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Title: Genentical food
Post by: prophet777 on October 27, 2010, 09:44:43 PM
Was just watching a documentary on flesh eating...sad....I know we have another thread upon here about this subject but, I really think it is necessary for this subject to stay on "top".
What I saw really shocked me...Words I can not find to describe.

It "costs" much more for humans to supply food for the animals they eat than it would cost for humans to eat the food they supply for the animals they want to eat !! Much more rain forests are "killed" for mankinds lust for meat !! Much more water is needed too.

The world/earth suffers in many more ways than one would imagine in order for mankind (LOL "man-kind" where is the "kind" in it ?) to eat him steaks and our lives, and those of our children, are at stake for this lust of flesh...

Now they want to supply the world with genetic resources in order to fill them guts. In truth, they really want to supply themselves with more flesh !!

The food they grow does not even reach those who need it but, is mostly used to feed animals they want to feed on....Tragedy...

How many of you are still flesh eaters and what do you think about this genetic embarrassment they enforce upon us ?

There even was a man upon the docu, talking about a type of rice that has now died out in his country due to the introduction of gen-rice...How much further will mankind go before he/she realizes what it is he/she is doing ? How long will we sit aside and look and do nothing ?

Title: Re: Genentical food
Post by: surfmon_I on October 28, 2010, 12:12:50 PM
Greetings Bredren ,  The Impact and mis~direction of the food industry is really the same as the level of Big Business/ Government/Pharma...They are dislocating the people of this planet from Mother Earth.  The further we shift away from our roots, the more engineered we become by technological advancement.  Rasta move in another direction. 
  There are those of us that see we must live and be a part of the communities we belong to.  Raising our children close to the land.  Raising our own food and saving for re~generation.  We can see these types of people on the fringes of society.  Relegated to the fringe because of the blindness most around us live in.  Will they come to see??? as we learn more and more about the knowledge that has been lost?? well, not everyone will get it.  So it is written, and so it has come to pass, that the few must lead the many.
  Although in our family, we still eat meat, it is aquired locally and eaten ocasionally.  Most anything we need can be found close to home or made.  The problem for most, I imagine, is that most people live where these things are not aquired that easily.  So, it is much easier to just buy what they give you.
Title: Re: Genentical food
Post by: prophet777 on October 31, 2010, 12:07:17 AM
Now don't get me wrong Idren but, I really think that it is very, very, very easy to acquire meat, nowadays, than for one to go out there and get it for himself. I see it a bit different. You have some good points though. But, I mean, if u r already living close to nature then why eat meat at all ? If u are not starving ? And if anyone really wants to eat it then - fine - go ahead but, instead of buying it, why not go out and try and provide it for yourself ?
Why I ask this question ? Well one should really go out there and go for a hunt and eat what them kill - I am sure the most would not enjoy it or may not even make it at all......Why ?
Well, that is that feeling inside everyone that tells them that what they are doing, or about to do, is wrong - simple. And those who can feel will feel it.

Killing, of animals, is not necessary if there is enough nature around one to provide for other more natural means. That same natural food is even more healthier than the feeding on corpses. I overstand that some people have no other choice but, then it is those very same people that go out and hunt for their food or purchase it because they have no other way to provide for themselves through nature. But, most people in this world are not at the point where they would really need to eat meat in order to live....It is still those very people that consume the most flesh pon this ya earth. Strange...right ?

Well I do not really want to get too much into to the "meat" discussion but, somehow it is unavoidable too. What I really want to talk about is the genetic food that babylon is making. I mean who can guarantee, for example, that what we buy or purchase at the market is really genuine ? And, will this genetic food really solve the world "hunger problem" ? Well, I think not. What r the solutions to avoiding getting mixed up in this genetic confusion and how can one provide safely for themselves ? U see these r the discussions and questions I hope will be discussed here on this thread cause it would really interest I what all have to say about this.....

Title: Re: Genentical food
Post by: surfmon_I on November 03, 2010, 12:07:09 PM
Bredren, The reason It is not dropped from diet is that we are a family.  I am not alone and am not the one that mostly prepares the food for us.  Still, it is not corporate meat, it is Local.  Our Garden and Farmers markets provide the bulk of our food, and are quite common here in U.S.

Genetic food, whether it be hormone laced feed for live stock or genetically modified seed for crops, the chemical boosting of life at an accelerated rate is a far step from what should naturally be going on.  So much so the the genetic markers found on crops that cross pollinate a neighbors farm, gives the corporation rights to anothers yeild.  These seeds are genetically modified to NOT reproduce !  and therefore farmers MUST by seeds, they are no longer able to store and save them.  

Aside from the legal matter, another result is that native species of variety are dying out.  The further we are removed from our food source, the more we must rely on what is provided us, and that...as we all know, is not necessarily what is GOOD for us.
Title: Re: Genentical food
Post by: natty threads on December 26, 2010, 09:35:12 PM
I think most GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are to facilitate the use of pesticides.

One of the first modifications was the "Round-Up ready" lines of especially corn.

Vegetables were gene-spliced to allow herbicides- weed killers- to be used indiscriminately on crops without fear of the crops themselves being killed by the herbicides.

Monsanto has patented many field crops, and the corporation has even sued and financially destroyed farmers who are NOT raising GMO crops because the Monsanto crops cross-pollinated with the natural crops.

The natural farmers are then said to have "stolen" the patented Monsanto genes and are put out of business defending themselves in court.

This coming year pork with "super growth" mouse genes spliced in will be sold in the marketplace.

Goats are having spider genes put into them so that their milk is spider silk- for real-

As in the days of Noah!

If a person chooses to be a Nazirite and to dedicate to Yah, then yes, no meat.
Otherwise, it is on ourselves to be responsible for what meat we eat.

Do not believe that you are safe just eating plants, though.
The plants are very contaminated as well.

I do not believe for a moment that any of this is to help anyone but themselves, the greedy corporate ones who do this to the food supply.

I do believe their goal is to remove us from the planet and that genetically modifying food is part of that plan.

Bless up.