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Title: significant point in ini life
Post by: 1080man on September 30, 2009, 02:09:51 AM
teacher ask I to write about something. shes open to whatever and all about this stuff. thought id share with the I's.

The energy radiating from my body brought by the beautiful mountains and sweet reggae, allowed me to receive gratitude and respect in the world I live in. These experiences are what I would describe as my life. Something silver and gold could never replace to fill my cup.
The pain continually shot from my shin electrifying nerves bringing forth lots of pain. This is a result from constant force pressing against the bone beating it. Such a problem gets in the way of what I love most. Skiing. The ski boots had no forgiveness for my shins resulting in me cutting out of skiing early.  As I slowly glided on top of the dirty parking lot snow to my car for rest from the unforgiving mountain, I thought I would give my friend a call to see if any herb was around the mountain to ease the pain. The car was parked with a little bit of freshly fallen snow as if it was a blanket covering the car. I start the car and continue to turn on some reggae as the heat blasts creeps to my body. I decide to call Trevor who only lives 20 minutes from the mountain.
“Hey Trevor, its Kaare. Are you at the mountain? My shins are killing me and it’s hard to ski. Got any herb?”
“Oh bummer, well my girl and I just missed the bus. So I have no ride up. But we are at my house want to swing by and I can scrounge up a bowl for you and I probably.”
“Oh, well I can’t ride anymore today because of my shins, so Ill just come over in 30 and can take you and your girlfriend back up.”
“Awesome! It’s right before the diner. Jah Bless!”
“Blessings I’ll call you when close.”
At least there’s something to go do now instead of waiting in my car while all my friends still ride. As I was exiting the parking lot leaving my friends to enjoy the last of the fresh snow the mountain had to offer before the sun retreated under Cowboy Ridge. I embarked on my journey towards the east descending from the pass of the mountains. The northwest weather system finishes precipitating its last snowflakes, as the clouds finish there climb over the cascades the sun reaches through and provided me with a warm blanket of heat. At this moment the true beauty and love of the mountains started molding my thoughts and spirit. Just after 25 minutes of driving I arrived to his well… “House.”  As a Stevens pass employee and ski bumming every winter, he doesn’t have much money. But Trevor found a small building on the side of the diner to rent out. On the inside colorful tapestries of green, yellow, and red vibrantly warmed the home. The incense wafted inside of my nostrils as I entered. Trevor and I share the same reasoning in life. Thus striving to stay conscious in spirituality while others will always drag I down which is true for any man who believes in anything. We both believe in the most high, no matter if its man or spirit. While my faith was still a seed germinating waiting to reach for sun and warmth, Trevor’s was an ever-growing tree with many strong branches. You could visually see this because of his dreads, not because they were a fashion statement but because they were a sacrament to God and a testimony of faith. Time can only help acquiring real natty dreads. While in a conscious state I was able to think about my life. Here Trevor, is 20 something? Living in a shack close to the mountain skiing as a job and still living a happy joyful life with a nice earthy woman who he loves and enjoys all the same things he does. This is something that majorly changed the direction of my life. From this point on I’ve lost a real desire for money and materialistic possessions. Although this clashes with my wants and needs I’m accustomed to, I see this as a blessing because money only gets in the way of truth, love and real concrete truths. Hopefully those can decide to view life in more of a mysterious and meaningful outlook, rather than a twisted MAN-ipulated society of false satisfaction. The wisdom and righteousness can only rub onto onlookers as I trod through life.
Title: Re: significant point in ini life
Post by: Coyote on October 01, 2009, 09:32:36 PM
That was beautifully put bro.

Thanks for sharing that piece of your life with us here.

Title: Re: significant point in ini life
Post by: Peace_Loving on October 17, 2009, 02:47:47 PM
Wonderful!  Greeting to you, 1080man~  Thank you for sharing and may Jah keep you strong on your path.  It is so nice to hear of others' spiritual moments and turnings in life to reinforce and encourage us.

Title: Re: significant point in ini life
Post by: surfmon_I on October 21, 2009, 09:00:35 AM
Significant Indeed ! , touching and well written, Please keep 'em commin.
Title: Re: significant point in ini life
Post by: 1080man on October 25, 2009, 02:33:46 AM
Thanks for all the big ups!

it was 3 years ago, i started my tribulations on this site.  i put truth and rightousness at the core of how i lived my life. obviously in babylon i was mocked. but the wise words from the idrens on this site, kept my FIYAH burning. i never gave in and joined the "groups" and "cliches" in my highschool. i shared the glory of the most high with many people through herb and spiritual teachings. I cant even describe all of what ive gone through. but over all. this site hardened my understanding of RASTAFARI and truth. thank you so much for the wisdom.

read the KEBRA NAGAST as well, and will be sharing its teachings with my class very soon as well.

PEACE and BLESSINGS to everyone on this site!