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Author Topic: me theory on christs  (Read 942 times)

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me theory on christs
« on: September 21, 2009, 08:30:32 AM »

Greetings ,
    Thank you bredren Nick for the movie " zeitgeist.com "

    Made I think much....I as a man was and am on that path to the truth.
After watching the movie much I as a man feel that the "christs"  are real people....deriving from the word christus   =  saviour

maybe , just maybe this is the way it was supposed to be....each  part of the world having their own saviour....that is why they all have all the #s in common and all go by the astrological sky.....yet just maybe these men an wombman were  christs, saviours.
In christo belief the tower of Babel an Nimrod  =  JAH made evryone go different directions and diff, speach.I as a man feel this is the way it should and would be....the whole world would never worship One saviour as long as we speek diff. speach an customs.

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Re: me theory on christs
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2009, 02:20:41 PM »

BlessedLove Michael,
  Long time since we chatted, although I always seek the love in the chat room, these days it is hit or miss.
  YES I !, it is right to give Bredren Ras Nick thanks and praise, for his providing us with this invaluable tool of a site.  one wher we may come together and share our lives and what we have learned.  I know it has been a large part of I life for these past 6 years.  THANK YOU NICK.
  Well Idren, I mon have come last weekend to the end of the Ible.  I have some questions regarding the 7 lampstands in Revelation thaat are placed before the Throne at judgement time, but seeing Michael mention the tower of babel, it reminded I of the topic I started once when I was at that part of the book.  When I was reading that, it was a question I asked, why did JAH do it?, scatter the people and confuse their language?.  As I read on, it was easy to see that time and again, in days gone by as in these days right now, Human kind has always sought to be on the same level as God.  It was the celebration of their acomplishments, and pride that caused them to build on upward toward heaven.  So, we see once again the arrogance of the people, and the result is well know to this day.

  In the book of Revelation there are seven lamp stands in front of the throne.  Some how these seven represent the major religions at judgment day for I.  Is there any other knowledge of what else they may represent?.

I have long held the view that these Anointed ones are ones that are given a brighter light Jah Blessed them with in order for those with eyes to see.  They are elect representatives that are given insight to a Universal truth that applies to all of Gos's children, no separation.  We,  through out time have been sown what to do.  But, like little children want life to be filled with this or that, never realizing that to let life flow, we are IN that flow, and what is to be must be.  This has become a leading part of I life, to be able to let go and experience and see these currents as they flow around us.  We each have a purpose in life and while we go about our daily lives, we may become aware of these Blessed circumstances as they present themselves to us.

  None of this is of any benefit if we do not Humble ourselves and realize that we are here not for ourselves, but for others.  If we are truly our brothers keeper, then we must love them as we love our selves.  We must value anothers view, because in this reflection, we see ourselves.  In this we are One, for there is nothing that happens to the one that does not happen to us all.

All Praise and Glory be JAH forIver

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