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Author Topic: Why Do Rasta Aurgue So Much?  (Read 8432 times)

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Re: Why Do Rasta Aurgue So Much?
« Reply #45 on: December 30, 2007, 04:24:20 AM »

Well I think we ARE getting somewhere...and when we critize the youth for seeking and finding some community and answers to their personal dilemmas...we discredit Jahs PERFECT plan...but there is perfection in that too......no t I will NEVA condone complacency...their is too much serious stuff going on for that....and EliJAh......I DO know what yah mean by "hippy slackness" and its a problem...I live in Hippy capital so I do know Hippy slackness and altho there are elements of true Rasta Spirit within it...the elements of selfishness, personal greed, hedonism, and individualism, as well as arrogance and irreverence are grevious to my soul...and I grew up in it so I do know what i'm talking about...and yet hippy culture has at its roots the same spirit as Rasta - a resistance to the white -supremacy colonialism, a feeling of indignation for the powers of greed and arrogant destruction of time-honoured meaningful culture and land ....a faith in the natural world of healing thru herbs, vegetarianism, Ital life and living in nature, a deep raspect and reverence for the natural world and a willingness to step away from the dominator-culture and examine Self in an attempt to bring about a conscious and just world for self and others....where hippy culture still stumbles in I view is the Babylon ones are loath to rid demselves of.....and the overly individualistic immature selfishness that undermines community and the true coming together thru selfless service...still we aren't doing too badly, we continue to fight the good fight for human and equal rights despite little support and much opposition....too many people making money off things the way they are and the poor struggle on.......We keep working and talking and we are sure to get it together - I trust Jah, against all odds Jah prevails, NOTHING can undermine I trust in JahJAh and really He already won the battle for we and the works we continue to do in His name secure the future, but we mustn't give up!!!!!!!!!!I need you all for I am lonely here with soooo much to do and a lot to give and when I cup is full it naturally overflows, no need to get discouraged or force tings...just do what feels natural and right and Jah will take care of the rest....In I sight
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Re: Why Do Rasta Aurgue So Much?
« Reply #46 on: December 30, 2007, 04:32:54 AM »

I wasnt trying to cut the I short Elijah but the I is right where going in circles, thats because as I said its HUMAN NATURE. We will argue and complain and be mad because we are human so it will go in circles. We won't accept the other opinion unless we think its right so we get a circle. But I did adress the issue and infact it was the main subject of I point, human nature bredren! the point is that human nature is the answer and the only answer to that is well.. the end of humans.
Peace, Love, Inity

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Re: Why Do Rasta Aurgue So Much?
« Reply #47 on: December 30, 2007, 04:40:48 AM »

As to belittlement 'tough love' is my only defense. I hear what your saying and I agree. I suppose its just my perspective that babylon is something that can live within all of us so when I burn bredrin its just the wickedness leaching off dem soul I'm fighting. I know Iveryone is fundamentally perfect, But that serious fiyah is the only way to ever realize it.

Ites Senor Fruita its been real

Ha,ha your talking like me gawn!!!...I'm juss leaving dis thread, I'm still gonna be around because this ting is in my heart, I've just got to see the wood for the trees....many are called but few are chosen as somebody here stated and I must question so I know who knows right from wrong.

Peace an love

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Re: Why Do Rasta Aurgue So Much?
« Reply #48 on: January 04, 2008, 03:50:16 AM »

Yah know, I can't think of any place I've been where there wasn't arguing.
I seems like when people get together and share ideas there are always those
who feel they know the "true" answer and everyone needs to know what they know.
It's hard for most people to realize that there could be more than one "true" answer.
They are probably well meaning but short sighted.
And then of course there are those who just like to argue.
I don't think that's most tho.

Jah bless. I and I love you all.
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