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Author Topic: Paddling Out  (Read 2314 times)

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Paddling Out
« on: September 27, 2009, 03:10:11 PM »

  Beloved Bredren and Sistren,
  It has been said that each journey begins with one foot step.  That the lesson in life is not in the destination, but the journey along the way, full of the challenges and experiences that forge us to germinate the I withIn.
  Likewise, each surf session begins with the paddle out.  We may sit on the beach, watching the surf and stretching, observing the patterns of the riddem as we prepare for our merging.  It is a sort of meditation that is shattered as we run and dive on our boards as we glide over the shallow beginning where the water meets the land.  As we ease our weight onto the board, and dig in for the first stroke, we are shocked by the temperature of the water.  It seeps into our warmth as we approach the first breaker we are to go under and paddle to get out to the spot where the energy of the raw waves meets the ocean floor and jacks up to form the medium of our union.

  In these times of financial difficulty, we rejoice as a family, for there may be no change with out struggle.  Without the challenge of adversity, we would never have to test ourselves, and adjust to the greater need.  On the other hand, those that simply do not change, and do not want to struggle, the only answer is to become deeper and deeper in debt.  And there they have you.

We have been missing the sun.  We moved from Hawaii 14 years ago to raise our children in the green mountains of the Northeast.  Our summer months are really only 3 months long, and we have come to the point of wanting to have this time free from the work that is required during these short, treasured months.  How are we to achieve this while our economy is depressed and we receed from spending?, many suffer from lack of work and therefore a reduced flow of income which makes life harder.  We as a family, do not suffer this smae tension, though the stress of money does still affect us, we have reduced things to a basic level many years ago, being simple people that make due with what we have and with what Jah provide.  We do not buy, unless we have the money for it, and we work for that money very hard, with love and drive.
  In an attempt to procure a simple years salary to be able to take these precious months off here at home, we have thought of going to work over seas, to a place like Dubai.  I am a builder who works with his hands, yet am the sole proprietor of this company.  The relationship between the client and the outcome is where I find great joy, for to create something for someone in need is a bonding experience.
  I wonder what it would be like to immerse the family in Dubai.  To work at a job for a major company.  To have to be part of a team constructing multi-million dollar projects.  To be sure, there is a philosophical dilemma in this desire.  Is it a selling out for the desire, or could it be skills and relationships that will come to fruition later on in life?.  One thing is for sure, that the completion of small goals lead to the threshold of a major change.  We find this thrilling and part of the unseen future we all share.  One never knows what is around the corner, but if it is met with a true heart, and honesty and a clear conscience it has the power to transfom us.  To bridge the gap between what we are and what we are to become.

  When we reach the take~off spot, there is a moment of turning and digging in, paddling hard to get in sych with the wave.  As we are lifted and begin to slide down the face, we stand up and gain our balance.  Reaching the bottom of the wave, there is the turn of power, where all our weight goes onto one rail of the board, and we feel and see the water peel off spraying archwise into the light. Our ride has begun, and it is what we do on this ride that makes us the surfers we  are.  There are no gaurantees of reaching the end of the tube, but what a beautiful vision there is as we glide in scilience.  The only sound is of the power we are surrounded by, and the unbelieveable feeling that stays with one long after the ride is over.
  Sometimes there are others with us in this session, and we may retell the story and the feeling.  Sometimes, there are no words.

Any views would be greatly appriciloved, for this ride has just begun.

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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2009, 05:58:16 PM »


  As a surfer, I often relate principals of life with surfing. If you want the best waves, sometimes you have to be there in the dawn, even in the cold. But the reward out weighs all of that. Once your feet hit the water the reward has begun.  You have to give something up (sleeping in a warm, dry bed) to recieve something greater (good, clean, uncrowded waves with a beautiful sunrise).
Water is for purification. When I exit the ocean I feel physically and ritually clean. Much like ancient preists in Jerusalem must have felt when they would exit the Mikveh, or ritual pool.

Shalom aleychem


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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2009, 11:53:55 AM »

Greetings Bredren, Nice thoughts ~ !, 
  There really is no way to describe the feeling a surfer experiences.  We may try with words, but it is an effort that has to be worked on, and practiced, seeping into ones soul like the cold, cold winter water into a dry wet suit.  You know it will penetrate, yet we brace ourselves, and accept the mixing of our surroundings with our minds and bodies.
  The result of the flow of life since the original post is;
we did not go to Dubai.  After a period of waiting for replies to the resurrected Resume ( after over 25 years of dormancy)  I called a client who informed me of the complete pull back and halting of construction in that part of the world due to the difficulties being experienced by many people all over.  I am not sure it would have been a great thing to do, but felt that seeking it would have put somethings in order, and opened up possibilities.  It is always good to collect ones experiences/work history and update it.  We are a work in progress :)

I did take a job working in our mountain town at a bar serving skiers during lunch to late afternoon.  this also seemed to be a contradiction in philosophy, but the need to increase frequency of meeting new people and doing something completely new is the call  in this time of financial difficulty.  We will see where it leads, but for now, it is nice to challenge oneself to something unfamiliar (well, bartending in a punk club in the mid eighties was long time ago).

  Will update if there is an interest.
Be Blessed, JAH guide.


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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2010, 04:37:53 AM »

Well as some one who can skate board but is scared to death of tryin to surf....
When i read your post it bought much tranquility to my mind. I have felt like i have been struggling over the past twelve months with the losses and the emotions. Times are hard everywhere. Petrol is now $1.75 per litre NZ. I am on a pay freeze for the next two years at least. But still your thoughts bring comfort. Take the peace we can find in this life and apply it now know matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Much love


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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2010, 11:41:58 PM »

It is interesting for I
being one who seems to march to I own rhythm
I have live in a financial depression I whole life, and now as the world sinks into it - welcome to my world!
I am finding I financial feet at last, knowing well how to swim in financially tuff currents from long time experience
although here in I village, folks are flocking here from all over the world, more than eva, although the financial crisis abounds
We "hippies' (ok I am a second generation "hippy" who calls herself a Gnostic Rastafairie), have learnt well how to make sacrifices for what we believe in and how to live, very, very simply, when need be, and it seems people around the world are waking up to that and wanting to experience more of our primal yet gentle reality, still things are hard too in the underground that rubs shoulders with the underworld due to criminalization of our lifestyle and proactive Herbal reality.....police blitz us regulary as a community and try crush us economically, but the opposite is happening, more tourists!!!!!heaps more!!! that eva before!!!!
I n I must create work to "give dem wha dey want" and build a better way collectively
We (ed) cAN DO it
Come celebrate JahTime is Come
singers&players of instruments
JahLovers &Freedom Lovers


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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2010, 08:06:12 AM »

I wish to be where you are Nya.....


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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #6 on: February 25, 2010, 03:46:14 PM »


In case you never caught it, I thought I'd share this triad of links to trailers of the recent surf movie "Sliding Liberia" - hoping to stoke original fire in all who site it.  Check out what the lady says, meet the first Liberian surfer.  Enjoy:


I paddled out for the first time so far this year Saturday.  Jumped the gates with a bro of mine here because the beach was closed bcuz overnight rain.  The water was about 58 degrees.  Very cold.   Cosmos. 

Still, I was warm, comfortable in my suit, protected through the genius, inventiveness and determination of human mind combined with matterial.  Hearth.

Sunrise, waves were breaking way out, a good 400 yards at times.  Being out that far and seeing the objects on the beach looking so small;  cause a silent pause leading to tangible awareness of the fire within the heart, the breath of Jah, life, Earlier Heaven.  How fragile it is once within our care.  If fear arises, see it.  Keep breathing, let it dissipate.  Keep your eyes open and your mind alert.  Be silent.  Watch.  Look far out so I can move to the right spot to launch from. Sometimes, the I will misjudge, and get rolled.  Suffocated by overwhelming power, matter and energy.  How long will it last?  Which way is up?  There's nothing I can do now, face the inevitable.  Cosmos.

If things line up right, I launch, and stand firm in rider stance, my body permeates the board to the point that I can instinctly feel the water texture in granular detail on my feet.  I begin to walk and find the sweet spot on the board for the speed and shape of this wave on which I now, as harnesser,  make my own path upon the face.  All the while eyes open, the light of the sun reaches in + floods my soul, uniting the flame of my spirit, body, elements, and mental images captured within.  Intersection.  I find meaning as mediator of nature and imprinter of conscious being upon it.  Kingship, priesthood.  Seconds later, I reach sand.  Hearth.



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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #7 on: March 07, 2010, 01:56:24 PM »

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mahalo Bredren Nepsis for  the posting.  As always, the words are full of visions and depth, pulsing with the beats of our hearts and the beautiful waves of Life.


This past week we got covered in a 3 foot heavy blanket of snow.  Followed by 3 days of a mixture of rain/snow, it is hard to relate the oppressive feeling being trapped by such weight.  Still, after being here for over 10 years, one comes to peace with the struggle that must commence.  Plowing was difficult with this mass of wetness, having a 20 foot wave infront of the truck as I have just one pass down the driveway to make a clearing.  If the blade of the plow is directed left or right, the pathway decreases and I am not able to get back up the driveway.  So it was as I went down, knowing once in motion, I could not stop.  Amazed at the amount of snow I was pushing, I made it to the bottom, cleaned up a bit and was off to take care of some clients that have homes that must get cleared up.  By the time I made it home, I was happy that one of the many decisions of the day was to pick up the snow blower and have it in the bed of the truck in case I was unable to push the BLUE snow.  It was an amazing color of snow, because of all the moisture, and the rate at which it fell, the snow had a light blue tone to its depth.

For the most part, snow removal is fun.  Pushing it with the truck but, a snow blower can be a completely different thing altogether!.  Push/Pull straining, but Thankful for the machine to lift and plume the snow off the pathway to the side, sometimes smack in your face when the wind is just right. BURRRR !!!.  There are also some decks I must shovel, and this is not only a period of hard work, but it is also an opportunity to Balance out and sweat.  The shovel is a simple tool that always seems a paddle to I.  I often think and feel surfing in this frozen environment,  The winter can be long to one who longs for the warmth of summer, but time teaches patience, even to the impatient with its persistent march onward.  As the rhythm of shoveling takes over the mind travels as thoughts wander from topic to topic.  I began to think of how it used to affect I mood, this burdensome feeling.  Yet, I have come to Give Thanks for the physical capacity that Imon am able to use this as an exercise and although sore, Happy that the work moves ahead.  It took 3 days to get back to being able to go and work on the log home I have been working on for the last month.

  This log home was purchased by a man who lives in another state, as do many that have homes here in our mountianias area.  They come up for holidays and ski at the mountians that dot our landscape, changing the towns that they over run and clog.  Many come with the attitude from where they came, and having that type of vibe in a rural area usually leads to friction, but it is what one makes it, and without them, there is a lack of work to do in the service industry, of which most rely.  The reason I mention this is because of WillieMon.  Willy came up to do the demolition of the interior of this log home that I am to re do.  I have been hired to Skim coat the bedrooms , renovate bathrooms and the kitchen along with carpentry, painting and stone work for the fire place, It is a blessing that this work has come our way in these time of dereased work available.  I speak of Willie because I had to go and help him last night.  

Posted on: March 07, 2010, 07:30:02 AM
Willie is the GO-TO guy.  He is the man who gets it done.  Rising up early and working late, mild in his speech and motion, he has no fear of getting his hands into the thick of what must be done.  We have smoked together during the few breaks we take during the day and when I dont have any, he ususally does.  So the works get done, all under the pressure of a man who does not listen.  A man who is not concerned with method, only the spped at which it is done.  I dont need to tell what drug this man is UNDER the influence of, disconnected from reality and speeding away.
  I was supposed to meet Williemon at the job yesterday around 1 pm, but as I was on the way he phoned and said he was not staying, having no herb, he had started at 6am, and had had enuff.  Reception is sketchy in the mountians, and so we did not meet up.  Later that night willies wife called to ask if I had seen him, and I said I have not.  She indicated that willie was drunk and had freaked out at his wifes relatives which is where he stays when up here.  There was not much I could do, but she had stated that she was able to track his cell phone, and knew that he was in a nearby town.  I then received a call from Willie himself, He was very disorientated, and was not making much sense.  Speaking of the truck driving it self and aliens, death and what had gone down at the place he was staying and the people there.  He said he had taken some mushrooms and drank a bottle of jagermeister with a monster energy drink and had smoked some erb.  Talk about pollution ! , HOW can a mind be anchored in reality when all one does is ingest chemicals that seperate us from ourselves?.
Posted on: March 07, 2010, 08:13:55 AM
After having gone to town and returned 3 times that evening to pick up and drop off our daughter from work and to a play she was in, I was ready to settle in for the evening.  That was before the phone rJAHang.
  I told Willie's wife I would go find him, and left the house, taking the back roads to get there faster wiithout rushing and going thru town with the busy week end in progress and the countless people and police that were on the roads.  As I made it to the town he was in, there was a sheriff on the side of the road, and I stopped to ask if the things described to me matched a location the officer might know of.  He happened to be on the radio with state troopers and Willies wife who was very worried about her husband, knowing thoughts of suicide had been entertained years before, she was on the verge of hysteria.  The officer and I headed down but a few hundred feet and there was the truck parked parallel to the boundary line of the highway.  I parked infront of the rigg and the sheriff in back, he motioned fro I to stand back as he approached the vehicle, and once he obtained the license, I was permitted to approach the truck and see what condition Willie was in.  He had sounded VERY incohereant and now seemed a bit more able to speak, but still was VERY incapacitated.  As he exited the vehicle, the sheriff asked how it was he got there and tried to determine his mental state, it was soon obvious, as two state troopers pulled up and now had lights flashing and a police dog barking that things had gotten to a very "official" plateau.  We talked.  They probed.  The dog barked non-stop.

Posted on: March 07, 2010, 08:31:47 AM
I must admit, that in this state, who knows what even a close friend would do under the influence of such a cocktail of chemicals, all the while the safety of the family if I bring him home, which was were I was headed if they let us go.  Of course, the issue was not where he was going, but HOW he had gotten there.  From a law perspective, the truck arrived at this spot with a driver that was UNDER the influence, and therefore a danger to both his self and others.  The trooper administered a field sobriety test and it was after failing to hold up one leg for 30 seconds that Willie put his hands behind his back and the trooper cuffed him.
  I can see the image of looking into Willie's eyes as the Blue lights strobed and the unbroken gaze left me with nothing to say.
The officer said that it would be about 1.5 hours to process Willie and that I could take him home afterward.  Although they said he would be taken one place, he was taken to another, and it was nice the trooper called to notify me of this at what was now 12:30 am. As I waited outside, an officer approached and said that while being processed, Willie mentioned thoughts of harming himself, and that he would not be leaving observation this evening, so I could go home, and see what tomorrow brings.

  And so go the waves of our lives. One session leads to another, the riders may change, but our task remains the same.  To observe our movement in this time and the people we session with, for they add to who we are.  I will go help today, because I can, but Mostly because I want to.  It is just the style I ride.


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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2010, 05:19:50 PM »

       Greetings in the name of JAH

    Bredren SURF ....I as a man also worked with me hands for many of decades.......
           .......if idren can travel also and get to work idren must take that offer......
.......its 2 for 1 brother.......I as a man think idren has this knowledge .....

        ...I as a man came very close to going to Alaska to put up steel / erect iron.........

......me father worked on Alaskan pipe-line.........

..........trod as many places as JAH lets you ....when it comes down to it every single action/breath we take is because JAH is allowing InI.

               ....SURF , whats up with this disgusting waste of life you are hanging with?  I as a man have met my quota......and much more....these are da ones dat we are told to avoid....for they are sinners and will live this life of sin  till JAH says its over.....

....I as a man had 3 ft. of snow also...nice to look at yet wish I was in Jamdown.
I still have me ticket for when I was supposed to go in Nov. I cancelled because of me health....I still get 80%  yet I now need to use it by Nov. 2010.....

peace be with you

The Secret Gates of the House of AUSUR..SEKHET-ARU.....15 Aats..........the ax is the ADZ ...!!!...ASES Amentet....MENUQET ...!!!


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Re: Paddling Out
« Reply #9 on: March 11, 2010, 03:51:02 AM »

Bredren Herbsman,
  Imon see this life as a chance for us to live and grow.  it is by living close to the heart that we are able to exercise the Love of JAH, for, if we are not true to the mark, we shall surely come to see it in our lives by way of Jah's disapproval.

To speak of this love is not enough.  We must show it.  We must live it.  We must share it.  Imon do not view Bredren Williemon as a "disgusting waste of life".  STRAIGHT UP < I am going to do ALL I can to give a positive point of view, and example to the Bredren so that a new path may be found, if he is willing to see it.  If he is willing to take the first steps, I will aid him, and soon he will come to the strength that I know is inside.  It must come from him first, and although there are uncertainties, on the other hand, there is the Faith that we are doing good for our bredren.  This is the way it has always been for I as a man, and shall be by the grace of JAH.  What sacrifice is required of us each ?  Are we not here but to aid one another?, or are we here for simply our selves???,  What greater gift is there than to give of oneself?.

PM a phone # so that we may again speak, for it has been a long time.  
Love and Blessings I Bredren and may Peace also be with you.
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