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Author Topic: Light Of Saba - Sabebe  (Read 1345 times)

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Light Of Saba - Sabebe
« on: December 15, 2008, 06:00:30 PM »

Kingston Connection proudly presents

The Light Of Saba – Sabebe


01 - Light Of Saba - Sabebe
02 - Light Of Saba - Music In My Brain
03 - Light Of Saba - Caliweed
04 - Light Of Saba - Legba Praise
05 - Light Of Saba - Rastaman Kibero
06 - Light Of Saba - Thy Kingdom Come
07 - Light Of Saba - Solitude
08 - Light Of Saba Africa

Excellent re-issue of the rare 1978 Light Of Saba LP Sabebe, a riot of contemplative spirituality and fiery Afrobeat from the French revive label Kingston Connection, responsible for the recent revives of Zap Pow’s Last War and Leroy Sibbles’ Blood In The Streets.  This is their first album release and they’ve presented it beautifully in a near perfect reproduction of the original sleeve.  Two tracks, Sabebe and Africa, were included in the superb Honest Jon collection The Magical Light Of Saba in 2003 and one track has been added to this vinyl only re-release, the two minute slice of Nyahbingi percussion Legba Praise.

To discover all Kingston Connection reissues & productions please visit this site  www. kingston-connexion. com

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