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Author Topic: Some guidance please  (Read 964 times)

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Some guidance please
« on: June 08, 2010, 07:15:54 PM »


Greetings to all

I would like to ask if i "qualify" as a Rasta. I'm 12 years old,love reggae, first found out about Rastafarian from listening to Bob Marley and then listening to more reggae and finally researching for almost a year now. At first i didn't get how everything worked and therefore cracked the odd joke about it however something then changed i found myself having dreams about rasta's and then for the past few weeks found myself constantly thinking about the whole thing. I thought to myslef that i needed a sign and found myself saying that a would really think about becoming rasta if a won on a scratch card and found myself winning 20 pounds, only now i realize how stupid i was just for that reason alone and then i carried on researching for about another month or two and found myself really liking the way of life i then had a dream about being rasta and singing along with a brother and feeling really good and then alot  of things had been explained about the whole thing. So do I qualify as been rasta i would be more than happy to start the ital diet and do more a less what ever it takes....I want to be rasta but im not sure if i am classed as one
Thanks for reading
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