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Title: new sistren
Post by: mia on November 26, 2008, 06:45:49 AM
 ;) hi, this is my first visit to the site, i have only recently left my old church to follow the path of RasTafarI.  i am a white english woman, recently (due to a rare illness porthyria that my mum has) (also study of family tree)we have found out that our ansestory includes african blood, this i found out after following teachings of HIM.  i am learning all the time and love the rasta way of life and principles.
i would love one day to trace my ancestory back further as i wish to know where in africa our bloodline originates and if i have any distant family.
i was also at first sceptical about pronoucing my faith as i am a woman, and white(well tanned) but after reading the teachings of sellasie I i realise that rasta sees no boundries of race only intention of spirit, my skin colour is no more significant than the colour of my eyes, a wonderful speech and bob spread that message with his great talent and wisdom.
so just to say hello and Irie to all, any advice on cooking or good rasta clothes stores in se england greatly welcomed.

JAH bless
mia xxx
Title: Re: new sistren
Post by: John on November 29, 2008, 10:58:58 PM
welcome mia and i wish your mum all the best
Title: Re: new sistren
Post by: Ras Troy on December 24, 2008, 07:33:09 AM
Greeting sistren,

I n I give thanks unto the most high and welcome. Sorry to her about your mother but Jah knows everything. It is like I say " what Jah has blessed, let no man curse". I n I have also only risen 3 months ago and seeking knowledge. It is always a great feeling for I to sit amongst I n I bredrens and sistrens and listen to their knowledge. Before I was always doing wrong things and did not care about others but Jah came to I in a dream one night and showed me my future. In the dream I saw myself having long dreadlocks, helping others and doing the good works of Jah. Since I n I have risen I n I have seen huge changes in I life. I n I no longer even think about the wrong.

I n I would like to reason and get more knowledge about H.I.M.

blessed, one love...