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Author Topic: GOD MOVE OVER. When veggie is not enough.  (Read 1898 times)

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GOD MOVE OVER. When veggie is not enough.
« on: December 16, 2014, 01:57:14 PM »

As I and I all know the body is thy temple and are or should be conscious of what is put within it. If you belive your temple to be a charnal house then you will fill it with death and destruction in the form of animal flesh and processed food like substances. If you however value and Raspect it you would offer it natural food from which no death or suffering is involved. For most this involves a vegatarian or vegan diet. That just makes sense for most of us from and ethical/spiritual standpoint and from a holisitc/health view as well. Unfortuantly a lot of us who have foresaken meat and processed foods are still beig poisoned. With a diet that is made up mostly of fruits and vegtables it is disconcerting to know that bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, beans, peas and a host of other plants are genetically modified. Not forgetting all the soya products that find their way into many foods. Why on earth would you want to eat tomatoes modified with flounder (a fish) DNA, and why insert human DNA into corn?

What is the reasons for this evil witchcraft being perpetrated by these mad science men? Why alter Gods blueprints that were 100% perfect to begin with? If a plant is altered to kill all insects do you want to breathe in its pollen, eat the honey produced by its nectar or eat the fruits of it? Babylon will tell us that they have our best intrests at heart, that making a plant disease resitant is a benefit for all mankind, that they can feed the world etc, but that is not their aim. Their aim is  to produce a plant that only their trademarked and licensed devil seed can be sold because only that serpents egg can grow in the soil poisoned with their weedkiller,no other plant can survive. Buy only their seeds or starve. How about banishing famine and hunger? What about not turning over billions of hectres to growing cash crops in the majority world to support the sweet tooths of the minority world. How about not encouraging and promoting gluttony and greed and a standard of living that makes it acceptable to eat 3 times more food than you need daily whilst half the world goes to bed hungry?

Control the worlds food and you control the world, this is part of their agenda along with their desire to destroy us all and create a new breed of "human". Man has moved into Gods laboratory and is sabotaging his designs.

Ital is always Vital. Grow your own food if you can because aside from knowing what you are eating you are also rejecting babylon as growing your own food is akin to printing your own money. Find out which foods have been f****d with and which ones mantain the integrity God gave them.

Organic is the best way.

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