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Author Topic: (from) 'daily raw inspiration'  (Read 1287 times)

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(from) 'daily raw inspiration'
« on: November 22, 2008, 02:43:43 AM »

                Isn't it rather strange how much we as humans can manage to take for granted! The sheer miracle of mathematics that went into designing a cell, a piece of fruit, a world, a universe, not to mention the realm of time and space is just way too mind boggling to think about on a regular basis!

But these wonders all around us, - sound waves, brain waves, nature, colors, light, music, thought, design, existence, - are all infused with an essense that is nothing other than divine perfection, revealed right to us mere mortals! This divine perfection literally flows right through us! Every atom of our being has elements of this divine perfection in it, even to be able to exist.

And I believe that if we can open up to it, if we can reach for a state of consciousness, love, appreciation, and gratitude for this divine energy, then we will see, be open to, and experience harmony in our lives.

One morning, I had a vision of patterns surrounding me and suffusing me, and I felt this was a vision of Divine Perfection, and I felt so grateful to be feeling it! I made a voice recording of my thoughts right after this experience, which I've included here.

- Jinjee, from Pear Magazine Online, Nov. 08
Whoever Brought Me Here, Will Have To Take Me Home - - -Rumi

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