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Author Topic: Perceived Notion of the Rastaman  (Read 890 times)

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Perceived Notion of the Rastaman
« on: February 28, 2005, 04:29:39 PM »


Something i've noticed on several threads;
It seems that most people have a preconceived, or should i say, a particular perceived notion of the Rastaman and Rastawoman.
It used to be that of, 'the drugaddicted dread', BUT lately it's all about sex. I have the outmost disgust for this thought. Take for example the post on sexy rasta men?
It seems like people (women) see the rastaman as ONLY a sexual being. No wonder all the youth are having locks nowadays, it has become more than fashion, it's like the " punnani -catcher" (pardon my language).

This perceived notion reminds me to the one that some white people have of blacks. My advice is get to know people before having a certain image of them. And stop live for the flesh. No wonder "earth a run red"  

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Re: Perceived Notion of the Rastaman
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2005, 04:59:16 PM »

i agree with you. however i was one woman in the thread who said that a certain picture of a man was quite good and sexy yes..he had locks but is not rasta..i was in my opinion expressing my love for a black man. there is nothing wrong with that!
i didnt really like that thread being put up either becuz i personally dont believe in dwellin on the flesh so much..vanity is not a characteristic i would recommend any rastafari should embrace.

if the thread was called sexy black men would you still have a problem with it?
maybe the point is that "Sexy" really have nothin to do with rasta, and in that case i would have to agree.

however to generalise and say that women on this site only have a sexual view of rasta men is something u should have avoided doing, becuz speakin for myself, making a comment really doesnt mean that that is my only concern or focus. it is the least in this case. i love when rastamen like sizzla and capleton sing about their love of a woman body and her ways..there is nothin wrong with expressing appreciation.

it is tru that a lot of men now wear dreadlocks for fashion and to appeal to women. it is true that white people have misconceptions of black people which they tend to enjoy indulging. i think u are on the verge of makin that mistake by judging and in your own way sayin what is or what shouldnt be ..said about rastfari men and women.


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