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Author Topic: From Everlasting  (Read 718 times)

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From Everlasting
« on: May 09, 2005, 06:25:55 PM »

From I-verlasting- fuh all Mamas pon yuh day!
 Proverbs 8:22-23

as deh cycles proceed and new becomes old to deh young
life manifests itself in deh beauty of truth told to a son
from a grandson who accepted dis from whence he came
out of deh depths of creation that man can’t comprehend wid his senseless brain, man has been stupid ever since he came and JAH has been merciful as he sensed his pain –

now deh church will tell I deh composition of deh Holy Trinity
and disregard deh conscious minded bredren dat deals in validity
as we look over nature & deh serenity of its ministry,
dat is comprised of internal stability unto infinity, now willingly I must analyze this construction, because in Ine eyes there seems to have been an abduction, a sort of mystery suction-
an involuntary removal of a critical piece,
dat be”lie”vers rely upon for physical peace
now we have deh Fada begat deh Son widout seminal release
but what happened to deh third instrumentalist piece?
No where upon creation can a Fada & Son begat anything dat breathes
It goes against creation laws from air, earth tuh duh seas
So does dis mean dat deh Trinity is fraudulent in theory?
No, it jes means dat dem wid ears tuh hear shall hear me clearly
When it gets to deh final section of deh Triune entity
Let us reason sensibly about how it was meant tuh be
Wid no apology, man plus man simply equals sodomite
It is not until Mama shows up dat you got it right!

Did I lose you, confuse you, make you get vex up
Dey confusion shall remain until we hail deh female sex up
It teks the masculine and the feminine aspect to produce
While it only teks a roman view point & two fags to confuse
Still can’t catch it, mek you feel like a spiritual struggler
Deh Holy Spirit is refered to as deh “Comforter”
When deh youth are sick, who dem go run to?
When daddy nah come through, who dem cry unto?
So when vampiristic rome put dey hands pon deh doctrine
Dem twist it so toxic, it almost tek johnny cochrane
Tuh unravel and dismantle dis plague dat got folk in deh hospital
But “even deh elect would be deceived if it were pos-sible”
So we just live our lives knowing and not be”lie”ving,
giving over receiving, failure cannot conquer achieving

so wid dis perspective, we inject wid, love Mama back into deh Trinity
too long man has ignored Her womanly energy, only tuh mek enemies
wid love & friends wid hatred,
while disraspecting deh sacred matrix
let us arise wid spiritual zeal and trod deh other way,
for another day, dat Ini can behold another Mother’s Day

give thanks fi life

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Re: From Everlasting
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2005, 09:24:45 PM »

Good words and good flow, Negus! I'm a feelin' that!

Be blessed,

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