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Author Topic: The Forged Origins of The New Testament  (Read 17709 times)

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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #120 on: January 13, 2008, 07:59:05 PM »

I don't care enough to have an opinion of your conclusions. Have all the opinoin you want, But at least try to understand what I'm saying.
Fear the terrible g-d of Israel.


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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #121 on: January 16, 2008, 01:17:10 AM »

And rasdave my talk is not about the gnostics and has not a thing to do with them, please read again. Please show me any writing pertaining to a real Jesus or as you like to call Yeshua who studied here and there and was reborn of the (masonic) lions paw. Show me written material that is dated from those times speaking of this, not some fanciful writers material, an ancient book with this in it, not a borders book. Show me an egyptian book with the name yeshua and his initiations. If you cant then it is simply in your mind...period.

Actually Human the Grip of the Lions Paw is originally of Kemetic origin and comes from the mystery schools of heliopolis. If you know anything about freemasonry which im sure you do, most of what freemasonry is is stolen knowledge from the mystery schools of Heliopolis and Misraim. I agree the Yeshua could possibly be Yehosha Ben-Padira because yes their stories correleate but I will post a list of scriptures and non-borders books that I fully believe tell the story of Yeshua that we as Rastas need to know. Not the fabricated story of the babylonian jesus figure so many blind christians think that they are saved under today. Im in class right now but when I have a chance I will post the scriptures and readings of Yeshua I spoke of in this subject post. Bless up though Human and Fallen Angel. Two great minds and I appreciate both of your opinions.

P.S. Human- I know that you are a fan of Mdme. Blavatsky. What have you to say that even Blavatsky claimed to channel Yeshua in her channelings of ascended masters. Yes she had contact with the brotherhood of light but she also had contact with many other ascended masters. Does this matter at all to you?



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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #122 on: January 16, 2008, 02:23:42 AM »

Greeting RasDave, long time bredrin. Yes you are correct in the lions paw originating in egypt, the initiated ones were also called "Panthers" who developed a confidential teaching system around the Osiris rites and there name became synonymous with "secret information/knowledge". This group was directly responsible for all later mystery schools and they used to were panther skins, the same you see today in remote african tribal leaders. Selassie had many at his coronation as well and understood this fully i believe. I used the word mason because it is what most who study any amount of such things would recognize.

Mdme Blavatsky, yes very interesting woman, i enjoy her writings very much. I know she channeled certain ascended masters, I have not read were she channeled one named Yeshua, I would love to read that though, please if you can could you send me something about that. I do know this from extensive research on her is that she did NOT see the bible nor the new testament in the way most see it today nor in her time, she understood well the esoteric-ness of the bible and the new testament and if she did channel one by that name im sure she would likely agree that it wasn't the son of god as in the bible, more like a man although maybe of a higher calibre, such as ascended masters were through many, many years of dedication and pure path. Yes to answer your question it matters to me, I would love to see and read this to understand it better, please send me a path to it, that would be great. I must say though, I only stick to Blavatsky and not to theosophical writers after her time, not many of them anyway because Theosophy was indeed hijacked by many and changed completely to fit in with christianity and masonic teachings. Alice Bailey, Leadbeater, and others were all pmembers of the Fabian society and there purpose was to infiltrate every orginization and take it over to bring it more inline with there Roman Jesuit masters, so there is a big difference in Blavatskys writings and those after her, although very subtle it is none the less there for those to see. One Love bredrin, your a great mind as well, respect due.

fallen angel

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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #123 on: January 18, 2008, 09:37:40 PM »

Hail-up and Give thanks me breddah RasDave.

In addition to countless inaccessible resources dispersed throughout the globe, I think the answers to many questions can be found in Kmt. More ones & ones should consider various sources that can prove very useful in accurately gettin’ to the core of the matter i.e., our spiritual heritage rather than going “Bys dah bible.” Imean ain’ nothing wrong with that, just supplement one’s reading to provide one’s self with a more holistic picture and over-standing of its content. Unfortunately, many melinated Rases miss the ship on its subsequent voyage preferring to remain at harbor – just my rhetoric. Over the past 2.5 years, I’ve conducted research on migration patterns, plant morphology and irrigation use of “prehistoric” inhabitants across No., Ea. and Central Africa. Its amazing what my studies yielded as well as the numerous references InI uncovered. 

InI look forward to the Is post.


I hope this course of the discussion isn’t maligned; it takes a big boy to exercise restraint and not over-react.   ;)
I hope this course of the discussion isn’t maligned; it takes a big boy to exercise restraint and not over-react.


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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #124 on: January 19, 2008, 01:48:09 AM »

I hope this course of the discussion isn’t maligned; it takes a big boy to exercise restraint and not over-react.   ;)

Seen, Though it takes an even bigger boy not to air his unsolicited hopes and fears. ;)
Fear the terrible g-d of Israel.

natty threads

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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #125 on: January 22, 2008, 01:41:55 AM »

Quote from: NyaInIJahLove link=topic=4839. msg66793#msg66793 date=1199318332
Anyways. . . . . like a wise black precher man I once saw on telly said. . the truth is probably somewhere between us. . . . . . I'll concede the Roman Church has done Blasphemous things in the name of Social Control. . . . . . But the Nazarene is and was, regardless of what the Romans have concocted. . .
He was that revolutionary Jew that said Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. . . . whatever the book said. . . I was one who rejected Christianity before having an experience of an Awakening and feeling that ONE in my Heart. . . I feel Him yet and I can't ignore that. . . . . . .

I am so sorry that I cannot read through all of the posts at this time-

To this I will say

Amen and thank-you.

YES the CATHOLIC church is the propagator of lies and the mother of blasphemy.

Is this not sad?

Should we not let our hearts go out to them and wrap them in everlasting love?

They have taught from Constantine that we need a MAN to intercede for us with Yah.

This is blasphemy, is it not?

Did not Abram come to an overstanding of Great Yah Almighty through his own clean heart and reasonings?

(See The Book of Jasher- it is mentioned in the Scripture- the Catholic church left that much of a clue).

There were too many people who had their own copies of scripture to allow the Catholic church (the WOB in my book- not the Catholics IN the church, but the church) to rewrite the Gospels altogether, and there are too many older than the church scriptures that are being found that agree with a lot of what we still have.

It was written in Greek because Greek was the language of philosophy, the language of the educated, the language of trade, and ironically the language of the SLAVES.

Can you believe???

Analyze the stench.

What is the GREAT TRAGEDY is that so many books were left out.

"They" didn't want us confused, they didn't want us to know that God is SO great and So powerful that sometimes He just doesn't make sense to our small minds.

See the Revelation of Peter- They picked the Revelation of John by a NARROW margin over that of Peter.



read Peter- he's on line.

In the revelation of Peter Jesus comes with the keys to the gates of Hell and lets out all who repent.

The Mighty God is a Living Loving Man.

He is our FATHER.

If you revile your father but you go to him later and plead for mercy will not your father take you back?

Of course he will.

How much more so then does God love us?

John is a revelation of DESTRUCTION and MISERY- Peter that of REDEMPTION.

There are MISTRANSLATIONS and miswritings in the new testament as well.

To deny this is to deny demonstrable historical fact.

BUT to dismiss the entire scriptural writings regarding the Nazarene is to deny God's great gift of His begotten son to pay our debt.

Please don't do this.

Don't let the blasphemy of Constantine and his followers destroy your faith in the Almighty God nor in His Son.

JOSEPHUS writes about Jesus and about John as well.

There are also writings about his apostles- I would have to look at Josephus to know exactly which ones.

Josephus is on-line as well, so you can look it up.

The Jews never fell subject to Constantine's blasphemy- he was too busy killing them for them to listen to his church.

Many of them have kept the scriptures of Yeshua intact.

And I will make the point again that when new scriptures are found they so often align with what we already have.

The Catholic church is not in charge of all that is ancient.
There has always been a core of people who worship the Almighty Living God and have kept His writings and His spirit alive through their own resources.

The truth IS out there, but perhaps we should all be like Abram and prayerfully beg revelation for ourselves.

I have personally called on the Name of Jesus to banish demons from my own life and it has worked for me.
That is my personal testimony.

I have personally been led to become a better mother and a better wife through prayerful begging of God for answers.

He has come to me in terrifying dreams and shown me the way- but first I had to find the heart to face my fears and dream the dreams.

It is scary to walk to Jesus- I don't know why.
It is scary to follow God.

I don't know why.

But in the end it isn't half as scary as NOT following God and NOT walking to Jesus.

Please, don't let the bad leaven in Christianity ruin Christ for you.

And yes it is true that you MUST apply your reasoning to scripture and you MUST discern what is and is not true.

The NT writers themselves only sometimes say "This is a revelation from God. "

When they do not, why should we think that it is?

Would they not say if it were?

All we can ever do is prayerfully beg to learn from God and prayerfully beg for our hearts to made right and whole.

And how can we argue that Jesus never existed?


THAT is the Law and the Prophets.



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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #126 on: January 27, 2008, 01:16:10 PM »

"He who has done no investigation has no right to speak"



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Re: The Forged Origins of The New Testament
« Reply #127 on: January 27, 2008, 01:47:24 PM »

well that's what this forum is about isn't it?
I was under the impression that one could post something up here with an open mind knowing full well, that if the information was incorrect, someone would correct us along the line....
so saying....get out and live...is all very well, but what if one is living and perpetuating lies?
to have the courage to put ones thoughts up here, for anyone to see, is a breakthrough for those of us who have lived, shunned and relegated to the fringes of society, with very little space to be ourselves without huge amounts of ignorant judgementalism and persecution of varying degrees........
and yet, the scoffers who live by reading and thinking (western stye), instead of asking and praying
(traditional style)
are posing questions as fact and its disturbing to find on a RASTA site
why don't they give POSITIVE information that is USABLE instead of this verbatum theory (so-called "history"-western style) negating I and I SACRED KNOWLEDGE and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with rude bwoy style arrogance??????????
jumping to CONclusions is a trap we all need awareness to avoid
SIStah NYah I
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