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Author Topic: Faith being questiond...  (Read 941 times)

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Faith being questiond...
« on: May 14, 2009, 12:55:49 AM »


I often have my faith questioned by members of my family and freinds. . .
they belive the only reason I am Rasta is to smoke pot, and that is not true.
I don't even belive smoking pot is a big part of it, I belive haveing faith in Jah, and knowing the holy spirit is in us all is nesseary to show Jah that you love him, and worshiping him individually and by my own choice shows I am very grateful and appreciative of his creations and the gift of life.

I really have problems with my family/freinds accusations and could use some advise please. . .
Blessings and praise Jah. . .


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Re: Faith being questiond...
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2009, 10:30:36 AM »

Hail Up Bredren,
  sounds as though the I has the Livity in heart and mind.  It is really HOW we move through this life and the way we touch the lives that are a part of us that show the Positivity we are ALL capeable of.  Family and friends have come to know the person we were, yet as we grow  both Iritually and physically our vibration gets fine tuned.  A way to reconcile the difference between the two is to observe its impact in our immediate life. 
  The truth of the matter is that the very ones that Judge so swiftly are not without sin and have no business meddling with ones relationship with JAH.  Wether we look at all the faiths of the world and their central point (which is JAH for Rastafari) we are looking at the same thing from differing points.  If Ones start to BE-LIE-ve their way is the "only" way it a sure fiyah way to know narrow mindedness.
  There is a big difference in most people between what them practice and what them preach.  Make sure the two are the same, and even though lifes dynamic  will cause change, it is our usage of what we are given that show the Blessing of JAH.
  If the manifestation of faith for the I comes as a Rasta, trod forth with Love and truth- for in the company of these two things one cannot be far from the core of who we are and in the end, that is what it really IS about.  The impact and goodness we are capeable of achieveing in this life cycle.
  There is a line of thought that shows before we are born, as Irits we choose the families we are to become part of.  So often times we feel in conflict with our parents because they do not recognize the inner growth we experience and are only seeing the outward expression of who we are.  That is why we must use the guidelines that have been given us by the Most I and go forth with a Irit that is in tune with Nature.  Nature is at the VERY ROOT of what RASTAFARI stand for, naturally.  It is the delicate balance in these times of fighing for what is right while surrounded by such disconnection from nature that we are on the bring of a massive change.  We are capeable of so much when we come TOGETHER and use our minds and hearts for the upliftment of humankind, in our time.
   Be Humble and open, show them what type of Innection you have.  Do not do this to spite or proove wrong, simply ask them if they practice what them preach and which you is it that them see? the inner or the outer~for when the two merge and the I is comfortable with who the I IS~ there is just no stopping this train.
  May JAH guide and Itect

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