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Author Topic: How to Deal With Cold Climate While Growing Cannabis?  (Read 1893 times)

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How to Deal With Cold Climate While Growing Cannabis?
« on: July 09, 2014, 04:38:38 PM »

How to Deal With Cold Climate While Growing Cannabis?
In this post, we aim to discuss about how to deal with cold climatic conditions while growing cannabis outdoors. We are talking about cold weather, and the type of climate that we encounter in countries like England or Wales.
As a grower you should know that cannabis comes from regions that are close to the equator. Some of the pioneering countries are Nepal, Mexico, India, Afghanistan etc.; these are the countries where climate is mostly on the warmer side, and sun shines for longer times compared to the western countries with colder climate; no wonder cannabis easily grow in these countries. That being said, there also are some cannabis types that can potentially grow outdoors even in colder countries. Let us see what are the important factors that you should pay attention to while growing cannabis in colder countries are.
Phases of Growth
We can split the cycling of a regular cannabis plant in two different phases, namely growing and flowering phase.
During the growing phase typical cannabis needs a lot of direct light. If they donít get sufficient light then these plants slip into flowering phase. This means that under colder conditions when the days are shorter the cannabis plants tend to go into flowering phase but cutting short the growing phase.
Cannabis plants take anything from six to fourteen weeks to grow fully; their duration depends mostly on the variety of cannabis seeds used. As the climate in cold countries during September or October are not very favorable for cannabis plants, the ones with shorter flowering period should be chosen to grow in the colder countries.
Start with Cannabis That Have Shorter Flowering Period
You can pick a plant, which has a very short flowering period of around eight weeks or even less. This way, your plant should be ready for harvesting sometime in the month of October. When you make this choice, it goes without saying that you would be dependent on the climatic conditions and weather, but it all goes fine in most of the cases.
Try the Auto-Flowering Seeds
One of the best ways to do this is by going for auto-flowering seeds that are nothing but a cross between two preferred varieties of cannabis seeds. These plants become auto-flowering only because they undergo the process of crossbreeding. Auto-flowering in this case means, the plant automatically flowers irrespective of the amount of sun light it gets. Usually these varieties of plants flower within a matter of three weeks after they get planted as seeds.
This also means that the growing period of these plants is very short and they remain small. Auto-flowering plants are also the right choices for the beginners. Who donít have enough experience with cannabis growing try these Northern Lights. Low input needed and good harvest!
Blacking Out the Plant
You can also consider blacking out the plant. With this particular technique you can go right about every variety of cannabis in harsh cold climates. When you black out the plants you in an indirect way make sure that they flower before the month of August. Cover the plants with big and dark garbage bags. Also remember that during the month of July, you need to cut down the sun light hours to about 12.
These are some of the ways of efficiently growing cannabis in colder countries.

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