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Author Topic: Searching for truth  (Read 1266 times)

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Searching for truth
« on: February 05, 2010, 02:54:01 AM »

Hello all, I am 21 and have been on my spiritual search for "god" since about the age of 17.  My interest in Rastafari has been an ongoing one, but only recently has it sparked my interests in terms of faith.  Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Reggae music, and especially Bob Marley, I am half black and half white and it was Reggae and Bob Marley in particular who made me feel proud of my "roots" sort of speak, I only had one black family member growing up, and I always felt like an outsider even within my own family.  Luckily growing up a little has helped me to be completely comfortable with who I am, but now I wonder about where I am in life and where I am going.  I lost all religion around the age of 17, choosing instead to take a spiritual path.  During this path I picked up many central beliefs that make up how I see the world, and I basically am curious as to whether my beliefs fit with the beliefs and concepts within Rastafari.  I believe that God or Jah is not a person but an energy, more specifically the energy of love.  Much like the beliefs of Babylon I believe that this world we live in is a matrix and a system that has caused us to forget our true identity and oneness with all, the system is full of material things such as cars, clothes, and issues such as race and wealth, and it is a system set up to confuse us of our identity and to feed the ego.  I believe the ultimate purpose on this earth is to remeber one's true self, to remember one's unity, it is hard to express my belief in oneness in words, but for me it is like your cells that make up you.  We are all in my opinion cells that make up something much greater than we know, or can understand, and love is a human beings way of reconnecting with that source that encompasses everything.  These beliefs seem really out there I know, but I was curious as to whether the fit with Rastafari or should I continue my search, I believe everything happens for a reason, so when I read an interview with a man describing such a oneness of all things big and small I knew I had to delve deeper, all responses are much appreciated thanks


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Re: Searching for truth
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2010, 05:45:01 PM »

hello searchingfortruth. 
I just want to start by thanking you, as i think we share many commom beliefs and ideas about our life and i've never been able to describe in words to some one how i feel, but i think you did a good job in your post so thank you. 
I am 20 and lost my faith at the age of 12, i went through school and just "got on with life" thinking that it wasnt a problem, but since then i have always felt empty.   I've felt that there was a large hole in me, and nothing i ever did filled that hole.   
I have had a deep passion for reggae since i was 14, and about a month ago i was sat outside listening to bob marley and felt this over-whelming feeling.   Now i am not very good with words as you can probably tell, but this force was so powerful and i felt so warm inside, that i just couldnt stop smiling, something just clicked inside.   At the time of this i was on holiday at centre parks in the uk, and its set in a massive forrest, and i just felt really earthy and at peace with nature and could see our earth for what she really is, unlike before where i got caught up in the matrix you speak about.   For the first time in many years, i almost felt that hole was starting to be filled in.   This experience has now led me to start looking into the rastafarian faith more closely and this brilliant site is helping me to understand myself.   I feel that my views, feelings and emotions finally fit in with a faith and that im not just a weirdo.   When growing up i didnt find that anyone shared these feelings, and the more i started using the sacred herb, the more prominant my feelings came.   I would often reflect on what "my world" would be like, a world full of love, where there was no prejudice towards anyone, where everyone would live in harmony. 
Try looking at the "rasta school" section, it has really good teachings and hopefully like it is doing for me rastafi will help you along your spiritual journey. 
P.  S sorry i couldnt word my post a bit better, this experience has just come as a shock to me and im still trying to understand it. 
one love :)
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Re: Searching for truth
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2010, 06:00:16 AM »

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The early China civilization was ruled by a series of emperors from different dynasties.  These dynasties were royal families.  Shih Haung Ti established the Ch'in Dynasty, united the Chinese kingdom known as the Warring States, became the first emperor (221 B. C. ), and began building the Great Wall of China.  Thousands of terra-cotta clay statues were placed to guard his tomb.  The Han Dynasty (206 B. C. -220 A. D. ) was a peaceful time when paper and ink were invented and schools built.  The Tang Dynasty (618 A. D. -906 A. D. ) was known for their public systems, art including pottery,wow power leveling  sculpture, and painting, as well as their gunpowder. 
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The "Three Teachings" including Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism greatly influenced the Chinese.  Confucius (551-479 B. C. ) taught people about the importance of being loyal, unselfish, and courteous.  fast wow gold The roots of Taoism go back to prehistoric times but were described around 600 B. C.  by Lao Zi.  He explained the "path" to contentment.  Buddha (563 B. C. ) who was born in India focused on achieving absolute peace through a "Eightfold Path" including rightness of views, intention, speech,wedding dresses  action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. 
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Early China was very isolated from the rest of the world.  This isolation is reflected in the creation of the Great Wall.  This wall is 2,150 miles long.  fast wow gold This isolationism extended to the interior of the country.  For example,cheap aion kinah  the Ming dynasty lived in a palace called the Forbidden City.  Ordinary people were prohibited from entering.  The Silk Road was used to open trade between Ancient China and Rome.  This 7,000 mile route was owned by China but traveled by merchants who traded products such as silk. 
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The Ancient Chinese are known for their many inventions and technological advancements including the development of writing, a calendar, gunpowder, printing, silk, paper, and the compass.  The earliest book was printed in 868 A. D. 
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As you explore online resources you'll notice conflicting names and titles.  cheap aion kinah In 1957, a new system for translating Chinese into Roman letters resulted in many language changes.  For example, the first emperor's name changed from Ch'in Shih Huang to Qin Shi Huangdi.  Although some historians changed to the new system,world of warcraft power leveling  others continue to use the original translationsworld of 
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