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Author Topic: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement  (Read 34555 times)

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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #30 on: June 17, 2005, 10:41:05 PM »

Blessings and Love
to all the children of JAH Ras Tafari
And the Itinual LIGHT of H.I.M. Hallie Sellassie I
shine into the darkness that it be no more.

Having red tha words of this fresh topic I mus comment, but i no mean harm or disrespect to none.

FiyahBun spoke : I and I would like comments on what role should non direct descendants of Africans be in the Rastafari Movement. Is it for ones to repatriate to Zion/Africa/Ethiopia?
Is it to seek reparations? What are no African views on reparation and repatriation?
Any insightful comments welcome, seen

Unless you mama and papa come to JAH-mek-YA from Africa to birth you ya na DIRECT DECENDANT of Africa. No disrespect, brudda InI agree with most of what ya post most of da tyme.

FiyahBun spoke : If it is both of your contention that all are African. Do you think that it is practical and logical for any group of people to claim that they are African and seek repatriation? For this is not the intention of the Rastafari Movement.

me I no know what ya say is the 'in-tention' of the Rastafarian Movement, but THE movement of all InI breddren to Love JAH, live H.I.M. WORD and downstroy the wickedness of Babylon de only ting I know any Rasta fe wont do. InI LOVE an Respect ya breddren FiyahBun

FiyahBun spoke :Africa today is controlled by the same Babylon that ones are running away from. How is it practical for mass Europeans, Chinese, Indians to return to Africa?
Reparation and repatriation are for the children of those that were in bondage over the past centuries. Or do you think it is also for the children of the slave masters too?

Fiyah, no let youself a tricked in de way. Not ALL 'white' peoples a slave owners/traders/crackers! seen? Mos o de pale brudders jus a try a live like de dark brudders. It's only de 1's wid de $$$$ dat would/could/did steef de African from him homeland. Mos o dem 'whites' jus a try to mek sum plant a grow and fin de water to drink, maybe raise up some animals and children.

Paco spoke :i like what Fiyah said one time-- ' Rasta is blackmans liberation' so true, in my estimation. please don't claim africa if you not indigenous african. i support repatriation for the black people of africa in the diaspora and that includes money owed for the all the money made off they backs of blood and sweat. to me if the blackman/woman allows non-black africans to be a part of rasta then so be it and out of love i for the most part see that happening. this is juss how tha i see's it

Ras Tafari is de liberation of MAN! Male or female. Light skinned, dark skinned or shades in between. If ya count out dem a not indigenous african den ya already count out de diaspora ya speak of. No man can pay $$ owed to dem a gone. Caynt pay dem decendats either. Each mus work for him JAH and earn his own reward. Many a good man work hard all him life, but have children a gone bad. So how you gonna give what de good man earned to de bad man? seen. I'm not saying dat present 'blacks' are bad and de slaves de good, it's jus a comparrison, no matter de shade of skin. De blackman/woman have no right nor ability to allow nor disallow anyone - white, black, brown, yellow, red. Is only JAH can say a true. Bless up Paco, mi love de breddren

Speed spoke:I think the job of non african Rastas is to promote the message, find Jah and live righteously

InI no know no 'non african Rastas.' If ya have de overstanding of Rasta, den ya kno dat we are all African. Some o we also german, irish,spanish, cuban, pueblo, and many more. Africa is de foundation of all things. Everything else come from Gondawanaland.

FiyahBun sopke :I feel that the non direct descendants of Africans that are Rasta must find their role within this context. So the issue of fighting for Reparations and Repatriation is just as important to them as it is for the Africans in the diaspora. For it is one fight for justice! The role of non African Rastas must not just be to reject Babylon within themselves alone but to also participate in the global Rastafari Movement/Government. Their role is not to redefine Rastafari as I see so many try to do. HIM Haile Selassie I is central to Rastafari Consciousness.  HIM Selassie I is the head of the Rastafari Movement. No Rastas should even be debating this point. No Rastas should be debating on doctrine and dogma either.

A tru tru, Fiyah. Is not only the 'black' man who has been slave. So long as one 'man' see himself as more powerful den da nex an work to have power over him one is a salve an de other a master. If ya seek power insted of Love or Justice ya caynt have any of it. Black man have suffered more den mos. Not all men suffered as much as da next, but all a sufferers in dis life.

Ark I spoke :I don't believe that any white man belongs in Africa, unless Africans as a whole invites that white man to join them. I am white, so I don't have the intention to go to live in Africa because it is not my continent, it belongs to the Africans.

Are you saying dat a whole country/continent mus allow a person to come in? Many Africans no want American blacks to come to Africa as they see them as lazy, or stupid or theives or worse. InI know it's not true, but the way the media portrays them. The continent doesn't belong to ANY man, but only to JAH Ras Tafari


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #31 on: June 17, 2005, 10:53:45 PM »

Praise JAH
LOVE and LIFE always

to continue...

FiyahBun spoke :The very concept of Christ is African!

Actually de con-cept of Christ is greek. Messiah is African. Don't let the poor translation and lacksidaisical definition of words trip Iman down.

FiyahBun continued :when the global white supremacy system is made null and replaced by a system of Justice.

It's not jus de 'white' supremacy. ONLY JAH is SUPREME! Any system made of man is certain to fail and fall. Justice can only come from JAH, as man is biased and unable to be fair or true. Judge not lest ye be judged. seen?

M-Dub spoke :One cannot pretend they are African. You can pretend you're not African.

True a True. Butt y wood u want 2???

I have no disrespect for mi bruddahs and sistahs. Just tryin' to help feelings and words match. If IJAHman and IJAHwoman caynt love and respect each one for our differances, which JAH give to we, then Babylon de Bandit has already won. An ' InI know dat caynt happen.
Bless up all
Buiild on firm foundations
Forward always
Backwards nevah

Ras Saadon

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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #32 on: June 18, 2005, 12:07:18 AM »

Saadon idren don't you know that every country has a limit of how many people they allow to immigrate per year and also who they let in. So how is it that you think this does not apply to African countries?

InI nah agree with that either.. people take ownership in things that are not thier, no man got a right to tell InI that InI cant live in a certain country just cuz InI nah got citizenship, or tell InI that to many has already went there.. people nah own the land, they are only its guests, InI can live wherever InI want, cuz I right is I right and it is I right to trod in Jah's Iration, everywhere in the Iration..

InI do agree that it is not practical that all the people will come to Africa, and nah think that it should be done either, cuz Africa isnt the only part of the Iration, it is where all started but it nah mean that we should all go back, we should live the Iration to its fullest and there are many other good places beside Africa, but if a person wanna go live in Africa InI believe that he has every right to do so.
"No one should question the faith of others, for no human being can judge the ways of God." His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I.


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #33 on: June 18, 2005, 01:40:30 AM »

I myself am not African.  Most of my friends are Roman Cathloic.  I am very vaguely known about the Rastafarian religon.  I have had an intrest in it.  I really need to learn more about this way of life/faith.


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #34 on: June 18, 2005, 04:01:09 AM »

if black rastas were meant to bring justice to their homeland ( Africa) and to spread the Love of Jah among all peoples of this Earth, then non-Africans have the same role: make life better for others in whatever nation they live in and to spread love to all the bredren of dis Earth!


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #35 on: June 18, 2005, 10:34:22 PM »

    i been wanting to share this story told by leslie marmon silko

[Long time ago]
by Leslie Marmon Silko

Long time ago
in the beginning
there were no white people in this world
there was nothing European.
And this world might have gone on like that
except for one thing:
This world was already complete
even without white people.
There was everything
including witchery.

Then it happened.
These witch people got together.
Some came from far far away
across oceans
across mountains.
Some had slanty eyes
others had black skin.
They all got together for a contest
the way people have baseball tournaments nowadays
except this was a contest
in dark things.

So anyway
they all go together
witch people from all directions
witches from all the Pueblos
and all the tribes.
They had Navajo witches there,
some from Hopi, and a few from Zuni.
They were having a witches' conference,
that's what it was
Way up in the lava rock hills
north of Canoncito
they got together
to fool around in caves
with their animal skins.
Fox, badger, bobcat, and wolf
they circled the fire
and on the fourth time
they jumped into that animal's skin.

But this time it wasn't enough
and one of them
maybe Sioux or some Eskimos
started showing off.
"That wasn't anything,
watch this."

The contest started like that.
Then some of them lifted the lids
on their big cooking pots,
calling the rest of them over
to take a look:
dead babies simmering in blood
circles of skull cut away
all the brains sucked out.
Witch medicine
to dry and grind into powder
for new victims.
Others untied skin bundles of disgusting objects:
dark flints, cinders from burning hogans where the
dead lay
Whorls of skin
cut from finger tips
sliced from the penis end and clitoris tip.
Whoever Brought Me Here, Will Have To Take Me Home - - -Rumi


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #36 on: June 18, 2005, 10:37:03 PM »

Finally there was only one
who hadn't shown off charms or powers.
The witch stood in the shadows beyond the fire
and no one ever knew where this witch came from
which tribe
or if it was a woman or a man.
But the important thing was
this witch didn't show off any dark thunder charcoals
or red ant-hill beads.
This one just told them to listen:
"What I have is a story."

At first they all laughed
but this witch said
go ahead
laugh if you want to
but as I tell the story
it will begin to happen.

Set in motion now
set in motion by our witchery
to work for us.

Caves across the ocean
in caves of dark hills
white skin people
like the belly of a fish
covered with hair.

Then they grow away from the earth
then they grow away from the sun
then they grow away from the plants and animals.
They see no life
When they look
they see only objects.
The world is a dead thing for them
the trees and rivers are not alive
the mountains and stones are not alive.
The deer and the bear are objects
They see no life.
They fear
They fear the world.
They distroy what they fear.
They fear themselves.

The wind will blow them across the ocean
thousands of them in giant boats
swarming like larva
out of a crushed ant hill.

They will carry objects
which can shoot death
faster than the eye can see.

They will kill the things they fear
all the animals
the people will starve.

They will poison the water
they will spin the water away
and there will be drought
the people will starve.

Whoever Brought Me Here, Will Have To Take Me Home - - -Rumi


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #37 on: June 18, 2005, 10:38:46 PM »

They will bring terrible diseases
the people have never known.
Entire tribes will die out
covered with festering sores...
vomiting blood.
Corpses for our work

Set in motion now
set in motion by our witchery
set in motion
to work for us

They will take this world from ocean to ocean
they will turn on each other
they will destroy each other
Up here
in these hills
they will find the rocks,
rocks with veins of green and yellow and black.
They will lay the final pattern with these rocks
they will lay it across the world
and explode everything.

Set in motion now
set in motion
To destroy
To kill
Objects to work for us
objects to act for us
Performing the witchery
for suffering
for torment
for the stillborn
the deformed
the sterile
the dead.

set into motion now
set into motion.

So the other witches said
"Okay you win; you take the prize,
but what you said just now -
it isn't so funny
It doesn't sound so good.
We are doing okay without that kind of thing.
Take it back.
Call that story back."

But the witch just shook its head
at the others in their stinking animal skins, fur
and feathers.
It's already turned loose.
It's already coming.
It can't be called back.
Whoever Brought Me Here, Will Have To Take Me Home - - -Rumi


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #38 on: June 19, 2005, 12:10:34 PM »

I was thinking, we might of all originally came from Africa, but what exactly time period are we working with?  Yeah we might of all came from Africa, but this would have been thousands and thousands of years ago...  Would humans even be as evolved as they are now back then?


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #39 on: June 19, 2005, 12:32:34 PM »

Even though I am white, I feel that my soul is black, and that Africa is my home.

Peace and Love


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #40 on: June 19, 2005, 09:29:12 PM »

Raspect all!

"Even though I am white, I feel that my soul is black, and that Africa is my home."

Sorry SMG - I not sure I understand your point. How can your soul be black, when a soul has no race? In my view, your soul is you and everything about you - but how can it be black or white? How can you claim "blackness?"
                Also, how do you reason that Africa is your home?

Just some thoughts,


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #41 on: June 19, 2005, 10:26:12 PM »

I must be missing the point of Rasta. If Rasta is the lifting up of the mind and soul from internal slavery that causes hatred and negativity, then I don't understand the title of the thread.

If Rasta is an African movement, then it seems to me the thread would be better stated as: Role of Non-Afrcians in an African movement.

But if Rasta excludes no race and believes no race is superior over another, then why does race matter when talking about things like justice for Africans and rights for the poor, repatriation, etc.? If Selassie I's words are true, then race can't be focused on like Bablyon does. Race is not something that determines how just you are or how valuable you are. This means that everyone in the Rasta movement has the exact same role and should equally worry about all the things Fiyah mention. These are things that concern everyone who has a conscience.

It's true that race should be recognized and not made out as nothing like some people would like to do, but race doesn't apply when speaking about matters of morals. A just person is a just person, and a foul person a foul person. Your race doesn't predetermine your justice or your injustice, only the tribe of people you come from.

I would say personally that the role of non-Africans and Africans is one and the same. Justice, conscious living, and as much help for the poor and downtrodden as you can muster.

“Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, that until there are no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation, until the colour of a mans skin is of no more significance then the colour of his eyes, that until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, that until that day the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued, but never attained” Haile Selassie I

One Love


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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Mov...
« Reply #42 on: June 19, 2005, 11:17:04 PM »

All this talk about rasta movement has no need to consider race of a person for the exodus I explained to Vibe. I notice I wasn't qouted so I qouted myself for the betterment.



Why should Africa be your home because of your ancestosr follies? But the some damaging thing you implied was that your ancestors messed up your identity of your nationality. But YOU not doing nothing about it! Now you expect Africans to accept you and you did nothing about your sitution! Why would Africans want you in africa? What do you have to offer? Because anything you do haven't even been seen by your own? This is some wolf in sheep clothing ish! We africans can't feel dat! And I don't think you really do!


Again ones with these fanasties of returning to Africa for whatever spiritual and root feelings must understand that for you to contribute you have to contribute something that works. If you had this somethong that works, your houses would be in order! Why can't the African clean is house by himself? Why is there so many helper who don't help their own but what to help Africans? This what I was saying in this post to Vibe. Please don't give me that rasta suppose to chant down babylon and them wicked ways with all man! Rasta in JA were creating Rasta because of this wickedness! This wickedness brought by european idealology. Imposed on the African thru politics in JA and others places throughtout the world. So yes Africa for AFRICANS is still the strongest pillar in Rasta since the start! when I read this pillar trying to be ignored and spiritual and peacefully push to the side. I have to point it out thru history.

In the words of Juelz Santana " stop swagger jackin' "



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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #43 on: June 19, 2005, 11:19:33 PM »

Blessed Love

Fiyah Bun, I see the importance of this thread. I sight the need for there to be a verbal expression on the members and ways of this MOVEMENT. But I see that a lot of the responses you have received dealing with the concept of Rastafari as a RELIGION.

See, a lot of the respondents dont get it becuz they are not from the Caribbean which is the Birthplace of the Movement, while Africa on the other hand is the Birthplace of the Black Race and the Afrakan Spirituality that quite a few Rastas like you and me live by..TOgether we have Rastafari.

Someone even rudely said that we from the Caribbean are not direct descendents of AFraka becuz we rnt born of parents who are native to the Mamaland. As a Rasta with BLACK SKIN I take this as a personal INSULT cuz once yuh skin black yuh is AFRAKAN. Dere is NO PRETENDING THAT. let me repeat THERE IS NO PRETENDING that my skin burnt wit DNA dat my SLAVE ANCESTORS gave to my family. I like many others can trace back to the NAME of the white man who kept my great great grandmother the field slave hand as his lil woman pun de side. SO when you want to talk folly do it somewhere else!! FIYAH pun dat!

I dont care how many times people get here and post the words of HIM Selassie I. We are quite familiar with his speech. Thanks for the constant out of text reminder. Anyone who say they dont see in colour is a fool. Colour is all around becuz it builds culture and it gives identity and name. it explains situations and rules. laws and restrictions. WE ARE AWARE OF DIS. there is too much PRETENSE going on in this forum.

the point is that whether or not you young ones here want to accept the reality, Rastafari belongs to the Black Afrakan. Put that in yuh pipe and smoke it yuh site? I EmpressGong say so! Go read on the HISTORY of this movement and you will surely see what I am talkin about. The truth hurts but that doesnt mean it is goin to bend to make you feel better!

When you dealing with the religion aspect of Rastafari it is all good to say we r all one and that lets get together and feel alright. You go and listen to Bob and say yea man any skin colour is Rasta. But I want to tell you that Bob aint no fool and he knew exactly who he was speaking to. So did Selassie.

The role of the Non Afrakan is to ACCEPT WHAT HE/SHE IS NOT and find out the REAL ACCURATE purpose you are to serve as an outsider to the Story of Black SKin!
You are PRETENDERS if you cannot sight this. You say you can identify or you say you know but if you KNEW then foolishness wouldnt leave your mouth! Saadon...do you speak like that in your native tongue? NAH? when did you start speakin like dat man? I understood you before! SMG how is you soul black? Becuz you like Black Culture you think that you are Black? Listen to me, You do not have to copy the ways of a Black Person to be a part of our  works becuz our works is Jah works. and I am speakin on behalf of the Rastas who are truly Spiritual and see and feel the Divinity within ourselves. it is an insult to me to hear someone who doesnt know my Istory to talk all over their face about it as if it is theirs!

I am very disapppointed ina  lot of you when I read your responses to this thread. I am not saying you have to please me, but take my constructive criticism. There is a lot more to Rastafari than wearing dreads, wearing the Black POwer colours of RRGB,talkin like a Jamaican and listenin to reggae.you make yourself seem ignorant when you go outside of yourself to blend in with others. if you have to force it then it cant be what is for you.

You earn my respect and you are welcomed into a BLACK SPIRITUAL AND JUSTICE MOVEMENT when you show that you have seen the Light of JAH the One Most High Creator. when you see the errors of all mankind regardless of race and see the true divinity of our flesh made in the image of Jah then you are worthy of acceptance by others. And others dont have to accept you, but I put it this way becuz Rastafari belongs to the Black Struggle. IT is Black Liberation and always will remain this way regardless of what other misguided Blacks or whoever say. Oneness comes when you see yourself through Jah and others who share that vision. This is where the unity comes in and overpowers all else. But the fact remains is that the community movement, the repatriation is to alleviate the destitution of who? the Blacks.that is Rastafari now and forever more. We want oneness and unity in the community and in the land. but we also want what is ours to remain ours becuz no matter what anyone says, this world is not about to let racial differences become redundant and we must be militant and press on. We are here and we remember even though you dont want to! BELIEVE THAT!

I am not speakin to hurt others but I have to call a spade a spade.


Ras Saadon

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Re: Role Of Non Africans in Rasta Movement
« Reply #44 on: June 19, 2005, 11:44:41 PM »

Saadon...do you speak like that in your native tongue? NAH? when did you start speakin like dat man? I understood you before!

I native tongue is hebrew so no but InI talk like that cuz InI feel more comfortable saying nah, InI nah do it to please anyone or to pretend that InI am from ja, InI do it cuz it make InI feel good.
and just so you know InI am african.. 2 of I grandparents are from africa, InI not totally black InI am more brown but InI am still african, so InI nah pretend to be nothing, its just who InI am.
"No one should question the faith of others, for no human being can judge the ways of God." His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I.
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