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Author Topic: Ghosts, Spirits, Forces  (Read 766 times)

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Ghosts, Spirits, Forces
« on: September 14, 2005, 12:43:30 PM »

I started experiancing weird things from the age of 11.  I was in India with my parents, they love in a village.  Anyway, my weird experiance started when i got up to go to the loo.  I got out of bed making sure i did not wake my aunt who was sleeping with, walked outside i was just about to go to the loo when i heard a shuffle on the balacony.  Being young i got scared and ran back to bed.  I drifted of to sleep but then woken up there was someone/thing on the other side of the bed, (now remember i was sleeping with my aunt) who was trying to pull the duvet of me.  I had hold of the duvet and would not let it go in the end i somehow managed to get on to the other side of my aunt.  I heard the shuffling of feet and whoever it was or watever had gone to the other side of the bed and started tugging at the duvet again.  I must have swapped sides at least 6 six evenutually it stopped.  Now all though this my aunt did not stir once.  I tried to go back to sleep but hey when you have had the living daylights scared of you sleep is the last thing the mind wants to do.  After a while i heard feet shuffling towards me.  My heart was beating so hard against my chest i am convinced if it had beat any harder it would have beat itself through the chest.  Somebody pulled the duvet of my head and slapped me real hard on the face i screamed and it was at that point everybody got up including my aunt.  The whole household saw how red my left side of the face was and kept asking wat happened.  I said nothing.  After i had calmed down every1 went baqck to their beds i lay next to my aunt trying to understand what had just happened had i dreamed it no my face was red from the slap.  Lights went out and as i lay next to my aunt i heard feet shuffling towards the front door.  To this day i remember wat happened and i have not been back to India since.  But have encountered and still encounter strange things.  Does any1 else have a true story to tell.


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Re: Ghosts, Spirits, Forces
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2005, 09:18:12 PM »

I hear voices that sometymes screams my name so loud, that sometymes I even think it's my mom calling me from far away. Sometymes they whisper, sometymes they shout. Sometymes they close, sometymes they far away and with an ecco. It's allways a female, never a male, and it is mostly the same voyce (sounds alot like my mom). But sometymes I hear voices a little girl, and sometymes they are many girls chatting.  

I dream about things that are going to happen. And I allways know with a sertain feeling if I had a "true" dream.

I'm scared to enter the cemetary if I'm by myself, because if I do, I get "stuck", and it's hard for me to get out.  [smiley=undecided.gif]

I've seen ghosts twice. But I've felt them more.
-On my sixth birthday, my grandmother came to my bithdayparty and sat down on my bed. I even remember what she was wearing. A grey dress with little pink flowers on it. And slippers. She just sat down and looked at me. And then she went outside my room. Afterwards, in the night, my mom explaned to me that she had died from cancer that same day at the hospital. But they didn't wanna tell me, because it was my birthday and they didn't wanna ruin my day.
-A couple years ago, I lived with my sister in a really old house. I was vacuming my sisters bedroom, when I felt that I was not alone. I went out into the livingroom, but there was nobody. Then I looked from the livingroom into my sisters bedroom, and there I could see, under my sisters bed, this little scared girl trying to hide. She was looking right at me. The funny thing was that I was not the one who was scared. She was. And she was trying to hide from me. I just let her be and went to do the other rooms.



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Re: Ghosts, Spirits, Forces
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2005, 09:40:03 AM »

I got married in 1990.  I married into a Hindu family, They were the highest caste Priest.  From the moment i put my foot into the in-laws house this uneasy feeling swept over me I knew then i had made the biggest mistake of my life and one that would make me very un-happy.  My ex-husbands father had a temple in the living room i never really paid much attention to it.  Wen i would go to bed i would see beads in my sleep being washed in milk, I would see the temple with a shrine in it.  I would wake up chanting.  It spooked to to a degree.  One night i remember getting up really thirsty.  (my ex-father-in used to get up between 2-3am bath and then pray for two hours infront of the temple, He used to ring a little bell while chanting a prayer i know this becasue it was something he did twice a day)  his particular night or shall i say early morning it was about 130am, i woke up for some reason I felt really scared because i had to go downstairs for the water.  The fear did not stop me going to get a drink I said to myself he is downstairs and i could hear the bell ringing.  So I put my gown on and started to walk downstairs towards the kitchen I recall not putting any lights on which is unlike me as I have a fear about walking the dark.  As I neared the bottom of the stairs I could see the light from the temple was on and i could hear the bell ringing continuously.  The light being on was a relief.  I proceded toward the kitchen stopped at the sink took out a glass from the cupboard which was directly above the sink.  I filled the glass with water and crushed my thirst.  I washed the glass and put it on the rack.  Before i made my way back upstairs to the bedroom I turned towards the temple, well I don't think I had ever run so fast in my life.  When I got back to my bedroom I just closed the door and tried to calm my breathing.  I turned to the temple expecting to see my ex-father-in-law ringing the bell and chanting his prayer instead I saw the temple lights on incense burning and the bell ringing and no-one there.

I know i did not dream this.  I don't have an explanation for what I saw, all I know is to this day I still remember the shock, the fear, of what I had experianced.  I have told a few people about my experiances even olders who all turned around and said count it as a blessing.  I don't know about counting it as a blessing becasue I had a life of misery in that house, What i do know is the 13 years I lived in that house, I encountered a number of things whilst I felt a dark presence I also felt a good one like I was being looked after.

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