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Author Topic: what do i need to do  (Read 1323 times)

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what do i need to do
« on: January 02, 2009, 06:28:40 AM »

i joined these forums cause i want to be rastafarian but i don't know how i can get to the point where i call myself a rastafarian.  i mean what do i need to do to actually become a rasta.  i think the philosophy is great and would like to be a part of it myself.

do i need to read some books, or sites and learn more about it before i can consider it or what? i sort of follow the buddhist philosophy right now but i feel like there's more controlling our lives than karma. . .  i just became vegetarian again (i was vegetarian for almost 4 years but took a 2 year break and i decided to give it a go again) and i smoke herb for spiritual purposes mainly (sometimes recreational). . .  im white but i dont think that matters cause rastafari is about black empowerment, not black supremacy, right? well, i'm actually italian/native american, and if i go anywhere that isn't seattle that has sun i become very dark skinned. . .

so i guess this threads purpose is to ask what i need to do to become a rastafarian.  i have an above average understanding of what rastafarians believe, but average understanding isn't a good understanding, and neither is mine.  from what i know it seems like a great way of living and like i said before, i want to be a part of it.



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Re: what do i need to do
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2009, 10:13:58 PM »

First of all. (this is my view) I would encourage you to stop following Buddhist philosophy, it is a philosophy which turns away from the ONE God. Rastafari is not about black empowerment at all...it is about Jah. Haile Selassie I never distinguished over black or white. I would advise you read the Kebra Nagast and the Holy Bible. These two books are essential. To call yourself Rasta you must believe you are a Rasta in your heart and this comes through the words of Jah.  Your ethnicity does not matter. The Lord only sees your soul. Your physical appearance does not matter.


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Re: what do i need to do
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2009, 01:18:57 AM »

Blessings bredren,
first of all, I don't think the I will receive all the answers from a site like this..although reading around will give the I some I idea of the consciousness...reading His Majesties words will help and let I tell the I, their are no really a clear separation from eastern philosophy such as Buddhist...for His Majesty has a very Mystic, Oneness mind..and appriciloves ALL the paths that lead to peace, both inner and outer...
 the main place the I will find the Guidance yah seek in within "seek and ye shall find, ask and it will be given, Knock and the door will be opened"
On I site, address below, there are links to other sites such as World of Jah, that has a lot of mature Rastafari people on it and I think yah will find more info there as well....
Yah know that His Majesty put His Christian faith, peace and love , justice and equality, as well as Education on the top of His list of priorities...
When He spoke to Me, the first time, He requested impeccability
and last time He told me "ask and ye shall receive" (I have trouble asking for what I need, it is a common one for women)....
don't fall into a trap of thinking He is inaccessible.....
He is REAL 
Blessed perfect Love
Rastafari forIva
Sistren NYah I
Come celebrate JahTime is Come
singers&players of instruments
JahLovers &Freedom Lovers


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Re: what do i need to do
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2009, 01:12:55 PM »

thanks to both of you.  i was reading about it and i was on another forum where someone was asking if a white man can be a rasta (common question that i see) and there were a few answers that said its about black empowerment, so i was just assuming that was true.  i feel Jah and know he is real. .  despite the fact that i'm partially a buddhist, i always have felt a connection with some higher power (Jah). . .

i own a bible which is the king james edition. . .  with red pages.  i was going to start reading that tonight and see what i get out of it.

i had a few questions though.

so i noticed that the rasta men and women on here speak very different than the way i and my friends and family do. . .  words like "bredren" "breddah" "InI/I and I" etc. . .  i don't understand a lot of it.  could someone explain some of it for me? i know a bit about the nature behind some of it cause ive been reading, but don't fully understand it.

and i cant find any speeches from Haile Selassie I so if could someone link me to it?

and i would like to know if you guys consider rastafari to be a philosphy or a religion.  i've seen mixed opinions on this in my studies.  thanks again.

p. s.  about buddhism and rasta. . .  i know that christians can be buddhists while being christians, because i have met some, and buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion.  it has wonderful teachings about compassion and the world that i would like to continue to follow.  it doesn't specifically say anything about there not being a higher power, and there are some forms of buddhism that conform to hindu beliefs of many gods/godesses.  i just wanted to say that because i have always been by nature a very compassionate person and can't change that.  the buddhist philosophy as well as rasta both (from what i know) make a lot of sense to me, and it makes sense to me to utilize them both.

thats all.   :)

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