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Author Topic: FORUM RULES  (Read 28228 times)

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« on: February 24, 2005, 05:29:59 PM »

My goal is to provide a forum where a diverse group people can discuss topics in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Whilst I know that I can never be 100% successful, I am committed to doing whatever I can to make this goal a reality.

The purpose of this forum is to help overstand the complexities and diversity of the Rastafarian faith. People of any faith are welcome to join in debate if they wish to learn about the Rastafarian faith. Do not come here to preach your religion.

The purpose is NOT to convert people to ANY religion!! Nor is it to argue that ANY religion is "better" than another.

We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason, and to delete any post for any reason.

If you think someone is breaking any of the rules listed here, please click the "Report" link on the offending post so a moderator can deal with it.

All issues are ultimately decided by the administrator. If you wish to appeal a decision, send an email to admin@rasta-man.co.uk

This forum welcomes people of all races.

We ban people who repeatedly and wilfully break the rules, or who generally engage in rude, antisocial behaviour. It doesn't matter how long you have been a member.

If you have been banned you are not permitted to log on again using a different username. Previously banned members will be immediately banned, regardless of behaviour.

Do not post racist, sexist, homophobic, ethnic, anti-religious, or anti-atheist bigotry. Unambiguous expressions of bigotry will be deleted, and will often result in the immediate banning of the individual responsible.

If it is not clear whether a comment is bigoted, we will generally give the benefit of the doubt and assume the least bigoted interpretation. However, individuals who repeatedly post borderline bigoted comments will be considered bigots and will be treated as such.

When discussing race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion, please exercise the appropriate level of sensitivity toward others and take extra care to clearly express your point of view. This will help avoid misunderstandings and undeserved accusations of bigotry.

The purpose is NOT to convert people to ANY religion!! Nor is it to argue that ANY religion is better than another.

Do not post messages that advocate harm or death to anyone, threaten the livelihood of anyone, or otherwise harass anyone. Do not encourage others to do the same.

Do not post duplicate topics that have already been posted.

Do not post messages that are entirely in capital letters, unless you are trying to indicate yelling or intense emotion.

Do not post sexually explicit images or messages. If you wish to discuss topics of a sexual nature, please exercise an appropriate level of maturity and sensitivity.

Do not post graphic images of violence. If you have a legitimate political purpose for posting graphic images, please provide a clear warning in the subject line of your post.

Stay on topic. Don't jump into an unrelated discussion and introduce a barely-relevant tangent in order to bring up your pet issue.

Do not spam the message board.

Please be aware that new members are restricted from starting new discussion topics. We require you to first post responses to a few existing discussion threads before you are given the privilege to do so. We wish we did not have to enforce this rule, but we have found it very helpful to keep disruptors off of our message board. Please do not email us to ask what the minimum number is; we won't tell you, and it's not very high.

New members are similarly restricted from using the private messaging function.

Messages posted on our discussion board are the opinions of the individuals who post them, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of this forum.

Any information disclosed on our discussion board becomes public information.

All visitors to this forum are here voluntarily. Nobody is forcing you to post on this message board. The administrator tries his best to be fair, and to make this a welcoming place for all who want to be here. If you don't like this forum, or the members, or the way we run this, then we strongly suggest that you exercise your right to leave. If we decide that you don't like this place very much, then we reserve the right to show you the door ourselves!

Ok I know you have read these ... now just try to be nice and I am sure sticking to the rules will be easy!
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