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Author Topic: Slave  (Read 882 times)

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« on: January 30, 2005, 12:32:34 PM »

Blessed Love

I and I just wanted to clarify some words I said in a post concerning Africans as never being slaves. When I said that Slave is Slavic I was referring to the root word
Slav. I was not saying that Slavic people are slaves. I was referring to Slav as being a place in eastern Europe. Ark I has enlighten I even further on the greater meaning on the word Slav. Which means: celebrity, fame, glory, luster, lustre, praise, renown. So in a sense I and I is Slav[smiley=smiley.gif]
However if the word slave was taken from the root Slav it shows that it is a corruption and degrading to Slavic people.

How and when the word slave came to mean oppression I do not recall the history of. What I wanted to show was how language is used to confuse people. The word slavery has become synonymous with African people. This should not be so. For what was and is being done to I people is not slavery. I and I have to call it what it is. Which is murder, rape, kidnapping etc. For just like the rapist the sexual act is just a small part of the dehumanizing of the person. So the say I and I is in slavery and then they say slavery is abolished. But really the murder the rape etc. Never stopped it only transformed into a more refined more mental bondage. They use words to hide what they do. I and I must stop let Babylon define Iself. For I and I know word sound is power. I and I must stop repeating these words. They say things like War on Terror. Which does not make logical sense. I and I have to call things for what they are War on  Terror is War on people of color! Many times people don't realize that on the fundamental level they are in agreement only because of the confusion that certain phrases are planted into vocabulary to cause!

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Re: Slave
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2005, 09:38:47 PM »

The concept of holding another person in bondage of any kind is evil and wrong.  It was mentioned in another thread that some slavery within the same racial group was not so bad because the slaves were treated as "family".  I just don't see how one person EVER has the right to control another persons life.  And you're completely right, people use heinous means to put others into subseriance every day.  It seems to be a part of human nature to try to downpress others so they can be controlled. When some forms of control are outlawed it just rears it's ugly head in another form.  I think it is important that can see this injustice for what it is do what they can to change things.  
First thing we have to do is make sure we don't commit the smallest transgression against other human beings (lead by example)
Although in some cases this can be dangerous we must take action when we have knowledge of others being oppressed.  If we turn our face and act like we don't see, we are as guilty as the oppressor.
Since most people here understand the right and wrong of oppressing others, we must educate as many people as possible.  
Really,  What else is more important to fight for?
I know this is really preaching to the choir.  
Bless up and don't let the great ones who've come before us die in vain.

when one is not free none are free
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Jah bless. I and I love you all.

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