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Author Topic: InI need some Help.  (Read 1452 times)

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InI need some Help.
« on: November 19, 2008, 01:20:36 AM »

Hey all. I have been struggling lately with school and life lately. I am smart, but i am slow paced and like to learn everything in detail. Babylon does not like these types of people. I feel like everything around I is all cheap, fast, and not quality. (I live in USA by the way). I am 16 years old and i just can't keep up. I have been blessed with the fortune of going to a Waldorf Philosophy School which is very different, but i still have a hard time with school. Especially how people my age act. Its disgusting. The other day i heard people in my class saying things such as "I'll slit your throat!" and "i'll kill your grandma!" What horrid things! I would love to not be in this enviornment and maby just become a farmer. I have always wanted to be a vet and push myself hard in school, but it's extremely hard to get it to vet school and i have to be the best. It is in part because I love animals, but partly because of this evil want of a lot of money. I have a hard time relaxing because of these things occupying my mind. I take my free time up with tv and violent videogames. I feel "relaxed", but it is really all just a distraction from the real world. I read a lot though which is much more relaxing but it is still a distraction. My mother says i should not use ganja and my age. I want to use it when reasoning and also to help I out with this horrible Babylonian state of mind I am in. My mother understands this and will let me use it eventually, which will be ok. But to get to the point, i just wanted some advice and also some of the ways you idren relax, meditate and take away stress. I try to put my soul in a state of love, but there is so much hate around me. Thanks  Idren. Bless.
Much Respect.
One Love.


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Re: InI need some Help.
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2008, 10:13:09 AM »

BlessedLove Bredren,
  There exsist this place of peacefullness inside all JAH children.  We need to know how to go to this place of communion which serves as refuge for a distracted world.
  Many of the Youth today see the herb as escape.  It is  a Gift for us from the Most I.  I man am happy to hear the relationship with parents is a Strong one.  Mothers Lovefulness and allowance for the I to use the Herb is wise, and timely.  To be able to share in the I~ditation and UPliftment with them is a Blessing, for it shows how very much they are connected to the I and the growth which must come.
  Please realize that at this age ones do not always rally toward peaceful co-exsistance in the environment the I finds himself.  I was raised on Long Island as well, and know the culture that surround the I.  Competition and violence, along with willful disregard for others is the norm in and environment where youth seek out a place amongst peers.  The I seem well seperated from this for both the type of school the I find himself, and the Interest which has taken hold on Rastafari.  There is much to learn and the road has always been here.  Spend enough time to look at where we come from, but never loose sight of where we are going.  Each man must fullfill dem destiny, and one can not do it alone.  Keep Humbleness at the core of action.  Keep JAH as a companion I~very step of the way. 
  Look to the action to foresee the reaction, and it will become apparent that wisdom is a gift from JAH that only the open hearted may recieve for the good of others, and in the spreading of this goodness, Knowing thyself, is the ultimate gift recieved thru the giving.  Do not get down , rather with all that surround the I, see the Blessings for what they are.  We are surrounded by such brilliance, yet Must have the eyes to see such beauty. 
  Be Strong.  Be Humble.  remain Open for the Fullness that is JAH.  HIM is Iverywhere and part of ALL tings.
All Glory and Praise to JAH ~+~

natty threads

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Re: InI need some Help.
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2008, 05:51:49 PM »

Son of Jah,

All I have is hugs.

Have you spoken with the 'rents about the untenable situation?
Would it be possible for you to homeschool perhaps?

No-one should have to deal with threats like these any where any way.

I am surprised to hear that such is going on in Waldorf schools. People who know me know I disapprove of Rudolph Steiner and the general goal of Waldorf schools, but that does not change that they should be peaceable loving places that allow the students time to really learn, and by reputation are.

Again, hugs.

You poor child/man.
You are just a year older than my own oldest.
To imagine you in such straights brings tears to my eyes.

TALK with your parents.

EXPLAIN what is happening.

Keep in touch here. You are loved.

Bless up


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Re: InI need some Help.
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2008, 04:50:05 AM »

Surfmon- thank you for your help and insight and your wisdom that i always learn from.

Natty- Thank you so much for your compassion. You show me love and treating a stranger as family. Much love for this. Many thanks. Just so you know these threats arent made against me, people just yell them out. I could  never provoke these words. Home school is a hard option, for after I left the public schools, I don't have many friends and would have a hard time with this being homeschooled. Also my sister was homeschooled during highschool because she was suffering from chemical deppresion, and she regrets making that choice. Also my parents dont have the time to do this. They are way too busy although i could use internet schooling. My parents and I treat each other quote a bit like friends, so i definately can talk to them and i will. I just have a hard time finding time. But tonight, Junior Marvin, the lead singer of the original wailers gave me his jacket. I believe this is a symbol from Jah to hang in there and prosperity will come.

I love you all, my family. I truly value your voices and appreciate everything you tell me. It is good for I to have some guides that are not my parents (My parents do guide me well, but it is always good to have non-parental guides) or immature cocky 16 year old friends that do not know of Jah's Light. So Thank you thank yo thank you all. Much Love and Blessings.
Much Respect.
One Love.

natty threads

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Re: InI need some Help.
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2008, 09:09:42 PM »

"But tonight, Junior Marvin, the lead singer of the original wailers gave me his jacket. I believe this is a symbol from Jah to hang in there and prosperity will come."

Wow. That is special.

I'm relieved to hear the threats are not directed at you.

Sounds like there are some demons that could stand some rebuking- not the children, the demons- and not that I expect it should be done- just that the demons could stand it.

All right- mom of a teenager bossiness to follow- read with the love it is written, eh?

Read your Bible and question all of it.
Read it some more.

Do some research on your own on creation science and biblical archeology as well as comparative religions. On your own. Read both (or all) sides.

Read Selassie's speeches.
They're on-line.
I start with the early and work to the later, read a few, go back, fill in.

David Crockett gave a great speech when he was in congress, "Not Yours to Give."

It is an easy, pleasant, quick read on personal responsibility.

George Washington's Farewell Address should be at least skimmed through and parts read in depth.
He would not be pleased with the US policies these days, I'll tell you now. It is a wonderful piece on tolerance, imo, but it can be a lot of work to read. You seem literate and articulate, though. At least take a look at it and keep it in mind.

And DO read our Constitution if you haven't already.
Don't take anyone else's word for what anything says.
There's all kinds of stuff people say that isn't true.
(Just like about Ras', just like about the Bible, just like about Selassie, and so on).

And do bless up.

You are a brother and are recognized as a brother in an international community of sharing and love (love the verb what we do for one another).

And I am so proud of your PMA (positive mental attitude).

You are a very special young man.



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Re: InI need some Help.
« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2008, 10:30:39 AM »

Wow, my bredren, I sure can relate
I had a hard time in school too, just felt really different from most and withdrew into Iself....
I find babylon easier when I take the time to fill up with like-minded people
express all the rage and grief for the harshness, brutality, lies, greed and neglect in poetry and music
shake it out thru dance
be in natural surrounds as much as possible for the peace there and in solitude and with true friends is incomparable
use natures meditative aids and medicines extensively
read Conscious words and Whole - Iyah Scriptures from differing Spiritualized cultures
express thru art and drama
escape thru humour and satire sometimes
research whats gwan in Jah world obsessively so I can make informed decisions
listen to very little but Conscious music and I own hearts knowingness of LOVE JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS
frequent Rasta sites and culture Itinually for sanity truth and upliftment
study History and Herstory voraciously
go to counseling regularly
do yoga
walk swim chop wood and carry water
give love to people who need it and appricilove it
accept Iself and reality as it is, and work to change myself to improve things
pray to and Love I Creator and I guides and be mindful of them Itinually
just breath and give thanks and aprilove all the blessings in I life
help others less fortunate than I
Live I truth and thus putting Raspect for Iself as foremost and fear of retribution last
don't worry about tomorrow, instead put I faith in the Ivine plan
knowing, if I play I part to the best of I abilities and health, I will please I Essential Self and Creator(s) and
everything will be allright
oh, try to get enuff sleep and eat Ital!!!!!!!
Come celebrate JahTime is Come
singers&players of instruments
JahLovers &Freedom Lovers

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