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Author Topic: 22.12.2012 - What is your opinion ?  (Read 1745 times)

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22.12.2012 - What is your opinion ?
« on: May 28, 2009, 01:06:37 AM »

Give the date in google and you will get a "slight" overview pon this matter. What is your opinion ? And what if nothing happen pon that day ? What is the meaning of it ?
What if something do happen ?

Funny thing is that this is I an I "first" day - I man was born on this day.



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Re: 22.12.2012 - What is your opinion ?
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2009, 09:52:03 PM »

i don@t know how to see this because people have said that the earth was gona end loadz of times

i watch this one video on youtube and it says ow its link to selassie I
he mentions  genesis chapter 6 vs 3

heres the lin if you want to watch
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL4JliJeeyQ&feature=related it


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Re: 22.12.2012 - What is your opinion ?
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2009, 01:17:47 PM »

Give Thanks Bredren Prophet,

  What is to be must be.  So it is with Nature and the will of JAH.  As we approach yet another point in time, we will come to see the pendulum swing from one side to the other.  If this is what the I referr to, it is natural that as the year approach, the center of the universe comes to the point long prophisized and after reaching the center, will go forht to the other side.
  What we have seen in our world of opposites is that Nature has a very physical nature.  This has been analyzed through out the ages by many wise minds.  In so many ways, it is a reflection of the choices we make freely in or life cycle.  The reality of that which we face is seen day to day in the world of opposites.  It is not only natural, but of an unseen force that binds us together.
  As a breath rushed in, so it goes out.  The Universe is no different.  It expandes and contracts on a different time line.  Our time line is but a brief blink in the grand scheme of things, but if we look closely, we can see that rather than feel like insignifigant in the larger scmeme, we have endless oppertunity.  More so than generations that had come before.
  If we are indeed coming to a focal point, it is AT THIS POINT we shall come to see if what we are is all we can be.  Humanity has the potential long spoken about and dreamed of, but we are just as close to the destruction through seperation from the light that is withIn us.  If Imanity has a collective desire to Humble themself and progress.  If we use this tool (internet) to UNITE the vibration of love, there is no seen limit of the POWER it has. 
  If science says the polarity of the earth should actually invert and switch up, what shall that do to the physical world we live?, do we exsist only on this plane?, or are we so afraid of loosing what we have come to posess that we cling to it in fear.  Well, world of opposites seh, that those that try to grasp tightly, soon loose grip.
  InI shall Live on forIver in the Light that IS His Majesty, and no death shall cast a shadow on this Love.  For, WE ARE ONE.
Let we give Thanks unto JAH and offer our hands in peace and Love with UP turned palms

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