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Rasta colors

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Blessing and Respect for all,

As far as I know, theres a lion on the Flag.

If you put red on the top and green on the bottom, that lion would be upside down, lying on its back.
Isnt it like

              red         ?

Please share your wisdom.

please explain what it is that your talking about, the Ethiopian flag? what do you mean red on top etc, etc.

Bless Up Witelioness

The Rastafarian colors are red, green, gold and black. These were taken from the Garvey movement. The red symbolizes the blood of the martyrs, the green the beauty and vegetation of Ethiopia, the gold the wealth of their homeland and black the color of Africans.

However, regarding the lion on the Flag.  It is true that the Green is on the top of the Flag.  The Lion will be turned upside down if it was turned to Red on the top.  But one MUST remember that the colour RED which symbolized the blood of the Martyrs become more Important to the Blackman during certain stages in Istory.  While the Kenya Freedom Fighters (Mau Mau Tribe) were fighting for our Freedom the Red or the Blood was of Importance.  Since then the blood has Itinued to be spilled.  The Green symbolizing the wealth and beauty of the verdant hills were no longer top prioty. 

The colours did not start to be Important due to the Flag and their positioning on the Flag, but through the Living experiences of early RasTafarians.  For those that feel their calling as a warrior, (activist, teacher etc.) the Red will Itinue to be worn on Top as it is Blood they deal with Isistently.  The RasTafarian trod unfortunately has been paved with blood/Red and Red is Prodominant in many RasTafarian sects as they Itinually fight for Freedom. 

In most of society the meaning for the colors of Rasta are black, red, yellow, and green. The red, green, and yellow are the colors of the Ethiopian flag, and the black reperesents Africa. Each color has its own meaning, and they are very significant for many Rastafarians. The black is for Africa because it is considered the homeland.The red is for the blood of all living things in the world. The yellow is for all the gold, jewels, and treasures. The green is for the Earth that people walk on, and that Rastas feel a special connection to.

Nuff Love

Sistah Vee

Ras Adam:
Ites & blessings Sweet Witelioness
Again Iman & raspected, beloved sistahhvee have a little disagreement.
Iman know dat especially bobo shanti ras' use the flag upside down.

Iman nah see di three colors as a symbol for us, people, but as a symbol for His Majesty Emperor High Selassie I and His chosen country, Ethiopia. The flag of Ethiopia:
and Selassie I Lion of Judah version:

Therefore I&I observe di red as the first color as blasphemy of His Majestys flag.
But I&I raspect and honour dem boboras and all a dem others who have another sight of it.

Love & Blessings

Bless Up Ras Adam

No Problem Iyah..One of the perks of being RasTaFari.  We have NO official Ible we Raspect as the whole Truth.

However, Iyah, in this regards we are NOT in diagreement as the I expected.  We are in full agreement regarding the Ethiopian Flag and the manner in which the BoBo's have used it, RasTaFari is a collection of many different branches. Our only thing we ALL are in agreement of is H.I.M. And even in that Ilief we are still divided among RasTafarians. It is not for I to Insist that the I see the colours as a symbol for us, but many of us do see it as such.  RasTaFari Red as the first colour is NOT for all.  Healers, Doctors, Scribes and such sight Green as their Dominant colour.  The point is that we are NOT in a position to judge why and how 'others' decide to unite the colours.  The colours in themselves do not change.  Simply the order of Green, Gold and Red to Red, Gold and Green.  If we added these three colours together we would get the same mixture regardless of which was added first and which last, as long as the parts were equal.  The stirring will make the difference.  And Remember Black.  Where on the Et. Flag is it? 

H.I.M. was Not a perfect Human being.  He Is Perfect in the Role He Fulfilled.  But even in that, we have Sir Marcus.  The main founder of the original RasTafari  in Iception, in disagreement of H.I.M.'s decision and later H.I.M.'s position.  RasTafari still Raspect Sir Marcus and credit him for his great works.  He phrophised H.I.M. then denied H.I.M.  There has always been disagreements in RasTaFari that is why we are so through.  We Research, Study and Prove.  H.I.M. had a bit of controversy within the RasTaFari community as well. The whole discussion over His denial that He is God/Jah and the message He sent out to RasTaFarians after His visit to Jamaica.  That in itself is a heated debate in RasTafari. Fact Is Fact. 

Nice getting a chance to Know the I.  Jah's Blessings..

Nuff Love

Sistah Vee


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