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Author Topic: why didn't selassie hav dreads  (Read 7153 times)

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why didn't selassie hav dreads
« on: January 04, 2009, 01:01:25 AM »

hi brothers and sisters u c ppl have asked me in the past why didn't h.i.m. have any locks i always tell them that the locks someones head are a crown and Selassie never needed them because he already had the crown of Ethiopia anyway that's just my opinion any 1 eles got any different theory's.

jah bless

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Re: why didn't selassie hav dreads
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2009, 09:15:09 AM »

Well, dreadlocks is a covenant between Jah and us, and Selassie I is Jah. It's pretty much like the question "Why was not Selassie I Rasta?", because Rastas follow Rastafari and Selassie I is Rastafari, Yashua wasn't a Christian was he? He could not be, just as Selassie I could not be Rasta, you can't follow yourself. Anyway, as I said, Selassie I is Jah so why would he wear dreadlocks, the covenant is not for him.

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Re: why didn't selassie hav dreads
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2009, 12:35:10 PM »

In Iyah sight
the Original Dreadlock was Shiva
He also gave us Herb
see I Rascourse on Kundalini on I site linked below for more indepth info on this topic
Early Jamaican Rastafari Mystics were greatly influenced by the Indian Sadhu's who they exchanged spiritual reasonings and smoked and exchanged Ganga with
even the name Ganga comes from the Indian "Ganges" their Most Sacred River......
Indian Sudhus are the renunciates who devote themselves to God,  in the aspect of Shiva, he is Jah in His Yogic face....they also wear their hair in dreadlocks
Shiva is a primordial,  Blue face of Jah, Jah in His Yogic Godly aspect. Black people were blue before the great flood, when the firmament fell, which was a body of water that surrounded the earth and protected the then inhabitants from the fierce ultraviolet rays of the sun that cause premature aging, before the firmament fell, people lived much longer, after the firmament fell, the sun turned the blue people black.....
Iyah see Shiva as an earlier, Primordial face of His Majesty, in His Original before-time Embodiment
and if one researches, one will find that Yoga is originally African, and Yoga means Union....
Renunciates who grow locks forsake vanity
they Ivote their lives to oneness of union with Jah/The Most High/I
Locks denote a Spiritual focus
His Majesty was a King, King of Kings, who had to keep His locks on the inside, and do the work that needed doing....
But He clearly demonstrates His allegiance with the consciousness of Mystic Yogic livity, thru his life and words
Yogis and Mystics of all ages show their renunciate values in different ways, for Rastas and Sadhus, we do it with Locks...meditation becomes a focus, as well as working for the greater good of all.....
Our locks show that we are part of an ancient, natural order, that is way older than the current system of capital and technology, earth destruction and enforced control...and we show our allegiance to Shiva/Jah/Oneness and completion thru the yogic way of renunciation, self discipline, inner journey to God/Wholeness/Oneness, peaceful, compassionate livity and prayer, ritual and communion thru partaking and Iditating pon the Holy herb -Ganga......
 For obvious reasons, His Majesty could not have achieved the success and acceptance from the entire world had he worn dreadlocks at that time, however I have seen a photo of Him with dreadlocks, I will share the link when I track it down...
Blessed perfect Love
Nyah I
Posted on: January 05, 2009, 01:30:24 PM
here is the link

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