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Author Topic: 5 Marijuana Strains Guerrilla Weed Growers Love to Deal with  (Read 2238 times)

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5 Marijuana Strains Guerrilla Weed Growers Love to Deal with
Growing cannabis in countries that donít allow weed farming, regretfully like the UK, is a painstaking job. The guerrilla cannabis growers still go ahead and do what they need to do, but that they have to do with a lot of care and precautions.
One of the biggest issues they face is the aroma and scent of marijuana plants that attract unnecessary attention, which they donít want. Growing cannabis outdoors also means choosing a farm area that is secluded from the crowd. Some others also do illegal growing in rented houses but all the arrangements are made in a very undercover and covert manner.
All their hard work, secrecy, and investment can go for a toss, if they donít choose the right quality of cannabis seeds to kick off the growing process. It is important that as a grower you should buy weed seeds from a known source or similar brands that are known for their quality, services and affordability. Mentioned below are 5 cannabis strains that are bought online in huge numbers by guerrilla growers.
  • 1. White Widow Seeds: This legendary marijuana strain was born during mid 90ís and in almost no time this strain hit the menu card of all leading coffee shops in The Netherlands. Very soon this strain became the number one strain in the world of marijuana and breeders and cannabis growers started considering it as a yardstick for measuring the quality of other seeds.
  • 2. Chrystal Seeds: This is a product coming from two of the all time best cannabis strains that are available, namely White Widow and Northern Lights. The end result is a plant, which is moderately high and has an overall bushy and thick structure. The well-formed buds have a bunch of sticky crystals and that is how it gets its name. The sweet aroma producing cannabis guarantees a pleasant cerebral high.
  • 3. AK 48 Seeds: It is yet again a popular strain that became famous during mid 90s and it is one of the strongest marijuana strains with a smaller flowering period. The hard buds of the strain produce a very penetrating and exceptional aroma rarely found with any other marijuana strain. The Sativa dominant strain gives a high that is energetic and pleasant.
  • 4. Jacky Herrer Seeds: One of the feel good cannabis strains that is also used for medicinal purposes; Jacky Herrer gives an overall joyful experience. Though the scent of this cannabis strain is very strong, what smokers enjoy with Jacky Herrer is its spiciness and sweetness of the smell it produces. It also leaves behind very little resin in your glass bong and is thus a total delight for the ones who medicate on marijuana.
  • 5. Papaya Seeds: This is strain that fights most of the plant related diseases on itself. Being a strain with short flowering period it is also hugely popular with cannabis growers. The method growing method that cannabis growers use for growing Papaya seeds is sea of green gardens. Its distinct whiskey like tropical aroma sets it apart from rest of the strains in the league.
I say, good luck to all you guerrilla liberators and letís hope the UK finally gets it. Even now the US is walking leaps ahead of us! Cannabis should be legal.
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