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Theres another thing that only certain rastas tie their locks in it looks similar to a wrap could some 1 tell me what its called and why its worn please?
Jah Bless

It's essentially a turban and considered such. All sects of Rastafari can wrap their locks at some point, but it's the Bobo Ashanti that does so perpetually. There's many reasonings, but a key one is that the purity of the locks should not be exposed to the impurity of Babylon.

Foundational Rasta --- Nyahbinghi --- must uncover their locks at meetings.

Jah Ras Tafari bless it

Those that wear turban's are those of the priestly hood- BoBo Ashanti.
They follow the teachings of Prince Emmanuel. Their dress and turban come the describtion of priestly garments. Exodus 28:8.

Bless for that, I havnt been a rasta for very long so a few more questions if I may
Would I be wrong to wear a wrap/turban?

I hear that the Bobo Shanti wear different coloured turbans according to the occasion, does any 1 know which colours are 4 what?

I also had a very brief convo with a Bobo Shanti priest and he said that if i wanted to wear one of these that I had to be blessed or somthing can anyone give me more info on this plz?


--- Quote ---Bless for that, I havnt been a rasta for very long so a few more questions if I may
--- End quote ---

Please be slow and careful to claim Rastafari as it is a very very serious thing that bredrens and sistrens have died for. 'Nuff Rastas were raised since birth and didn't claim it for a decade later. Of course on the flipside, 'nuff found it later, but please be slow to fully claim it. A year of researching, working into the livity, and giving thanks to the Almighty is often a reasonable amount of time.

--- Quote ---Would I be wrong to wear a wrap/turban?
--- End quote ---

No, it would not be wrong. Rastas of every house can wrap their locks and many do.

Not sure of the rest because I-man am trodding in a Nyahbinghi stylee. One should check out nyahbinghi.org though because I believe they have links going off into Bobo links.

Jah Ras Tafari bless it


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