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Author Topic: I know, I know, this is horrible but: Abortion?  (Read 4007 times)

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Re: I know, I know, this is horrible but: Abortion?
« Reply #15 on: December 02, 2008, 05:07:48 AM »

Moses, I will say first that I cannot possibly consider all of the aspects that you do so don't be surprised that I find your view on killing  bit odd for a vegetarian

and secondly that taken to the logical extreme, it makes no difference the age of the person being killed- which should give any of your unhappy acquaintances pause ;)

and thirdly that given an immortal and reincarnating soul,

don't you hold that the spirit CHOOSES the life into which it will go?

while not "damaging" a  soul by preventing it to take on a fleshly existence- that it chose- that you consider less than ideal

you are actually DISRUPTING that soul's cycle through its lives?

That would be my serious concern.

Bless up.


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Re: I know, I know, this is horrible but: Abortion?
« Reply #16 on: December 02, 2008, 08:28:04 AM »

Blessed Love...

Ha ha ha, this thing about killing versus vegetarianism takes the matter of 'purpose of vegetarianism' into scrutiny; and this is beatiful as well to propound.

To I man, being a vegetarian serves better as a stance for purity, this goes parallel with not taking alcohol or any kind of intoxicant. This is the first step towards embracing love. The Christ principle. It is a chance to expose ur unconscious motives that spring from ur lower self as a man. And also, by avoiding all intoxicants, it is to cultivate a robust mental attitude to learn the new patterns of life, especially the ones that relates with higher laws of life(The inner live). It is as well a willing choice to give up ur basal desire; sacrificing them in the altar of the Higherman in you. The classical of purity versus love is the living dramma of John the Baptist and The Son Of Man, Jesus. Preceeding Love is Purity, and thats the ways we term washing our sins and preparing the way for the King. That king is Love, the only savior of mankind, and it is that love divine which the deliverer, the mashiakh, christos, CHRIST. And it is the Son aspect.

So purity is a preparation, and when its purpose is done it can be dropped, really. Thats why purity serves better as a vow. U may notice Jesus himself was not vegetarian in actual case... He ate fish... So a curious question can arise, if Jesus was real spiritual, and teaching all about love and compassion, but yet he himself instruct others to go and fish; where is that compassion for other living things? But the answer to this is simply, purity has a purpose, and once its purpose is done it no longer matters. Jesus had practices purity to its proficiency in his previous lives, and he came back with a crystallisation of higherself itself, the 'Iyaman' Bob would say it in his song, 'I hear the words of the Iyaman say, Babylon has truely gone down, gone down...' And it is a rastaman chant. And this is crystallisation, and a function of man who had made a choice thru the second power of 3 in 1, the WILL. And will is the Father aspect.

So Jesus, tho he preached love, he was an example of the Power aspect of the triad, WILL. And Jesus exited earliy... If He could have allowed to live longer, he could have blossomed into the WISDOM aspect; a mystery of Buddhic Consciousness. Nevertheless it was all the divine plan. Towards Buddhahood, is dropping all attachment to worldly things including knowledge, mind, and things of form, thus it is the entry into absolute freedom, a complete non attachment and being at the verge of entering the cosmic womb... The unborn reality. And Wisdom is the mother aspect.

Only people with a measure in the state of their crystallisation, can undergo a phenomena called a conscious rebirth. Even moving toward a state a crystallisation implies one will at least remember part of his past momentum of lives and experience. In recent ages, more and more people have, thru their state of consciousness toward death transistion; can be said can to have a limited degree, to choose their next coming life. But only the percentage this far. Most of rebirths are completely unconscious. The moment of death is always crucial to programming ur future life. It is seeding of ur future personality... And the art of which some of the world cultures have remarkable knowledge and skill to do it. Tibet is one such land of which, the moment of transistion is taken into usefulness, the ritual of giving instruction to a dying person is usually done in the form of a song known as Bardo Thodol. There r many hidden metaphysical knowledge in different cultures that can extracted from their burial rituals and practice, and they are worthwhile to be paid attention.

Iman dont say that killing(especially another man) is alright... But it is alrite if it is executed in a conscious mind. If it is done in unconscious way, then certainly it is a sin. Karma is occurence resulting from the interplay between the conscious and unconscious elements. Animals kills one another, and thus they are subjected the unconscious evolution... Man himself in no excuse to this. The human dramma is still a mixture of pain and pleasure because we are not yet conscious enough. And who is a conscious man who would like to kill for petty reasons and motives? The only way to be free from sin is the to act from an axis of very seeing eye of the immortal-I or its impulses. For the I-yaman, is a collective goodwill of all life as future oneness(from a point of a complete evolution and convergences). Yet this needs knowing the nature of ur impulses to act at a given situation. It is similar to the purity versus love, but here it is more like a quantum effect... It is masculine essence of choice. With love things manifest in a pattern of growth thru time. But in the path of will, The mind is trained to master execting the impulses of action from the Most I. Just like the in the case of experience of Tom Cruise in the movie 'The Last Samurai' as he was fighting to a draw. Love qualifies the feelings and give them a mounting momentum...

And to live, from the point of the Iyaself; can not be sustained by orderly growth alone... But with death as well. These two are balanced by the third transcedental mysterious force/order of life... Nothing can be prevented, only delayed... Which can be a choice as well. It is going to be balanced in a wider scheme context of things. So in life there are things to be aware; one can trust the blind side of life, which also balance itself as well... Or chose a trust his/her action as a conscious choice. The blind side of life can bear alot of 'unknown' dissonances(maybe unconscious manifest of discordant seed event), these are the things like the blind side of biology... Where one can be born with severe handicapness, blindness or something. Or we can choose to stop it from happening... Although, at least when we have a considerable measure of consciousness over this matter, an impulse may come to try to penetrate the mystery of the cause. And Jesus for instance was asked, why a man is born blind(?) Yes, as a man who wants to be conscious of something, he/she will want know, at least knowledge-wise.

In the future, someway like 30 years from now. Reicarnation will be a scientific fact... And this will go further more into engineering the births of people in certain places. Rite this Iwa, people cannot choose whom r they giving birth into, who r they welcoming. But in the future that will never be case again. Many people will be welcomed in perfect womb that is suitable for the incoming life by inheriting the right bodily genes. Many troubled soul will be helped before taking a physical life, and this will reduce most of cases of children being born with wrong developed body due to the wrong mental-seed imprits during last state of death that may distort new bodily development as a potential baby. This will ensure real progress into a new man and new earth by the end of this century. Science will do amazing things from the second third of this century. Including a communication with discarnate souls and the othe souls in invisible planes, who are the ones who are real going to help advance these sciences from projective computers of that time to scientists.

Therefore, it is better to maintain a clean will and choices. And everyone can thus be instrumental into carrying a flame of doing works that will serve goodwill unto all mankind, today and tomorrow.

JAH Guide
If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love + If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love = I am nothing. 1 Corinth 13
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