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Author Topic: chingy but not influenced  (Read 20061 times)

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chingy but not influenced
« on: December 07, 2003, 11:15:33 AM »

 :)through squinted eyes the truth shown through.
A truth of love;  one sustaining all.
out of the inners of my mind percieved
the love that Jah is
this truth He gave me
Not by actions or words
for both are cheap
but the hearts truest longing
will guide me
to be pure to love
honest truthe
my love lies in all man in all earth in al of u
all night InI was awake after InI saw this light,
through chingy eys.
it  stayed with me only growing
brighter by the moment. tried to sleep but couldn't
my life will never be the same after tonight InI
pray only to continue on this search for riches more than gold to keep growing in this light this love that
just grows...
I just want to sleep, all week my minds been going
looking for answers unseen until my eyes werent so open...
No really now I just want to sleep, the truthe of love InI have to keep.
I have to stop because I keep rhyming and all I was trying to say is new eyes I have found.
or rather were givin me.
Thank and Bless Jah Almighty Most Holy Holy Jah!!! :)


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Re: chingy but not influenced
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2007, 01:55:19 PM »

Now THATS what I'm talkin bout!!!!
Yes I!!!!!
truly REAL
Posted on: June 19, 2007, 11:52:52 am
The poem above made I think of this one I wrote not so long ago......

Just remember Breath of Majesty
Just remember Bliss of Being
Cast iron curtains of concrete could not keep I away from you!
let the faintest touch of your Being caress I for an instant
and shall I be foreva content with that
for the Majesty of your Being is the Eternality of Love Itself!
Breath me! Breath of Blessing!
My gratitude will extent into the twilight of foreverness
as the garden of Your Bountifullness
indicates Thy generousity!
I and I am safely contained within your Love and words cannot
contain the gratefullness of my Heart!
May I, never for an instant, forget this feeling!
and plunge into deception of forgetfullness again!
May Thy Grace infuse itself into the very waters of my soul!

Blessed JahLove
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