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Author Topic: The TRUTH About Iraq  (Read 762 times)

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The TRUTH About Iraq
« on: May 12, 2005, 04:43:14 PM »

Greetings and peace.

InI am good friends with a very strong wombman who is born and raised in Iraq (just moved to Canada recently). Much of her family is still in Iraq, so she will share her families stories with I sometimes during reasoning. Her uncle is a doctor and she told me stories of a British soldier he helped who had been tortured because he refused to go back to war in Iraq. The most horrible thing she told me was recently and it went like this;

Her father is a business man in Iraq. On the way home from the office her father realizes he forgot a briefcase at work (everyone leave work around 2pm). His brother (her uncle) says that he will go back and get the briefcase (this is 2 blocks from her fathers house). 1-2 hours go by and the uncle hasn't returned to meet up with the father. Her father went home fearing the violence that runs rampant in Iraq streets. A few hours later the uncle calls the father and says you won't believe what just happened to me. On his way from the office, the uncle was stopped by the Iraq police. They said his car was suspected of having a bomb and they would have to search it. They search the car and find absolutely nothing. They apologize to the uncle and tell him he is free to go. The uncle drives a bit and is stopped by United States forces. They tell him the same "Your car is suspected of having a bomb". They blindfold him and take him by tank to a base. When the blindfold is lifted, the uncle doesn't know where he is (some US base) and he is told that he will receive $5000 for his wasted time and the army apologizes (This is unheard of to give five thousand dollars for wasting time). Anyways, the US army tells him he has to drive to the police station with a note they gave him to collect his money. He gets in his car and starts driving. He feels strange as though something is wrong and this isn't his car for some reason (though it is his car). He stops the car on the way to the police station and gets out, pops the trunk and finds it full of bombs. He of course runs clear and not long after the car explodes. This happened just recently. This man would have been labeled as a terrorist who ran a suicide bomb into and Iraq police station.

Who are the real terrorists in Iraq?


Jah bless


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Re: The TRUTH About Iraq
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2005, 10:28:08 PM »

of course we are and this story explains all i have to say.  they were willing to kill one man and label him as a terrorist.


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Re: The TRUTH About Iraq
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2005, 10:30:25 PM »

im somehow not surprised...Bush uses fear tactics to scare Americans into submission, so planting fake terrorists to keep us scared seems like soemthing he would do... and it would be more than one man the US is killing, it would be a whole police station.

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