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Title: I as a Man am back
Post by: herbsman on July 03, 2009, 03:24:07 PM

been off for a while

how are all I frends doin ???

I nI   hopin too shout back real soon with da SCRIPTURES

remeber alll  .....  "  the wise not discerneth time and JUDGEMENT "

Title: Re: I as a Man am back
Post by: BabylonBun on July 03, 2009, 03:32:21 PM
yes I welcome back stay positive and true jah bless
Title: Re: I as a Man am back
Post by: surfmon_I on July 04, 2009, 01:00:39 AM
Hail Up Bredren, long time been gone, but not forgotten.  Blessings to the I an the Family.  Alas, the forum is set to close, so please get in touch to catch up.  Cell phone # still deh same.

I man have tried the email before and did not have it work.  What has the I been up to?.

Title: Re: I as a Man am back
Post by: herbsman on July 04, 2009, 02:00:56 PM
                   GREETINGS   bredren Surf . !!!!

      I as man of God   am now in da rest home...............been thru da ringer gain .

      sight closing ?

     why Surf ?

  I as man have new cell # .......lost idrens !!!

Title: Re: I as a Man am back
Post by: surfmon_I on July 08, 2009, 07:33:04 AM
~~~Because, Dear Bredren,  The wheel of life turn.  This wheel has four spokes, sections of our lives laid out as ones are born, rise, fall and then pass on.
  The four seasons, time on a clock...  We are functions of our reality.
This reality is different for each as we move thru life.  The common denominator is the One.  It is common to us All, yet not all see it.  It is where the multiple possibilities and complexities of life really boil down to a beautiful simplicity.  And we see it in the symphony of nature.

  The site is probably closing because it has come time for change.  We make the change.  It is all around us, happening as we sleep.  During our waking moments, we are tasked with functionally making this world a better place.  It starts in our own little worlds, with all the people we come in touch with.  All the issues that surround our lives and how much we see JAH amongst ALL of it.  For in these moments, we have a chance to find the core of who we are to become.  As tools of the Most I, we flex with Love in our heart and thoughts.  We are Human, and do make mistakes, so we must have the ability to forgive our transgressions because we strive to be better tools, sharper, more effective.  We have such precious short time in which to DO this.
  I Give Thanks for what I as a man have learned, and go on learning, for I mind is open and a sponge.  It has always been this way, yet we have never had the freedom that is withIn our minds, for we are surrounded by division separation.  It is withIn our speech, words and attitudes.

~~~and, so the wheel trun.
So it is written, So shall it be in the end.  

Blessings and Guidance.