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Author Topic: Bun the Rastafari Movement  (Read 14568 times)

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Re: Bun the Rastafari Movement
« Reply #90 on: March 04, 2009, 10:21:58 AM »

How does this work?

They start a thread call but the Rastafari movement. On a Rasta website!
They then diss Rasta to the fullness 
They promote their style of judaism  which basically defends the captivity and slavery of Black People in particular and humanity in general.
They claim that they are Rastafari but yet give no conscious reasoning to back up this outlandish claim.

In short dem a folly worker!

But the difference between them and us is they are afforded a right to spread their poison.
In contrast; try going on a christian, jewish or muslim site and submit the same type of ignorant nonsense that they post
and within 10mins you would be banned!

Get me right! I am not advocating that they should be banned, far from it! I love a conscious reasoning when point of view and
issues can be discussed and positive criticism or even constructive criticism can be discussed with a view to reaching a Overstanding!
I want people to show me some information/knowledge; which I can take away to consider/research and come up with a viewpoint based on overstanding; whether that viewpoint is a strengthening of the original viewpoint or the relinquishing of the viewpoint.

But these people do not function that way. They seem to relish the opportunity to chant down people without giving any coherent or sustainable reasoning other than the old played out anthem of the oppressor!

I certainly would not want to see them banned because their vitriolic hateful outpourings of unconscious hatred; serves the purpose of exposing them for what they really are and who they really represent!

I wonder if any conscious-ites out there, see it the same way?     

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