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Title: New around here, need a bit of guidance
Post by: Jamrock-Buffalo on September 25, 2009, 02:07:52 AM

My name is Matt i am 19 years old

now i am white but i am not going to ask "can a white man be a Rasta?" because i know alot of people ask that already

what i am asking is for guidance, my friend is a Rastafarian he started speaking to me about his beliefs and his ways and what he said to me made sense. . . so much sense that i wish to join and become a Rastafarian.  What i need is guidance into becoming one, Where do i start?, what do i need to do?

sorry if this like doesn't make sense it's 3:15am here

i hope someone can help me and show me the way

thank you

Title: Re: New around here, need a bit of guidance
Post by: matt-rastaman on November 12, 2009, 07:55:43 PM
follow the way of Jah, grow dreads, smoke ganja. . .  but above all love your fellow man
Title: Re: New around here, need a bit of guidance
Post by: surfmon_I on November 15, 2009, 02:08:58 PM
Grretings,  In view of 90 + responces and this one simplistic reply, I mon would like to ask a question to the new Bredren and Sistren; 
  Is there anything that is as easy as it appears?
  Are things always what they seem?
  Is it true, the more you learn, the less we know?

  I, for one would love to hear what made sense to Bred. Buffalo,  what was it that was reasoned about?
What we need to focus on is the importance of I~tribution.  (not con/against)  Yes, come to KNOW JAH.  there is only one place to start;  withIn ones self.  Study and open the 7 seals of your head.  With THIS beginning, we may become more in tune with Nature and our surroundings along with our place in it.  This is the beginning of what it means to "be a rasta"

Matty,  There is so much more to it than just that which you describe.  Dreads are a sacred symbol and the Herb is a sacrament.  it is the main reason I replied to this thread.  We should be very careful and respectful of laying down such a simplistic answer to a complicated and intricate living experience such as Rastafari.  It is a long journey that many may start but few shall finish.  The reason for this is that it must be absorbed into ones life and Exerscised daily as we GROW.

BlessedLove Idren, and Grow Strong and TRUE.