the way Bob put it, but it opened the gates once again to a Iritual connectedness to JAH. 
  I was raised with post WWII, depression era type Christian mentality.  The disconnect between what we were taught and the manner in which the youth around I rebelled showed that the message was corrupt.  Within the family system, the values that we were taught and the method of expressing them and taking them along with us seemed two different things.  I remember the seriousness of Confirmation.  I remember the basket being passed around.  The years rolled on.  We stopped going to church.  Still Bob Marley kept the message comming, ever present as I would sing the tunes over the years and it was a type of study, the word in the words.
  Time came and I man moved away to live life apart from where I was grown.  We take what we are given and do what we can.  All thru the goodness of the Most I, we carry this light with us.  A time comes when we solidify what we have been shown.  We must put our minds and hearts to a view that places things that have happened, so we look back in our lives and the lives of others to answer questions that linger. 
  I came to see that human kind has always sought to quantify GOD.  Elevate themselves, not the light that ALL share.  One cannot site the King without the cross, for His Majesty Is a Christian.  This light of Salvation is offered all people, it was voiced back when Italy was on the door step back in the late 30's seeking to invade Ethiopia. 
  What His Majesty represent, for I as a man, is the voice of Light.  Seeking out to establish recognition of human rights for the people of Africa.  The method of oration and the message is always tied to an elevated elegance, yet overstandable to ALL people.  In every generation there are messengers sent, Haile Selassie I came to us to show us where we are headed and the Power of the Light we hold within ourselves to rise up and become a New Race of people.  It remains our greatest challange face with where we have brought ourselves.  It is Not a time to seperate or disengage.  Rather to rally round the flag of the Most I. Live by example spreading the word of truth and holding ourselves to a higher I.
  I have had the Pleasure to be here for the time allowed and have the utmost raspect for all the differing views, yet as we can see a place for light to shine, we must allow it to shine and not obscure its passage.  It may be seen in many corners of the world, where all we need to do is to see what is plain and on the faces of ALL people.  Whatever way we want to look at this light, whatever point we stand round this circle, we are ALL looking at the same Beautiful Light.
  All Thanks and Praise to JAH!
Title: Re: InI Rastafari
Post by: natty threads on November 21, 2008, 05:43:46 PM
Sing praise and thanks to the Holy Redeemer.

And thank you YHWH for Bob Marley.

The Word in the word indeed.

Many fears have been soothed by His Word in his words and music.

Comfort, compassion, and shelter from the storm, that is why I am here.
May I learn to give the best of what I get.

Bless up.

Title: Re: InI Rastafari
Post by: paco on November 22, 2008, 02:25:44 AM

  thank u surfmon_I. when u say the light what u mean? is light same as love? also is it like a coversion u went thru 2 rastafari like some christians do? a vision, realization? "One cannot site the King without the cross, for His Majesty Is a Christian", i still confused by this kind of statement. would u and other brothers and sisters go into it a little more? c'mon all here new and old, newbee's and those who have never posted befo, what u say? thank u all for having patience with me.

                 blessings all/ways
Title: Re: InI Rastafari
Post by: surfmon_I on November 25, 2008, 07:01:30 AM
Dear Bredren and Sistren,
  Sometimes words do not get the message across, other times they may serve to paint a picture.  In this case, I would like to fuether go into what I have already said to answer paco's questions and further this Iver Ivolving image that grows. 
  This Light is not only love but encompasses love withIn it.
  There is a Multi~cultural common shamanistic view of the world experienced in outer body travel called Word Tree.  In this vision there are what amount to two "trees" that face one another, rootball to root ball.  The space in the middle is God.  It is pure light.  This light is the light that we each have a little bit of inside of us.  It is the part of us that is part of the "One".  It does not take on the physical cahracteristic of what we are here, rather is a means to experience this gift we have been given in this physical form, in this time.  There have been some Individuals that have come about whom have a bit more of this light and have broken from tradition, showing us there are other ways of acting,living,treating eachother.  They have changed the way we see and live in our world.  This light IS vital to ALL living creatures and withIn it we bask in the Glory that is JAH.  At most, we have ths chance~but many do not see it this way.
  There has been, dear Bredren, no con~version.  It is much like waking up and seeing that there are less people around.  A clearing of Con~fusion, for in the end we stand alone for what we have practiced while we had the chance to play.  Now the encounters with many are pleasent, for they can not take this freedom away.  It is Soul freedom, Irit freedom~ warmth in this light of lights.  It has brightened all things thru these eyes.
  The light is also in the message that is "Christ".
  His Majesty being a Christian means that the message of Jesus and the price of sacrifice, is a image that the whole world and its religions/faiths must see.  In each Faith, for religion is a sort of slavery, We may recognise similar values and codes to live by.  It befalls leaders arrogant in pride to minimalise other faiths, marginalize its people and destroy while elevating another.  In the end, I see this as a false pride which has serious consequences.  We must live by the examples of the best we can be, and that is NOT only for the "self".
  It was a cold weekend, filled with cutting and chopping wood for the winter.  Snow blowing about, it is a pleasure to come inside and feel the fiyah.
Posted on: November 24, 2008, 12:37:20 PM
sorry for the typo, it is " World Tree" not word tree.
Title: Re: InI Rastafari
Post by: paco on November 26, 2008, 04:53:53 AM

    thank u sm_I. i'm having trouble with this word light. is light another word 4 understanding? i tend to see light as conshussness, that close? and we each carry this light within us, a feww with a little more than others, where does this light within us us reside? i was raised a southern baptist and visited some other evangelical type churches. i like to say i'm recovering from uropean style christianity.
Title: Re: InI Rastafari
Post by: NyaInIJahLove on November 26, 2008, 09:57:11 AM
Bredren Paco
everthing is LIGHT
the sun and the experiences one has in altered consciousness show us this
everything is energy, which is also light
when the third I/eye "sees the light"..that is the point Vedic Yogic consciousness calls enLIGHTenment
ones "full of light' show it with love, peace, faith and a certain light emanates from their eyes and their 'aura'
they can be found in any faith and culture or religion
it is the light that contains and is everything
it is the nargual, the Essence, the Source, the Power Centre that all life plugs into
this is I experience
Blessed Love
Title: Re: InI Rastafari
Post by: paco on November 26, 2008, 11:35:51 AM

  greetings sis, this seems to work forme-- "everything is energy, which is also light". thank u sis. i wish others would add their input. sure would be nice also if fiyah, negus, prophet 7 and forme tree were here adding they wisdom. again thank u sister nya and sm.
Title: Re: InI Rastafari
Post by: surfmon_I on December 14, 2008, 03:21:51 PM
Yes I !, Give Thanks Sistren for JAH Light!.
  There are so many facets and aspects of Rastafari that it is difficult to encompasss.  It is like trying to look at the World while still resting upon it.  Only when we remove ourselves do we get a deeper image of fullness.  Two steps forward, one step back.