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Author Topic: Unassisted Homebirth  (Read 5903 times)

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Re: Unassisted Homebirth
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2010, 07:02:29 PM »

I have had 2 home births and 2 in birthing centers.  i was dooped last time by a midwife that made me believe that I had to have a registered midwife or a dr in the hospital.   After labor she disclosed to me that I could have had a homebirth again, what a money making scam.   She knew the whole time i was willing and able to do it without any medical person. .  So I am asking and researching because i am pregnant again. .  Cps cannot take my child if i choose to have an unassisted pregnancy and homebirth in ny usa?  The way i took her saying this to me is the religious belief legal loophole.   If any of you have any info or resources please let me know.  thanks so much
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